How to Stop Social Media Addiction of Kids: Every Parent Should Know!

By Zack Morris | Aug 03, 2018 11:20 am

kids social media addiction

While Mark Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook gets to reap all the benefits from your teenage kid addiction to Facebook, your kid gains nothing. Social media came and we all saw it as a way of connecting with our friends. But then, the “like" feature is added. Teenage kids stopped seeing social media as a way to connect but instead as a place to compete for the "likes". A low “likes” count immediately translates to a low social status to teenage kids. Teenage kids nowadays can't get off social media as they try to accumulate as many likes and get social validation.

As a parent who has teenagers in your home, there is a very high likelihood you are faced with social media addiction. Your kid is always Instagramming, Facebooking, or snapchatting, and if the kid is more reserved, he will be tweeting. “I have to end this teenage addiction to social media” is something you have probably told yourself. Today, we will dedicate this article to showing you how to stop your child's social media addiction.

Part 1: What Is Social Media Addiction?

Facebook is there to be used and so is Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media sites. But, how much using is “too much using”? The answers to what is social media addiction may vary. However, addiction generally refers to any compulsive behavior which ends up producing negative effects. Anyone with the addiction to social media issue will feel compelled to use social media so often such that this act ends up becoming a harmful habit. Teenage addiction to social media will interfere with your kid’s useful activities at school or home.

If your kid has a social media addiction, he/she will constantly feel the need to use social media to the point where it becomes excessive. The kid will always be checking Facebook, posting updates every now and then and “stalking” other people’s profiles trying to determine whether they are more successful than himself/herself.

There is nothing positive coming from addiction to social media. Actually, a large percentage of clinicians have confirmed that teenage addiction to social media can cause numerous negative side effects. These may include even depression and anxiety. Therefore, if you think your teenager has an addiction to social media, you would definitely want social media addiction solutions. But, are these really available?

Part 2: Kids Addicted to Facebook or SnapChat? Not a Good Thing!

For many kids, social media is just a place where they get to post pictures, like their friends’ pictures, comment, post their thoughts, end of story. If this is all they do on social media, parents will never need to use parental control apps to monitor social media. The fact is that, sadly, kids staying on social media will expose themselves to all kinds of online dangers, explicit contents.


The internet has all sorts of people. A significant percentage of these people will only be happy when they are making someone else feel bad about himself or herself. They may target your kid by leaving hateful comments under the picture he or she posted on Instagram. They will explain why he or she is ugly and worthless. They will tell the kid why he is useless and should quit living.

Your kid’s brain is not yet fully developed. The hateful comments will get to him/her. They will drive the kid into depression. Depression is the reason why kids commit suicide after being cyberbullied. If you have a social media tracker app, you can see when the kid is being cyberbullied. You can offer advice that will help the kid deal with the cyberbullies.

kids social media addiction

Sex Predators

Grown men and women who enjoy engaging in sexual activities with underage kids will use social media as a hunting ground. They will have professional looking profiles. When they first approach your kid, he or she will find them irresistible. They will manipulate your kid and try to meet with him or her and engage in sexual activities.

Most parents never know that their kid is being targeted by a sex predator until the sex abuse has already happened. If you use one of the best apps for parents to monitor social media, you will get to know when the child predators are trying to get to your kid. You will stop them from abusing the kid.

kids social media addiction

Irresponsible Behavior

Teenagers are attention seekers. They want to have as much attention as the celebrity who posted an almost nude photo of herself last week. and got thousands of comments and likes. The kid wants that. She will post explicit photos of herself. Unless you monitor the kid’s social media accounts, you will never know when your kid is posting the wrong pictures.

Time Wastage

Your kid has homework. However, he or she will not do the homework while he or she has an escape such as social media. He will keep checking whether the photo he posted an hour ago has already reached 10 likes and whether anyone has already commented. Unless you show your kid that using his or her time to do important things is much better than getting likes online, he will never think that there is life outside Instagram. He will never know time is important and has to be managed correctly.

Part 3: How to Stop Social Media Addiction of Your Teenage Kids?

If you have been looking for an answer to the question of how to stop social media addiction, the following social media addiction solutions may work for you as a parent/guardian:

Turn Off Notifications on Your Kid’s iPhone

Social media addiction is generally characterized by the compulsive need to check what is happening on any specific social media network. One of the things that catalyze this need is the notifications pinging your iPhone every now and then. If your kid is not getting notifications telling her that someone has just liked the photo she posted while eating ice cream in the park earlier in the day, she may not need to constantly open the Facebook app.

Implement Limitations

Although these are much harder to use to eliminate addiction to social media in teenagers, they may still work. Tell your teenage kid that he/she can only use his/her iPhone during certain set times. For example, after school, he/she can use the iPhone for 30 minutes tops. And definitely, no Facebooking while you are having your family dinner or when he/she is supposed to be sleeping.

Introduce Your Kids to New Hobbies

Maybe the only way your kid knows to have fun after growing up in a metropolitan area is using social media. How about you introduce the teenager to biking? Maybe coding instead of just opening the laptop to check who liked his/her most recent Instagram picture? New hobbies have a very high likelihood of eliminating the teenage addiction to social media. It is much better for your kid to be addicted to coding than FB. Coding has a high potential for making your kid a great career in the future.

kids social media addiction

Show Your Kid that Socializing in Real Life is Better

Maybe the reason teenagers are addicted to social media is that they are not aware they could get out of their room, to meet someone in real life and have much more fun. You can introduce your kids to join in group talks, friends’ get-togethers, etc. This will definitely beat the incessant Instagram browsing.

Part 4: How to Do Better Parental Controls on Your Kids' iPhone for Their Sake?

Setting limitations for your teens Facebook usage might work. But, only when you are around. The kid will always try to outsmart you so that he/she can use social media more, behind your back. The best solution among all the social media addiction solutions available is parental guidance. Parental advice is usually much more effective if you do it after monitoring your kid’s social media usage. Nowadays, you can actually monitor your kid’s iPhone usage much easier. You can even do it remotely with a third-party tool.

MoniMaster Parental Control Tool, previously named Spymer, is the third-party tool millions of parents have been using to track how their kids are using social media and their iPhones in general. What this tool does is that it grants you access to up to 17 apps on the kid’s device. MoniMaster won’t require you to install it on the target device so that you can view the kid’s frequently contacted list, the data available on the device, and your kid’s location and location history. Any parent who has been looking for a remote iOS device monitor will find that in MoniMaster.

kids social media addiction

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Your kid’s life can get much better if you help him get over social media addiction. This article guides you on how to stop social media addiction on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Advising your kid works much better than all the other social media addiction solutions we have outlined here. MoniMaster lets you track your kid’s iPhone usage so that you can be in a position to give useful and relatable advice.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.