How to Use Apps to Limit Your Kids' Time on Social Media?

By Zack Morris | Jul 13, 2018 02:13 pm

If you have kids, you have probably noticed that they spend too much time glued to their phones. If you happen to check what they are doing, you will notice that they are either on Facebook enjoying cat videos, on Instagram liking pictures of people they have never met or on Twitter checking which hashtag is trending. Social media is good when used in moderation. However, when social media usage turns into an addiction, parental intervention is needed.

We have heard the question "is there an app to limit time on social media?" numerous times coming from concerned parents. To help you manage your child's social media usage, we will show you the best iPhone apps to limit time on social media.

apps to limit time on social media

Part 1: iPhone Apps to Limit Time on Social Media

In Moment

In Moment is one great app to limit time on social media. The app will keep track the time your kid is spending on social media. It will allow you to set a daily social media limit for your kid. When he or she goes beyond this limit, In Moment will block social media apps access.  

apps to limit time on social media


This app does more than just limit the amount of time your kids are spending on social media. You can use it to restrict access to social media applications and other apps. It can block notifications, texts, and calls to ensure that your kid has the ability to focus on doing important work rather than staring at his/her iPhone screen.

apps to limit time on social media


This iPhone app to limit time on social media will work for the whole family. Its main purpose is to make sure that family members use their iOS devices less.  It will help you monitor your kid's screen time. If you don't want your kid to use his/her iPhone at a particular time, you can set a timer on the app such that if your kid uses the phone within that specific time, you will get alerted.

apps to limit time on social media


OurPact is a top-rated app that allows you to block your kid's access to certain applications and also set screen time limits. If your kid cannot study because Facebook is too distracting, you can block this app. OurPact screen time feature will also be available to set different screen time limits for different days. For example, you can set a screen time limit of an hour during weekdays and 2 hours on weekends.

apps to limit time on social media


This app to limit time on social media can be used when your kid tries to access social media via their websites after you have blocked the app on his or her iPhone. Freedom is a cross-platform app. It will work on iPhone, Windows PC, and Mac. The app will block both apps and websites. In other words, you can block Facebook app and also block access to on a web browser.

apps to limit time on social media


TeenSafe has a pause feature which you can use to limit the number of hours your kid is using social media. The pause feature will allow you to temporarily block social media apps during specific times, for example, during dinner or while your kid is doing his/her homework.

apps to limit time on social media

Part 2: How to Limit Kids' Time Spent on Social Media Without an App?

If limiting time on social media with an App is not something you like, you will be happy to know that you can use an inbuilt iOS feature to limit social media usage as well. The feature we are talking about here is Screen Time.

However, unless your kid owns a device running iOS 12, you may have to stick with an app to limit time on social media. Screen Time is only available on iOS 12. The feature lets you set application limits, set downtime, and also see how your kid has been using his/her iOS device. To use Screen Time, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Click Settings on your kid's device and select Screen Time.

Step 2: Tap the device at the page top. Now, you can view the device screen time for the current day or the past 7 days and also set application limits.

apps to limit time on social media

Part 3: Best App to Limit Time on Social Media

MoniMaster will allow you to track how your kid is using his or her iOS device including social media usage. Using an app to limit time on social media will not offer you the best parental control especially when you have older kids. Taking your teenage kid's device to install an iPhone app to limit time on social media is not the best idea. What teenage kids need is advice.

MoniMaster won't require you to install it on the target device to work. The tool will allow you to monitor your kid's internet usage and also how he or she is using social media applications. If you find that your kid is addicted to using social media, you can guide him/her on how to manage time better. MoniMaster offers other features such as tracking location, allowing you access to up to 18 apps and monitoring the frequently contacted list. The program now is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

apps to limit time on social media

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If you have been looking for an answer to the question "is there an app to limit time on social media?", you will find an answer in this article. Using an app to limit time on social media will work on younger kids. However, your older kids will need guidance. MoniMaster will allow you to track your older kids' devices usage so that you can be in a position to offer solid advice.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.