How to Limit Kids' Screen Time on iPhone and iPad?

By Zack Morris | Jun 22, 2018 05:37 pm

Technology is everywhere nowadays. Even a child who is under 5 years old also has access to screen devices such as iPads, iPhone, and even laptops. Parents are already aware that too much screen time is not good. These parents would like to know how to limit kids screen time. We will show you how this can be done in this article. However, before we show you how to limit kids screen time, let's see what you are supposed to know about kid's screen time.

Part 1: What You Should Know About Kid's Screen Time

limit kids screentime on iphone ipad

Research suggests that specific screen time limits are dated. However, the same research agrees with the fact that excessive use of screen devices can actually cause negative effects. What matters the most is the nature of the screen time and not the length. When we say "nature", what we mean is how your kid is using his or her device. Your concern as a parent is necessary when screen use starts causing withdrawal from social or family life, losing interest in activities that don't involve the use of technology and poor behavior.

When deciding whether you should limit or not limit your kid's screen time, you should check their age. For example, exposing children who are below the age of 2 years to screens is not recommended. If your kid is between the age of 2 to 5 years, it is suggested you limit the time he or she spends on his or her screen device to a maximum of an hour every day.

When your kid gets exposed to too much screen time at a very young age, it can cause negative effects. Such as the fact that kids becoming overweight, less school-ready, inattentive, and sleep-deprived. If you are willing to limit your kid's screen time, you have to first become a good role model. However, is there anything else that can be done on top of this? Let's find out.

Part 2: How to Limit and Control Kid's Screen Time on iPhone and iPad?

Using Screen Time on iOS 12

If your kid owns a device running iOS 12, you will have the ability to limit the time he or she is spending on his device using Screen Time. This is an official Apple service. You can use Screen Time to set Downtime and App Limits. If you are wondering how to how to limit kids screen time using this tool, follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit Settings and then click Screen Time.

Step 2: Click your Device. You can view the device usage data for that date or for the past 7 days. You can also manage the device usage by setting App Limits.

limit kids screentime on iphone ipad

Using Guided Access

This tool which is already included in any iOS device running iOS 8 and above will allow you to set a screen time limit on your kid's device. Guided Access will automatically lock the iOS device after the limited time. You can use this application to restrict your kid to use only one application, for example, an educational app for a certain time limit. To enable Guided Access, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap General.

Step 2: Tap Accessibility and then click Guided Access which is under Learning.

Step 3: Toggle on Guided Access and then click Passcode Settings to set your passcode.

Step 4: You can click Time Limits to set sounds if you want Guided Access to play sounds when the time limit ends.

limit kids screentime on iphone ipad

To set app time limits, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open an app and then press the home button for 3 times in quick succession to enable time Guided Access for the App.

Step 2: Tap Options and then enable Time Limit.

Step 3: Set your time limit and then tap Done. Tap Start to apply the time limit.

limit kids screentime on iphone ipad

Other Methods

On top of the methods we have outlined above, you can install a parental control application on your kid's device. This will help you control how your kid is using his or her iOS device. Also, as a parent, you can exercise your authority and design a flexible screen time schedule. This is the time you set aside when you allow your kids to use their devices. However, for this to be effective, you have to be a good role model.

Part 3: Monitor Your Kid's Screen Time on iPad with Parental Control Software

The internet can be dangerous especially when it is being used by kids without any guidance. There is too much harmful content on the web. You will not have the ability to know what your kids are checking out on the internet unless you monitor their internet usage. Monitoring your kid's internet usage can be done best remotely. The best tool you can use to accomplish this is MoniMaster Parental Control Tool.

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On top of monitoring your kid's internet usage, you get to see who they are talking to the most by checking their frequently contacted list. You can also monitor their location and do more. To use MoniMaster, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install MoniMaster FREE trial version on your PC/Mac.

Step 2: Launch the tool and enter the kid's age and name. Tap Next.

enter target person information spymer

Step 3: Enter the kids Apple ID and Password and tap Verify.

enter apple id and password spymer

Step 4: Select a device to monitor and click Next. Let MoniMaster scan the device.

select device to monitor spymer

Step 5: Preview the device data and select what you would like to save. Tap Export to Computer to save the data.

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If you are wondering how to limit kids screen time, this article should provide an answer. By monitoring how your kid is using their device, you get to guide him or her on how to use it in a beneficial way. The best tool to use to monitor your kid's iOS devices is MoniMaster. This tool allows remote monitoring and gives you access to over 18 apps.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.