How to Find Hidden Apps on Your Kids iPhone/Android Phone?

By Zack Morris | Aug 21, 2018 07:00 pm

A large percentage of teenagers have access to smartphones. Parents and guardians know that smartphones can be dangerous for their kids. Therefore, they monitor what the kids are doing on their devices. Nowadays, it is possible for your kid to hide everything that they do not want you to view on their smartphone. Kids know how to use disguised apps for iPhone. Hidden apps on kids' phone is no longer a new thing. In this article, we will show you how to find hidden apps on iPhone. Also, we will help you identify some hidden apps that your kids have easy access to.

Part 1: The Most Popular Apps to Hide Apps on iPhone


As a parent, when you find your kid has an extra calculator icon on his or her iPhone, you wouldn't care. You love it when your kids are making the extra effort to learn mathematics. Now, what you may not know is that the calculator icon you are just viewing is not a normal calculator. It is, in fact, an application that allows your kid to hide any multimedia files the kid wouldn't want you to view. This means that your kid can allow you to go through his/her iPhone because he/she knows that to you, it will look 100% clean.

hidden apps on iphone

Private Photo Vault

This application will allow your kid to hide inappropriate media files. With this application, your kid will have the ability to keep nude photos and probably pornography videos hidden behind a PIN. This app allows your kid to create photo albums that he or she can protect using a password. When a kid has to have an app like Private Photo Vault, it means that the kid needs help since something shady is going on.

hidden apps on iphone


This is a messaging application that makes it possible for your kid to hide call logs, contacts, documents, messages, notes, videos, photos, and more. The app goes a step further and allows its users to embed a "self-destruct". This deletes the messages as soon as they are read. If a kid is being open about the relationships that he or she is having online, there is no reason for him/her to use a messaging application such as CoverMe.

hidden apps on iphone

Hide Pro

This is one of the most popular apps to hide apps on iPhone. The app is also available on Google Play Store for Android users. Hide Pro will allow your teenager to hide videos, messages, photos, calls, and even installed applications. These will only be accessible to someone who knows a PIN that the kid has set.

hidden apps on iphone

Best Secret Folder

This application is cable of keeping the fact that your kid has inappropriate media content on his or her iPhone secret from you. The application will hide photos and videos. To access them, you will need a password. 

hidden apps on iphone

Part 2: How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

You probably understand that this won't be easy. After all, the apps are called "Hidden" because they are not so obvious even when they are on the device Home screen. Some of them won't be displayed on the Home screen at all. Below, we show you some tips which will help you find hidden apps and disguised apps for iPhone:

Tip 1: Know the Hidden Applications

If you do not know the hidden applications, you won't have the ability to find the disguised apps for iPhone. In the first part of this article, we discussed various apps to hide apps on iPhone. These are not the only hidden apps your kid might be having on his or her iPhone. Apparently, there are probably thousands of secret applications. If you happen to find unfamiliar applications on your kid's device, try to ask the kid what the application does. This is the best way to learn whether your kid has hidden apps on the iPhone or not.

Tip 2: Check for Warning Signs

Teenagers do value their privacy. Hence, it can be tough when you are trying to determine whether your kid is hiding something from you or just protecting his or her privacy. However, there are some red flags which might point out the fact that your kid is actually trying to hide something. Here are some of those red flags:

  • The kid will turn his iPhone screen off very quickly when he/she sees you approaching.

  • The kid will refuse to give you his or her passwords to both apps and the iPhone itself.

  • You notice a data usage spike for a specific app.

  • Your kid appears sleepy throughout the day. Probably he/she has been up all night using the secret app.

  • Duplicate applications on your kid's iPhone. For example, two calculators. Your kid does not love math, the other calculator is probably a photo Vault.

  • Presence of innocuous folders on your kid's device. If you open the file manager and find very innocent sounding folders, for example, "Homework", there is a very high likelihood that your kid is trying to hide something in the folders.

Tip 3: Talk to the Kid

When you are trying to find hidden apps on iPhone, your goal is not to punish your kid. Sit your kid down and let him/her know that you are just trying to keep them safe. While we may try to show you how to find hidden text messages on your kid's iPhone, you are responsible for maintaining a good relationship with your kid. If you are open with your kid, he/she will also be open to talking to you about anything. This will make keeping your kid safe even when using hidden apps much easier.

Part 3: How to Control Your Kid's Usage of Apps to Hide Apps on iPhone

Option 1: Use Parental Controls (Not Recommended for Teenagers)

Smartphones have parental controls which can help you control what your kid downloads and installs on his or her device. Generally, the hidden applications are for older people. If you set restrictions for App Store or Play Store such that your kid can only download and install age-appropriate applications, the chances of the kid having hidden apps will be very low. This option is not a very good one for a parent who has teenagers. Teenagers want to have freedom. They think they are not kid's anymore. Setting parental controls will mess up your relationship with them.

Option 2: Use a Remote iOS Device Monitoring Tool

Instead of using parental controls on your kid's iOS device, it would be better to monitor your kid's iPhone remotely, check the apps that the kid has on the device, and then offer relatable advice. You can achieve remote iOS device monitoring using a third-party tool known as MoniMaster.

MoniMaster Parental Control Tool, previously named Spymer, will allow you to see each and every app your kid has installed on his or her device. Also, it will allow you access to social media apps such as Snapchat, Kik, WeChat, and others. With MoniMaster, you get to view your kid's Safari browsing history. Without installing MoniMaster on your kid's device, you get to access the data available on over 17 applications present on the kid's device.

hidden apps on iphone

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Hidden apps on kids' phone is a common thing nowadays. Learning how to find hidden apps on iPhone is important to make sure that your kid is not using inappropriate applications. Disguised apps for iPhone will look like something your kid should have on the iPhone. However, they are not. If you have teenagers, the best way to make sure that they do not use apps to hide apps on iPhone is to offer relatable advice. MoniMaster allows you to monitor all your kid's applications. This gives you enough information that makes it possible for you to offer advice your kid can relate with.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.