Monitor WhatsApp Chat History

Read WhatsApp conversations on your kid's device to protect them from online danger or threat.

Supports Android 9.0 Pie Now!

What You Can Do with MoniMaster

If your kids are using the Tencent WhatsApp app, chances are that they may be contacting with someone dangerous person online. With MoniMaster Parental Control, you can:

  • Remotely access existing WhatsApp messages sent and received.
  • Preview deleted WhatsApp history without having the phone.
  • Check WhatsApp attachments and media files on the WhatsApp conversations.

Is It Safe to Use WhatsApp?

The young generations are so fond of using the messenger app to communicate with their friends and loved ones. WhatsApp messenger app is used to share messages, photos, audios, videos, location, and files among users on the platform. But this app has become the place where teens mostly use to share inappropriate messages and content since such activities are also allowed on the social media app. Most parents are very concerned about their young kids’ safety on this messaging app as teens can easily become victims of cyberbullying and other online danger or threat.  Here are a few things that make WhatsApp unsafe for kids.

Inappropriate content allowed

The messenger app enables its users to send inappropriate picture or messages to one another. Most of this information shared can easily go viral online even without the owner's consent. Private messages or pictures can be downloaded and shared within a short period of time.

No age limit

Another loophole about this messenger app is the fact that it allows anyone to create an account on the app regardless of their age. There is no age limit while signing up to this app so anyone can view inappropriate content sent to them hereby making it unsafe for underage to use without a proper monitoring.

Security problems

The security restriction on some IM Apps including WhatsApp makes the application questionable for kids to utilize. WhatsApp is a secret app that doesn't reveal information shared within users to the third party or save such information on its server. Most Kids now think they are free to send and view any content they see or receive online. However, it is not accurate that only the recipients could view the messages. The messages could also be accessed via your phone number. No one can guarantee that everything is really private online.

Why Do You Need This Feature?

As a parent, keeping your kids safe is very important. Many parents do all they can just to safely guide their child online and offline activities. Using WhatsApp monitoring apps to remotely secure and monitor your kids and teens online activities is actually the right thing all parent should do. Regardless of what your kids or people might say to you about this issue. The first thing is to ensure your kids are not a victim of cyberbullying or any online sexual predators.

MoniMaster WhatsApp Monitoring Features

Monitor calls

Track date, time, duration of every call made and received via WhatsApp on your child's devices. All information on call logs will be sent to your MoniMaster control panel to view.

Read text messages

View all sent, received and deleted text messages via WhatsApp from MoniMaster control panel. You will receive time stamps with recipient names on your online account.

Access multimedia files

Monitor all the multimedia files, including photos, and videos shared on WhatsApp messenger. The Monimaster Whatsapp monitoring app is available on un-rooted Android and un-jailbroken iOS devices.


  • Q:What iOS devices are compatible with MoniMaster?

    A: MoniMaster supports almost all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 12 & earlier versions.

  • Q: Can I preview WhatsApp attachments on MoniMaster, except messages?

    A: Yes. MoniMaster not only enables you check WhatsApp messages, but also photos, videos audio messages that are in the WhatsApp chat history.

  • Q: Can I check WhatsApp messages with MoniMaster even when they are deleted or lost?

    A: Of course. One of the exclusives features of MoniMaster is that it enables you to view existing and deleted WhatsApp messages on your child's cell phone.