How to Stop Your Teenage Kids' iPhone Addiction? The Newest Way! (iOS 12 Included)

By Zack Morris | Jul 26, 2018 11:21 am

Most parents with teenage kids are worried. On a normal day, an average teenager will spend more than 4.5 hours on their phone. This is more than a sixth of their day. Any parent would want their kid to concentrate on more important things in life than liking cat videos and photos of people they have only seen on TV. Most of the parents are trying to find out how to stop cellphone addiction. We have written this article with a major aim of helping you learn how to stop internet addiction. But, before we show you how to break your kid’s internet addiction, let's make sure you understand why iPhone addiction is affecting many teenagers nowadays.

stop kids iphone addiction

Signs of iPhone Addiction

Your teenage using his/her iPhone is not a problem. After all, you purchased the device so that the kid can use it. As a parent, you are likely to wonder whether your kid is using the phone in a responsible way or he/she has a teen cellphone addiction. Below, we show you the telltale signs which could point out whether your kid has a teenage iPhone addiction problem:

  • Your kid reaches for his/her iPhone first thing every morning. Do you find your kid in the living room holding his/her phone with sleepy eyes in the morning? What you are looking at has a very high likelihood of being a teenage cell phone addiction.

  • Your kid uses the phone every time he/she is bored. At the dinner table, when the conversation changes to something that your kid doesn't like, for example, a conversation about how teenage kids are addicted to their iPhones, does the kid's iPhone slide out of his pocket involuntarily?

  • Your kid becomes agitated or anxious when his/her iPhone is taken. Try this one day: Pick your kid's iPhone when you are having a meal together and place it on the other end of the table. Does your kid appear agitated? If he appears anxious and constantly glancing at the iPhone, there is a very high likelihood he has a teen cellphone addiction issue.

  • Your kid cannot seem to cut back the iPhone usage even if he tries. You made your son promise to never use his iPhone during family lunches. He tried and you had been seeing progress. But then, all of sudden, the iPhone starts appearing on his hand during lunch hours.

  • You constantly complain about your teenager's phone usage. Conflict is a huge pointer of teenage cell phone addiction. Remember that time you were talking to your teenage daughter about how she should be careful about the types of boys she associates with? She couldn't lift her head from her iPhone, right? You even had to reprimand her. That was definitely a teenage cell phone addiction issue right there.

Why Are Teenagers Addicted to iPhone?

To most teenagers, an iPhone is like a getaway. Teenagers will use their iPhone as a distraction to avoid confronting real-world issues. A teenager will never get to face his/her doubts when he or she is busy trying to get as many retweets as possible by being funny.

Also, iPhones offer too much entertainment. There is the YouTube channel waiting around with all those hilarious pranks and there is Snapchat with its dog-face filter that needs to be aligned on the kid's nose. Most teenage kids who have the iPhone addiction issue will view their iPhones as their sole source of entertainment. This could be an issue that stems from their younger years. As the kids grew up, they never got to learn how to use their iPhones as a tool.

stop kids iphone addiction

How Bad Is iPhone Addiction to Teen Kids Seriously?

It is estimated that the normal teenager who lives in America will receive an iPhone by the time he or she is age 10. This kid will proceed to use the phone for more than 4.5 hours on a daily basis without counting the texting and calling. More than 78% of kids in their teenage years will check their iPhone on an hourly basis. Facts don't lie. The ones we have here about iPhone addiction are worrying.

Parents are supposed to help their kids overcome their iPhone addiction so that they can do more real-world things which have positive physical and psychological benefits. For example, it has already been proven that kids who engage in sports and real-life social interactions have a lower risk of being depressed or committing suicide.

stop kids iphone addiction

How to Break iPhone Addiction as A Parent?

After reading the above signs, your fears may have become real. You have had a teenage iPhone addiction problem in your household, you just never realized it. Teenage iPhone addiction can have a lot of negative side effects. Some of them will include interfering with your kid's sleeping cycle and health issues such as obesity.

break cell phone addiction

The next best step to take after realizing your kid is addicted to his/her phone is to learn how to break iPhone addiction. Below, we offer you some tips which will help you break the teen iPhone addiction issue in your home:

  • Set restrictions for when your kids are allowed to use their phones. For example, you can keep your kids from using their iPhones during meals, while they are doing their homework, and during sleeping time. Allow your teenager to use his or her iPhone a few minutes after school and maybe a few minutes after dinner.

