How to Put Parental Controls on YouTube App? Six Free Ways!

By Zack Morris | Jul 02, 2018 02:21 pm

Since YouTube establishment back in 2005, the video-sharing website has grown to become one of the biggest sources of entertainment online. Numbers don't lie. YouTube gets over 3 billion views each and every day.

Every parent knows that YouTube hosts videos which might not be good for kids to view. For this reason, millions of parents have been trying to determine how to put parental controls on the YouTube app. This article is dedicated to showing parents and guardians how to setup parental controls on YouTube. But, is there any reason to install parental settings on YouTube? Let's find out.

parental controls on youtube

Part 1: Why to Setup Parental Controls on YouTube?

Every coin has two sides. YouTube can be beneficial to your kids. Also, it can influence them negatively. If your kid is looking at a tutorial on YouTube in order to solve his math questions, this is beneficial. However, YouTube has videos which can be morally degrading.

The moral degrading videos are the reason why you need to install YouTube parental controls. Although YouTube has continuously fought bad influence videos on its platform, some of these might elude them and end up in front of your kid's eyes. Below, we show you how to enable parental lock on YouTube to make sure that none of these videos are seen by your kids.

Part 2: How to Put Parental Controls on YouTube?

1. How to Do Parental Control on YouTube on a Web-Browser

If your kid normally accesses YouTube via a web browser, you need to enable parental settings on YouTube on the web browser. To enable YouTube kids filter on a web browser, follow the steps we have outlined below:

Step 1: Open Tap Sign In and then log into your Google account. After the login, you will be redirected back to YouTube's homepage.

Step 2: On the top-right corner, click your Profile icon and then select Restricted Mode. Toggle on Restricted Mode and the Close the Window.

Step 3: When you reopen the site, YouTube parental controls should be enabled.

parental controls on youtube

2. Enable Parental Settings on YouTube Using the Mobile App

If your kid also accesses YouTube using the mobile app, you will need to enable YouTube parental controls on the app. To learn how to put parental controls on YouTube app, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the YouTube app and then sign in.

Step 2: On the top-right of the app screen, tap your profile icon and then choose Settings.

Step 3: Tap Restricted Mode Filtering and select Strict. Tap the close button to confirm your new settings.

Step 4: Refresh the feed by pulling down the videos list.

parental controls on youtube

3. Install Parental Lock on YouTube

By enabling YouTube Restricted mode, you will ensure that any inappropriate content cannot be viewed by your kid. However, this YouTube kids filter will work as long as you are signed into YouTube. To make sure that it works even after you sign out and no one can change the setting, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Open YouTube and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you have not turned Restricted Mode on already, do so by clicking the Restricted Mode drop-down arrow and selecting the On option.

Step 2: To lock the Restricted Mode, click Lock Restricted Mode on this Browser.

Step 3: Log out to eliminate the possibility of your kids changing the Restricted Mode back to off.

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4. How to Setup Parental Controls on YouTube Using Apps


This is a popular application which can help you enable YouTube parental controls. The app will allow filtering of content on YouTube. You are allowed to set custom parental settings on YouTube. Mobicip also supports to block certain websites and some specific phrases and keywords. This creates a secure browsing environment for your kid. This app will work for both iOS and Android devices. The key features available in this app include:

  • It can support multiple platforms.

  • It has advanced content filtering.

  • It enables online management.

parental controls on youtube

KidSafe Tube for YouTube

This app works by filtering the videos available on YouTube based on the content they have. The app will ensure that your kid does not access explicit or offensive content. This application will even add language filters. Additional features present in this app include:

  • You can lock the app remotely.

  • You can track YouTube watching history.

  • You can bookmark YouTube videos and tag them as unsafe or safe for kids.

  • You can limit video viewing by setting Video timer.

parental controls on youtube

Part 3: Best Parental Monitoring Software to Monitor Kids Online Activity Remotely

Setting YouTube parental controls is important as it will make sure that your kids are not viewing inappropriate videos. However, YouTube is not the only website that requires parental monitoring. There are thousands of other websites which contain offensive and explicit content. To help your kids avoid these sites, you have to guide them.

To be in a better position to guide your kids, you need to first know what they are looking at online. MoniMaster, previously named Spymer, will allow you to track their activities remotely and secretly. This tool will not require you to install it on the target device for it to work. The features offered by MoniMaster include:

  • You can track up to 18 apps. You get to access the browsing history and bookmarks available on the target device.

  • You can track both the location history of your kids and their current location.

  • You can view the frequently contacted list.

  • You can view both deleted and existing data.

To use MoniMaster, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Install MoniMaster FREE trial version on your PC/Mac.

Download Now For Windows 10/8/7Download NowFor Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Step 2: Launch the tool and enter the kid's age and name. Tap Next.

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Step 3: Enter the kid's iCloud Credentials and tap Verify.

parental controls app

Step 4: Select a device to monitor and click Next. Wait while MoniMaster scans the device.

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Step 5: Preview the data, select what you wish to save, and click Export to Computer to save the data.

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Download Now For Windows 10/8/7Download NowFor Mac OS X 10.7 or later


Enabling parental settings on YouTube will ensure that your kids only have access to morally upright videos. This article teaches you how to put parental controls on YouTube app. To get a clear picture of what your kids are looking at online, you need to track their devices remotely. MoniMaster will allow you to do this.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.