Top 3 Methods to Track a Family Member's iPhone Remotely

By Zack Morris | Jun 12, 2018 04:28 pm

Knowing that our family members are safe is one thing that we all have in common. However, you won't have the ability to follow your loved ones wherever they go. A better way to make sure that they are safe is to track their iPhone. But, how do you track a family members iPhone? We intend to answer this question by showing you the 3 best ways you can use to track a family member's iPhone.

How do You Track a Family Member's iPhone Remotely?

Tracking a Family Member's iPhone via MoniMaster

MoniMaster, previously named Spymer, is the best family tracking app for iPhone. The tool will allow you to track any of your family members remotely. MoniMaster does not require you to install it in the target device like the majority of other track tools. With MoniMaster, you will have the ability to track on all iOS devices.

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versions for both Mac and Windows PC are available. The features you get in MoniMaster include:

  • It gives you the ability to access and monitor up to 18 data types. You get to monitor both the iOS official apps and third-party apps. The official apps supported by MoniMaster include videos, photos, messages, notes, voice memos, call history, iMessage, reminders, calendar, Safari history, contacts, and Safari bookmarks. The supported third-party apps include LINE, WhatsApp, Kik, QQ, WeChat, and Viber.

  • With MoniMaster, knowing the location of your family member is not a problem since you can check the current device location and also its location history.

  • You will have the ability to know who your family members are texting or calling the most by checking the frequently contacted list.

  • You can access both the existing data and you can also see the data that has already been deleted.

To start tracking your family member's iPhone using MoniMaster, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Install a free trial version on either your PC or Mac.

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Step #2: Launch the software and input both the name and age of the family member you wish to track. Click Next.

Launch the software

Step #3: Now, use the Apple ID and Password which belong to the family member you wish to track. Enter these details and then click Verify to load the family member's device iPhone information.

enter apple id and password spymer

Step #4: Select the device you wish to track and then tap Next. Wait as MoniMaster analyzes and scans the data available in the device.

select device to monitor spymer

Step #5: When MoniMaster finishes scanning the device, you will have the ability to preview the data available on the iPhone. Choose the data you wish to track and then tap Export to Computer. This will save the data in your computer where you can access and monitor it easily.

track iphone location

Tracking Your Son/Daughter's iPhone via Find My Friends on iPhone

If you wish to track your son or daughter using an official Apple app, the best family tracking app for iPhone to use in this case is Find my Friends. Although Find my Friends was not created to be a tracker app, you can turn it into one very easily. To do this, follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step #1: Take your son's or daughter's iPhone and open Find my Friends app. Scroll down and tap the contact image. Turn on Share My Location.

Step #2: For this next step, first make sure that you have made yourself available to everyone on your iPhone. Then, on the target device, click Add under Share My Location. Click your contact image and then tap Share Indefinitely in the popup that appears.

Step #3: Accept the message on your iPhone telling you that someone is trying to share their location with you. Click Don't Share when asked whether you would like to share your location. This will make sure that your son or daughter does not receive any updates on their iPhone.

Step #4: You will start receiving real-time updates on your iPhone regarding where your son or daughter is. If you don't want your son or daughter to check who they are sharing their location with, you can hide Find my Friends from the dock.

track iphone with find my friends

Tracking the Elderly's iPhone Using Family Tracking Apps

There are a number of family tracking apps you can use to track your elderly family members. These include:

Life360 Family Locator

life360 family locator

The app has a map that shows you where your elderly family members are at any particular moment. The app will also send you alerts when the person you are tracking reaches a specified location. The app has a family channel which allows family members to keep in touch. Life360 Family Locator will help you track lost phones. It has a crash detection service which helps in getting in touch with other family members if the driver is involved in an accident.

Sygic Family Locator

sygic family locator

This application is cross-platform compatible. This means that you get to track your family members even if their devices are running a different operating system. You can set unsafe zones in Sygic Family Locator. The app will alert you when your elderly family member enters those locations.

Sprint FamilyWall

sprint family wall

This application allows you to keep track of your elderly family members location and also share pictures with them. The app will allow its users to create to-do lists and share them with family members. Your family members get to share their current location with you using this app.

Verizon Family Locator

verizon family locator

This application has a detailed map that allows you to know where your elderly family members are at all times. The app will allow you to see the average speed at which your family member is driving.

GPSWOX Family Locator

gpswox family locator

This app will not only allow you to know the location of your family members. It will also allow you to know when their battery is running low. It will also notify you of the current location of your elderly family member at that particular time. This eliminates any worries which might arise if your family member fails to get in touch. You can get alerted when a family member reaches a certain location. You can track the driving speed and also check your elderly family member's movement in the past 30 days.


If you have been trying to figure out the answer to the question how do you track a family members iPhone, you can use the methods outlined in this article. The best family tracking app for iPhone you can use is MoniMaster. The app allows you to track over 18 app data including location, phone calls, and deleted data without having to install it on the target device.  

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Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.