How to Track iPhone Location without iCloud?

By Zack Morris | Aug 14, 2018 02:29 pm

We don't know you. What we know is that you love your iPhone. The device carries all/most of your important data. Now, let's take a possible case where you happen to lose the iPhone. Maybe you left it in a hidden position at the office or someone snatched it from you. If you have been using iCloud, you can use this service to track your iPhone. But, what if you were never an iCloud enthusiast? How are you supposed to track your iPhone? This article will show you how to track on iPhone without iCloud.

Top Ways to Track iPhone without iCloud

1. Using the Find My iPhone App

Every recent iPhone comes with the Find My iPhone app pre-installed in it. If you happen to lose your iPhone, this app can help you locate the iPhone without the need to use iCloud. However, you need to have both the Find My iPhone app and location services enabled on your lost device. The simple steps below will help you track on iPhone without iCloud using Find My iPhone:

Step 1: Launch Find My iPhone app on the iPhone you wish to use to track your device. Use your Apple ID and Password to sign in.

Step 2: From the list of devices you own, tap the missing device. The location of the device will be indicated on the map.


If you determine your iPhone is around the house, you can use the Play Sound option. You can use Lost Mode to start tracking the iPhone. You can Erase the iPhone Data if it is impossible to retrieve the lost device.

2. Using Find My Friends App

Maybe the reason you are looking to track on iPhone without iCloud is so that you can keep your family safe. Find My iPhone will let you track the real-time location of your lost iPhone. However, you won't have the ability to set geofences and location alerts. You can get these options in the Find My Friends app. To use the Find My Friends app to track iPhone without iCloud, you have to add the target person to your friend's list. The steps outlined below will help you track on iPhone using the Find My Friends app:

Step 1: On the target device, launch the Find My Friends App. Tap the Contact icon available at the bottom of the application interface. Toggle on the Share My Location switch. Ensure that share my location from [owners name] iPhone is enabled in the section below.

Step 2: Go back to the Find My Friends Homepage and tap Add on the top-right of the screen. From the available list, select your contact. Select Share Indefinitely on the popup.

Step 3: On your own iPhone, accept the share location request. Don't share your location with the target person.

Step 4: Launch Find My Friends application on your iPhone and start tracking the target iPhone. You can also set geofences on your Find My Friends application.


3. Using Google

Google is in almost everyone's life nowadays. There is a very high likelihood that you have a Google account. If you have enabled location history on Google maps, you can use the Google Maps timeline to locate your iPhone. Google usually records the location histories of all the device connected to it. The steps below should help you locate your iPhone using Google Timeline:

Step 1: Visit the Google Timeline official page on your web browser. Sign into your Google account.

Step 2: Tap Today on the Homepage. This will display your location history for the entire day.

track iphone location without icloud

4. Using the IMEI Number

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This number is unique for all electronic devices. If you happen to lose your iPhone, you can register this number on sites like You will get notified if your iPhone is located. We have some steps to help you below:

Step 1: Visit and enter your IMEI number in the search textbox. Tap Search and wait as the website searches for an IMEI match in the Global IMEI database.

Step 2: You can create an account if your IMEI is not located. The information you input will be used to notify you when your iPhone is located.

Using the IMEI Number

5. Track an iPhone with iPhone Tracker Tool

Sometimes you may need to keep the fact that you are tracking an iPhone location secret. Maybe it is because you suspect your kid has been visiting places he or she shouldn't. Also, you may lose your iPhone without having enabled location services such that you can't use the Find My iPhone app to locate it. In any of these situations, you might think that you can't track iPhone without iCloud. This is not true. You can use a third-party tool known as MoniMaster to track any iOS device remotely.

MoniMaster Phone Location Tracker allows you to monitor both the current device location and its location history. On top of allowing you to monitor your device location, you get to see the data available on the target device and the frequently contacted list. MoniMaster gives you access to up to 17 apps on a target device without you having to install it on the device. To use MoniMaster, you just need to follow the steps below:

Download Now For Windows 10/8/7Download NowFor Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Step 1: After installing MoniMaster on your PC, launch the app and enter the name and age of the target person. Tap Next.

After installing Spymer on your PC

Step 2: Choose either Scan iTunes Backup or Enter iCloud Credentials. If you choose Scan iTunes Backup, you can jump to step #5. if you choose Enter iCloud Credentials, you will need Steps #3 and #4.

Choose either Scan iTunes Backup or Enter iCloud Credentials

Step 3: Enter the target person Apple ID and password. Tap Verify.

Enter the target person Apple ID and password

Step 4: Choose the device whose location you wish to monitor. Click Next.

Choose the device

Step 5: View the target device location, location history and any other data available on the target device. Tap Export to Computer to save the data.

View the target device location


It is possible to track on iPhone without iCloud. If you wish to keep your tracking secret and also view more data than just the location of a target device, we recommend MoniMaster. MoniMaster is available for FREE as a trial version. 

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.