How to Set Up Netflix Parental Controls for Your Kids?

By Zack Morris | Jul 09, 2018 11:10 am

netflix parental control

It is surveyed that Netflix has gradually become one of the most popular entertainment services for young kids. However, not all content available on Netflix is suitable for younger viewers. Most parents are concerned about what their kids are watching. Given that most people have busy schedules, checking and managing what the kids are watching on Netflix can be an incredibly hard task.

No parent would want their kid to be watching adult content on Netflix when they are not around. For this reason, millions of parents wish to know whether it is possible to set up Netflix parental control. This article is aimed at setting up Netflix parental control.

Part 1: How to Use Parental Control in Netflix?

When setting up Netflix parental control, guardians have two main options they can use to ensure their kids have no access to adult content on Netflix. They can either set a pin for the entire account that only adult Netflix users in the family know or set up a separate profile for the younger kid/kids. We will begin by showing you how to restrict adult content on Netflix using a PIN code.

Setting Netflix Parental Control Using a PIN Code

When you set a PIN code for your Netflix account, anyone who wishes to view adult content on Netflix will have to know this PIN. Below, we guide you on how to set the PIN code:

Step 1: Open Settings on Netflix and then choose Your Account. This can be done by clicking the profile picture available on the top-right corner of the Netflix window.

Step 2: Click on the Parental Controls link.

Step 3: Enter your password to proceed.

Step 4: Set a pin to restrict the content you wouldn't want your kid to watch.

It is important to note that this method of restricting adult content on Netflix has a flaw.  It does not have a way of blocking TV shows using the show-by-show basis. It usually restricts content based on their ratings.

If a certain TV-show has the rating TV-14 but you think it might not be appropriate for your 13-year-old kid, you won't have a way to manage this via the Netflix parental control. However, you will have the option of entering the PIN by hand for your kid so that you can approve or disapprove of what they want to watch. If you happen to forget the Netflix parental control PIN, you can always tap the "Forgot PIN?" link to reset it using the same process described above.

netflix parental control

Setting Up a Netflix Kids' Profile

It is highly unlikely that your younger kids will have any desire to watch adult content on Netflix. Instead, they will want to browse through Netflix while checking out their favorite cartoon. For these kids, creating a Kids' profile will work perfectly as a Netflix parental control. Below, we show you how to set up the Netflix Kids' account:

Step 1: Launch Netflix. In the "Who's watching?" window, tap Manage Profiles.

Step 2: Edit the preset Kids' profile. Here, you can change the shows your kids can watch. After that, tap Save. Now, your kids won't have the ability to search or watch any content outside the category you have set.

netflix parental control

Monitoring Your Kid's Viewing Activity

Netflix makes it easy for parents to track their kid's viewing habits. This is important especially when you have older kids who use Netflix. You will be able to provide guidance if you happen to notice that the kids are viewing inappropriate content. The steps below should help you check your kid's viewing activity on Netflix:

Step 1: Open the Account Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to My Profile section and then tap on Viewing activity.

Here you will find every movie or TV show that has been viewed on the account. The page should include viewing history all the way to when you activated the account.

netflix parental control

Part 2: Best Parental Control App for Parents

MoniMaster, previously named Spymer, is the perfect tool to use for parental control when you have kids who own an iPhone or Android device. Generally, mobile devices are more popular among kids than Netflix is. These devices have made it easier for kids to access any kind of content they wish to access. Netflix parental control will block adult content on Netflix. However, your kids can still use their devices to access the same adult content.

To make sure that this does not happen, you will need to monitor your kids'  devices and offer them guidance. With MoniMaster, you get to monitor more than 20 app data on the target device. This includes the browsing history and bookmarks. By checking this browsing history, you get to see if your kids are accessing inappropriate content online. If you notice that they are doing so, you can help them realize why it is important to avoid the content.

MoniMaster will also allow you to check the data your kid has on his or her device. You get to see the types of videos, photos, apps, etc. available on the target device. If there is any inappropriate content on the device, you should be able to explain why your kid needs to get rid of it.

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To make sure that your kids won't have access to adult content on Netflix, you need to set up Netflix parental control. This article will help you set up Netflix parental control. For parents who have kids who own mobile devices, it is advisable to monitor how they are using these devices to eliminate the possibility of the devices influencing them negatively. 

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.