Top 6 Parental Control Apps for Cell Phones 2018

By Gary J. Fowler | Jun 06, 2018 01:27 pm

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children are safe. This does not necessarily mean just providing a roof over their head. It also means making sure that technology does not take part in messing their lives. A lot of parents are willing to regulate how their children use their phones. The major question that they are yet to find an answer to is how this can be done. You cannot always follow your children wherever they go just to make sure they are using their cell phones correctly. However, what you have not realized is that parental control apps for cell phones are available. In this article, we will show you the apps you can use to control your kid's cell phone usage.

1. Screen Time Parental Control

This App is liked by both the parents and the children. The parent is able to set time limits on how the children use their phones and the children don't feel restricted to using their phones even though you manage the time they spend on them. This will help you to analyze how much time they spend watching TV shows, movies and reading books on the devices. It also has fun features and activities that your child will love.


  • It helps you to restrict when your child goes to bed and time spent on the phone watching TV and movies by using the Pause and Play buttons.

  • You can even monitor your child's homework from the created checklist.

  • With this App, you are able to monitor the time your child spends on every website they visit.


2. Norton Family Premier

This is an App that helps your child have a  healthy balance between their studies and their web browsing time. The whole family is able to browse the web safely making it a friendly place for your child. With the help of its filtering tools, you get information about your child's web activities.


  • It provides you with accurate data from its GPS tracking system and your child's browser history from its search engine filters.

  • It provides an easy way to remotely configure restrictions and block any contacts you feel pose a threat to your child.

Note: This App cannot monitor calls and messages or restrict the time your child spends on their phone.


3. Checky

Checky is an app as the word suggests that helps you and your child record how long they spend on their phone and how frequently they check their phones in a day. And this app is only compatible with iOS devices.


  • It determines if your child spends a lot of time on the phone and gives you a map of your child's phone habits.

  • It tells you how many times in a day your child checks their phone.

  • It also gives you comparisons of other friend's phone usage.


4. Kids Place

This is among the top-rated parental control apps for cell phones. This is a tool that makes the cell phone 100% child proof. The application will allow you to lock the Home screen, search, call,  and back buttons. This prevents the kid from moving from the Kids Place.  Also, the kid cannot make any calls. The application will ensure that your child uses his or her phone within limits.


  • The app has a timer feature that allows you to support various user profiles and lock Kids place.

  • You can block incoming calls and disable wireless signal when the kid is using the phone.

  • It has an auto restart in case your kids close it accidentally.

  • You get to customize the Home screen such that only authorized apps are available.

  • It has plugins which allow you to censor website content, pictures,  and even videos. These run in the background.


5. MoniMaster

MoniMaster is the monitoring software for parental control that enables you to access your children's Android or iOS devices from the comfort of your computer without installing it on your child's cell device.  You get to enjoy the following features in MoniMaster:


  • You can access to more than 20 types of data on your kid's phone remotely. By doing this, you get to protect them from fraud, dangerous internet content, and even mobile game addiction.

  • You get to see where your kids have been by tracking the current device location and also viewing the device location history remotely.

  • You can know who the children are calling or texting the most by checking their frequently contacted list remotely.

  • You can easily view the data existing on the kid's iOS devices. Even if the data has been deleted, you still get to view it remotely using MoniMaster.


6. KidLogger

This tool allows you to check what your kids are typing into their cellphones and the websites they are visiting. It enables you to select the level of privacy you want to give your kids. The  additional features available in KidLogger include:


  • Recording the screenshots taken by your kids.

  • It has a voice-activated sound recorder in case you want to record your child's phone calls.

  • It can listen to Skype calls and read WhatsApp conversations.


7. TrueMotion Family

If you are worried about your teenage kid's driving habits, this is one of the best teen tracking apps you can use. It provides family members with a way to keep safe driving. This app will use the location of your kid's phone whenever it is closed or opened.  


  • The tool will allow you to monitor your kid's driving habits and also tag along on every trip.

  • It will allow you to set the speed your kid should derive at, the area where he or she is supposed to go and more.


8. Digital Compass

Digital Compass is a fun and engaging app for kids from the 6th to 9th grade that will help you teach them digital safety lessons using interactive games. It is available in English and Spanish languages. Here are the exclusive features of Digital Compass:


  • It has corresponding mini-games that the kids can play.

  • It has topical modules that are informative.

  • It helps the kids develop solutions by exploring, experimenting and using deductive reasoning.

  • It offers the kid's activities that help them to make rational decisions and take risks.

  • According to each decision you make in each module you get 9  endings, 32 paths, and 51 unique combinations.


9. ParentalBoard

ParentalBoard is an app that helps parents monitor and manage their child's online activities. It is not a complex app to use. It is now free on iOS devices but $12 a year on Android.

  • Use it to block apps by age or person.

  • Control screen time.

  • Monitor calls and messages.

  • SPIN safer and secure browsers.

  • Whitelist apps, websites or contacts you want.


Having the ability to monitor your teenage kids will assure you that they are not involving themselves in activities which can mess their lives. Our major goal when creating this parental control apps list is to ensure that you are aware of the tools you can use to monitor your teenage kid. You can choose the best cell phone parental controls apps in accordance with your requirements.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.