How to Tell If Your Cell Phone is Hacked - 5 Clear Signs

By Gary J. Fowler | Oct 16, 2018 07:56 pm

In this day and age, most of us find it easy and hustle free to use our cell phone to make calls, exchange messages, access the internet for browsing, perform banking activities, shop online, chat with our friends and family, post on social media, store personal and business data, etc. With all these vital data stored in your cell phone, you would be devastated if someone hacks into your cell phone and invades your privacy. However, you are not sure whether this is actually happening or not. In this article, we will show you how to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone. By the end of the article, if you are sure that your device is being controlled by hackers, the first question you must ask yourself is, how can you stop someone from tracking your phone? We will also help you find out the answer to this question.

Part 1: Can Your Cell Phone be Hacked

The answer to the question, can a cell phone be hacked, is 'YES'; Anyone can hack your cell phone and gain access to all your crucial data. In most cases, that person may be someone close to you. To hack a cell phone, one only requires a spyware. Although spyware that does not need to be installed on the target device for them to work is available, the most common spy tools still need to be installed on the target cell phone.  This means, for someone to spy on you, they will most likely need to have access to your cell phone to install a spyware. If the hacker is using a remote spying tool, they might need to access your backup password.

If someone hacks your cell phone, they can have access to more data than you might think. Hackers can access your SMS,  outgoing and incoming emails, messages you sent via your instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, and your location. They can even listen to your calls. If the spying tool is installed on your device, the hacker can log your keys. This will give them access to anything you type on your smartphone including your important passwords.


Part 2: How Does A Criminal Hack Your Cell Phone

It is possible for your fiancée or relative to hack your cell phone. This means that it is also possible for a criminal to hack your device. While your fiancée or relative may be concerned about your safety and want to keep track of your location, a criminal will obviously not have good intentions. Knowing how the criminals can hack your cell phone is a  great thing to keep yourself safe and secure.

Cybercriminals have developed tools which they can use to hack your smartphone by just using your cell phone number. When they hack your phone remotely, they will have the ability to monitor everything that you do on your device. Criminals, unlike relatives, will use the information they gather to mess around with your life. Criminals do not just target individuals, they also target corporates and large companies. They already know that the corporates and companies usually share sensitive data over calls, emails, and messages.

One of the common hacking methods criminals can use to hack individual or company cell phones is known as the 'man in the middle' method. This method allows the criminal to hack into your smartphone's operating system (for example, iOS or Android) and reroute all the data available on the device to a third-party computer. Some criminal hacking devices are so advanced that they can hack your device even when it is turned off.


Part 3. How to Tell if Your Cell Phone is Hacked

If a hacker is using an advanced hacking tool to hack your cell phone remotely, it might be impossible for you to find out when your cell phone is being monitored. However, if someone has installed a  spy tool on your device, you might be able to know when the cell phone is being hacked. Some of the signs you might observe which could tell you that you have  been hacked include:

A Weird Background Noise

There are times when you hear funny noises on your cell phone from a bad connection and you considered it as something normal. You may hear weird voices, beeping sounds,  or clicking sounds most of the time when you are using your phone. This could be noises made by someone trying to record or listen to your phone calls. By keenly listening to these weird sounds, you can know how to tell if your cell phone is hacked.


Unusual Messages On Your Device

If someone has gained control of your phone,  you may find suspicious and strange text messages from unknown numbers sent to your phone frequently. You can be tempted to open and read the messages to find out who sent them or what they contain. The messages could be random codes that have symbols, numbers or characters that a spy app sends to your phone. These messages if opened can contain a virus that will allow the sender to gain access to your stored files and steal them.


A Sudden Increase in the Battery Usage

You can also monitor your battery usage as  another way of how to tell if your cell phone is hacked. You need to monitor how long it takes for your battery power to drain after you have charged your cell phone to 100%. Monitor how many hours it takes for your battery to completely drain. If the battery drains quickly, you can be sure that something  is fishy
It could mean that there is an app that is  running in the background and using a lot of power. You can uninstall some of the apps on your phone to see if there is a difference. If nothing changes,  that means your cell phone has been hacked.


Unwanted Browser Toolbars

There are many useful new toolbars that appear on your cell phone browser that you can use and identify, while the others are not so familiar to you. The ones about which you are suspicious and can't recognize where they came from, should be removed from your device. These toolbars could contain spy software that when installed and activated can access your cell phone data. Knowing this will give you a better understanding to know how to tell if your cell phone has been hacked.


Your Online Password Is Not Working

If you are typing in the correct password to your online account and it is not working, it could happen if the site is experiencing technical difficulties for the moment and you can try after a few minutes to log in using your password. However, it could also mean that someone has hacked into your account and changed your password blocking you from accessing your account.

This means that the hacker responded to an authentication email sent to your account that allowed them to change the password. The hacker then changed your login information and password to prevent you from recovering your account. Using this information they can steal money or information from your account.


If any of the above signs or all of them are absent, it does not automatically mean that your cell phone is not being hacked. If you suspect your device is being hacked, trust your instincts and perform a thorough check on your device. Also, you can back up your device and factory reset it to uninstall any spyware installed on the device.

Part 4: How Can You Stop Someone from Tracking Your Phone

Change Your Password

Although this will not remove the spyware, it will stop it from working. Spywares will use your password to gain access to your phone account. Changing the password will deny the spyware access to your device and stop the tracking. If you do change your password, it is recommended that you set a stronger password.


Factory Reset Device

Performing a factory reset will erase all your data. Therefore, you may need to back up your device before the reset.  After resetting the device, all apps will be removed including the spyware.


Remove the Spyware

If the above methods do not seem to work for you, you can remove the spyware manually. You can check the app installation history to see whether there is a suspicious application installed on the device. If you are able to find it, uninstall the app. This should stop the tracking.


If you want to protect your data and privacy, you can learn how to tell if your cell phone has been hacked by understanding what to look for on your phone.  Anyone using a smartphone nowadays can be a victim of hacking where their vital and sensitive information can be stolen without them knowing. We hope by answering, 'How to tell if your cell phone has been hacked', you are now in a better position to know what to look for and how to safeguard your cell phone from hackers.

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