How Can Parents Monitor Instagram of Their Teen Kids?

By Zack Morris | Sep 27, 2018 10:59 am

If you are parents to a teenager, you may have noticed their obsession with  Instagram. Do you even see your child lifting their eyes off their iPhone? Even when they do, it’s all about taking selfies. You probably sit and wonder what your teenager has been doing off lately on Instagram, right? The only way to know whether your kid is using their Instagram account properly is to monitor it. This article will focus on Instagram monitoring for parents. We will focus on answering the question on how parents can monitor their kids' Instagram account. Before we show you how to monitor your kid's Instagram account, let's see why this is necessary.


Part 1: Why Is It Necessary for Teen Parents to Monitor Instagram?

Instagram is fun to use. However, it is not 100% safe for underage kids. Below, we show you why Instagram monitoring for parents is important.

Protect Your Kid from Cyberbullying

Instagram is filled with cyberbullies. These are individuals who take pleasure in making other people feel bad about themselves. Their easiest targets are kids. Cyberbullies are usually other teenagers. While cyberbullying may not look like something serious, it actually is. Cyberbullying has even caused kids to commit suicide after becoming depressed. When you monitor your kid's Instagram account, you will have the ability to discover when he or she is being attacked by a cyberbully and help the kid deal with the issue.

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Eliminate the Possibility of Sex Abuse

Instagram is a visual social network. Kids post attractive pictures of themselves. This makes it easy for the child predators to locate their next target. Sex predators are always looking to abuse your kid sexually. They may be looking to meet your kid and engage in a sexual activity. Others will use your kid to make child pornography. Most of the parents whose kids have already been abused sexually reported that they never knew that their kid was being targeted by a sex predator until the kid was actually abused. Monitoring your kid's Instagram will help you determine whether he/she is being targeted by a sex predator.


Part 2: How to Browse Kids' Instagram without Following When It's Set Private?

 Why Should Parents View Teenage Kids' Instagram Photos

Kids are not stupid. They already know that you will try to follow them on Instagram so that you can see what they are posting there. They are sure that they do not want you to see their half-naked pictures on IG. They will, therefore, make their Instagram account private. Now, we would show you how to view private Instagram photos without following the target individual. We are fulfilling that promise right here.

Option 1: Using the Instagram User Name

While this may not be the best option, it can still help you view some of the pictures available on your kid's Instagram account. To use this method, follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Look up your kid on Instagram. Even though the kid's Instagram account is private, you will still get to see the kid's username. Copy this username.

Step 2: Launch an image-based search engine, for example, Google Images. Paste the username you had already copied earlier on into the search box.


What we are hoping for here is that, before the kid-activated the privacy thing on his or her Instagram, there were some pictures already on the account. These will be available on the web. The image-based search engine will help you pull them out. Also, there is a probability that the photos the kid has posted on IG have already been shared on other social media platforms. You will also get to access these photos too.

Option 2: Using a Fake Instagram Account

When an Instagram account is set to private, you still have the chance to send the person a message requesting them to allow you to view the content on their IG. If you send the message as a parent, your kid won't even respond. However, you can use a fake profile. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Create a fake Instagram account and use a female picture on your profile. Generally, a female identity makes the account feel less predatory than a male identity.

Step 2: Pretend to be the real girl. Upload pictures and interests like a girl would. Create a good bio. This will make the account look real to your kid.

Step 3: Make your fake account private too to make it look more authentic.

Step 4: Go ahead, request your kid to allow you "the fake account" to view their content on Instagram. If your request is not accepted, write a really nice message to the kid (like a real girl would) to get the kid to add you.

Option 3: Use Instagram Viewer Programs

If the methods we have outlined above fail to work, you can try using Instagram Viewer Programs. These programs can be easily found online meaning you won't need to download and install them on your device. Generally, most of these programs promise more than what they are capable of achieving. Therefore, don't expect much from the programs. Some of them won't even work. Below, we show you how to view private Instagram photos  online using Instagram Viewer program:

Step 1: Go to Instagram and check out the username of the person whose private content on Instagram you wish to view.

Step 2: Open a web browser, visit and click the "Click Me and Access it Now" button.

Step 3: Now, enter the username and then tap View Profile. Give the program a few seconds. You should have the ability to view your kid's private photos.

Using Instagram Viewer Programs

Part 3: What If Parents Find Something Wrong?

After you start implementing Instagram monitoring for parents, there is a very high likelihood that you might notice something wrong. Maybe you may find explicit photos, cyberbullying, sex predators who are trying to seduce your kid or other inappropriate activities taking place on the account. This being the first time that you are finding something odd about your kid's activities on social media, you may be confused about what you are supposed to do. Below, we offer you some tips to help you deal with what you have found on your kid's Instagram account:

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Be Calm About It

If you find nude photos of your kids on Instagram, it is justified get infuriated.  Wait until you are calm enough before you can bring up the issue. Talking to your kids when you are already infuriated will do more harm than good and tour advice may not be helpful. You need to make your kids understand that you are giving the advice because you care about them. You can only do this when you are calm and composed.

Sit Your Kid Down and Offer Advice

When you are calm enough, it is time to talk to your kid. Explain to your kid why using Instagram responsibly is important. Some of the points to bring up during the conversation you will be having with your kid include:

  • Encourage your kid to avoid sharing sensitive information.

  • Let them know that it is extremely important to avoid sharing their location.

  • Make them understand that privacy is not guaranteed. They could post sensitive pictures on their private account only to have some fake friends screenshot them and share them with other people.

  • Ask your kid to always be respectful to others. You may end up finding that your kid was harassing other kids using hateful comments whose goal is to ensure that the kids felt bad about themselves. Let your kids know that respecting other people is extremely important.

  • Encourage the kid to respect himself or herself. If you find that your kid is posting nude pictures of herself, this means that he or she may have issues with self-respect. If you encourage the kid to respect himself or herself, you can help the kid avoid posting explicit pictures.

  • Warn your kid about the dangers of social media. Let your kid know that not everyone who appears professional on social media is actually professional. Talk to your kid about child predators whose goal is to abuse them sexually.

Part 4: Monitor More Social Apps Your Teen Kids Use?

Most parents who have kids do not want just the answer to just "how can parents monitor Instagram". They want to know how they can monitor more activities taking place on their kid's device. They want to know who the kid is communicating with using other social media applications such as WhatsApp, Kik, Line, WeChat, and others. They also want to make the fact that they are monitoring their kid's iPhone remain private. All this has been made possible by a tool known as MoniMaster.

MoniMaster, previously named Spymer, will give you access to more than 17 applications on your kid's device. It will give you access to the kid's frequently contacted list and his/her current and previous locations. If you are worried about the kinds of pictures the kid is posting on Instagram and other social media channels, MoniMaster will give you access to all the kid's photos available on his/her iOS device. MoniMaster is available in the form of a free trial version.

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It is possible for you to implement Instagram monitoring for parents. This article explains to you why this has to be done. It also shows you how to do it. If you would like to monitor all the activities taking place on your kid's iOS device secretly, you can use MoniMaster. You will not have to install MoniMaster on the target device for it to work.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.