  • Turn off internet connection. Mobile phones are basically useless to most teens without internet access. Without access to the internet, they can't watch videos on YouTube, they can't chat on Facebook, and they can't even use WhatsApp. Make a point of turning off the wi-fi when your kids are maybe, going to bed.

  • Use a phone usage monitor. This will help you figure out whether your teenage kids are following your phone usage guidelines. Create consequences for not following the guidelines. For example, if your kid breaks the rules, he/she loses the phone for 24 hours.

Apple's Response to iPhone Addiction – iOS 12

It did not take long for Apple to realize that more and more parents were searching for how to stop phone addiction online. This made the company realize that iPhone addiction is a real issue. To answer the question of how to stop internet addiction and iPhone addiction in general, Apple came up with new parental controls for iPhone. These were included in the iOS 12.

Feature 1: Screen Time to Monitor Kids' iPhone Usage More Accurately

Screen Time helps parents learn how their kids are using their iOS devices. The feature also lets parents manage the amount of time their kids are spending on their devices. Parents can set App Limits, Downtime, and more. The feature is easy to use. To learn how to break internet addiction and general iPhone addiction using Screen Time, you just need to follow the simple instructions below:

Step #1: On your kid's device, launch Settings, click on Screen Time, and then tap Set up as a Parent.

Step #2: Follow the onscreen instructions to customize App Limits, Content & Privacy, and Down Time. Be sure to create a Parent Passcode to keep your kid from changing the parental controls for iPhone you set.

stop kids iphone addiction

Feature 2: Grouped Notification Display to Reduce Interruptions on Study

If you are worried that your kid will be constantly interrupted by his/her texting friends while studying, you can use grouped notification display. Notification topics and message threads are grouped together instead of being displayed individually. This makes it much easier to view what is important on a single glance. You can either send the notifications from a specific app to the notification center or turn them off completely. To learn how to stop phone addiction using the grouped notification display feature, you just need to follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step #1: Launch Settings and tap Notifications.

Step #2: Choose an app.

Step #3: Scroll down and click Notification Grouping. Choose the By App option. Repeat the steps for all the apps.

stop kids iphone addiction

Feature 3: Do Not Disturb to Get away from Alerts

The Do Not Disturb feature is not new. However, it has been significantly improved in iOS 12. In iOS 12, users now have the ability to set specific times to enable or disable the Do Not Disturb feature automatically. When the feature is enabled, your kid will not get any notifications. To learn how to stop phone addiction using Do Not Disturb, follow the simple steps below:

Step #1: Open Settings and tap Do Not Disturb.

Step #2: Set the Schedule for when you wish Do Not Disturb to be on. For example, when your kid is studying or in bed.  

Step #3: After setting the schedule, enable the new setting that shows with the name of the set schedule.

stop kids iphone addiction

Break Kids' iPhone Addiction without Using iOS 12

MoniMaster Parental Control Tool, previously named Spymer, will let you break your kid's iPhone addiction irrespective of whether he or she owns an iPhone running iOS 12 or not. This tool allows you to monitor your kid's iPhone usage remotely. This makes it one of the best parental controls for iPhone. With MoniMaster, you can check what your kid is viewing online, how many hours he/she has been using any app on the device, and even the data available on the device (both deleted and not deleted). If you happen to notice that your kid's iPhone addiction is getting out of hand, you can advise him or her on how to use the device more responsibly. Generally, advice works better than using restrictions on your teenager's device. You can get MoniMaster as a FREE trial for your Mac or PC.

stop kids iphone addiction

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As iPhone addiction becomes more apparent to parents with teenage kids, these parents are looking for an answer to the question of how to stop phone addiction. This article helps you learn how to stop internet addiction. Parental controls for iPhone in iOS 12 will allow parents to control their teenage kids iPhone addiction via restrictions. Advice works much better than restrictions. MoniMaster allows you to learn how your kid uses his or her iPhone so that you can be in a position to offer advice.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.