How to Know If My WhatsApp is Monitored

By Gary J. Fowler | Jun 26, 2018 11:10 am

Time after time, technology has surprised us with different and unique inventions. Monitoring or hacking your personal information is not difficult for anyone these days. Considering that WhatsApp is the most commonly used messenger app nowadays, it is vital to protect your WhatsApp messages and personal data from potential hackers. And, this is what we'll be covering in this article. Putting it a bit differently, we will explain how to identify if your WhatsApp is being monitored by external sources and ways you can protect your WhatsApp data. Read on to know more.

How to Tell If WhatsApp is Monitored

If the question, 'how to know if my WhatsApp is monitored' is disturbing or worrying you, here are some useful methods that can help you.

Your battery is draining too quickly

If spy apps are using your device to read your WhatsApp data, you'll notice your battery draining very quickly. On one side you'll find yourself charging your battery continuously and on the other side, you'll notice a drop in the battery with every passing minute.

Your device not functioning appropriately

Is your device misbehaving? Are random apps opening without your intervention? If yes, then there is a high chance that you  WhatsApp or your device is being hacked.

Increased usage of mobile data

The spy apps that are attacking your device may be feeding on your mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity. If you suspect that someone has hacked your WhatsApp account, check the 'data usage' under 'Settings.'

Annoying background noises

If you hear weird noises in the background while making or receiving calls, then you're in trouble. Someone is hacking your WhatsApp account. Or, maybe recording them.

How Can Hackers Monitor Your WhatsApp?

Here are 3 ways in which hackers can get  access to your WhatsApp data:

WhatsApp web

WhatsApp web feature is meant to help WhatsApp users easily access their WhatsApp account on their PC. By just scanning the QR code using your mobile device, you can access your WhatsApp account on your desktop. This feature is helpful when one is working on their  PC and can't use their mobile at the same time. Well, this feature can come in handy to help you find out if your  WhatsApp is being monitored by external sources or not. For this, firstly,  login to WhatsApp web and then scan the QR code to get access on PC. Now, on your mobile, inspect the WhatsApp weblog and you will notice all the devices connected to your phone.  Just delete all the unknown and unauthorized devices. This way you can guard your WhatsApp data against hackers.


Spy apps

Spy Apps are making it easy for hackers to monitor your device and gain control of your information. These apps can allow the hackers to track your WhatsApp call activities, recordings, WhatsApp messages,  and more. Therefore, to find out if your WhatsApp is being monitored, we suggest you install some anti-spy apps such as  'Free Spyware or Malware Remover' which will prevent hackers from spying on your WhatsApp data and will remove any malicious apps from your device.


Extract messages out of your documents

This is a yet another technique used by hackers to monitor your WhatsApp account. They make use of this skill to get access to and replicate your WhatsApp texts, and then share the data with others using e-mail. From the WhatsApp folder on your device,  hackers can copy files and gain unauthorized access to the messages. So, you can easily find out if your WhatsApp is being monitored when you observe some suspicious activities such as a strange reply from your friends or your last seen is not what it should be,etc.

To avoid this from happening, you should use a 'program locker' and lock your phone. This will prevent the hackers from approaching the saved files in 'My Documents'  and will prompt them to unlock the phone on attempting such a thing. And, they will be unable to proceed since the phone will already be secured by you.

How to Secure WhatsApp Account – 5 Useful Tips

So, in the previous sections, you've seen different ways in which you can find out if your WhatsApp is being monitored by external sources. In this section, we help you with some useful tips on how to secure your WhatsApp account from hackers.

Here are 5 useful tips to guard your  WhatsApp account against hackers:

Logout from WhatsApp web

As we've already mentioned above, you know the usefulness of WhatsApp web. It is one valuable feature allowing users to simply enjoy work and chat at the same time. However, make sure you always log out from WhatsApp web before you leave your system unattended or shut it down. Don’t close the WhatsApp Web window directly. By doing this, you are leaving your WhatsApp web account online and the next time someone opens your browser, they can easily read your WhatsApp messages. Would you want your parents, friends or maybe not so close relatives to read your WhatsApp messages? Never, right? So, just click on the three vertical dots above your chats and click 'Log out' from there when you're not using WhatsApp web. This will protect your WhatsApp from being monitored.


Lock WhatsApp

You all undoubtedly lock your device for safety purposes. However, merely locking your device is not enough to protect WhatsApp from being hacked. We would suggest you secure your account with PIN or password using third-party apps. Locking your WhatsApp will not allow the people with bad intentions to hack your account.


Hide the 'last seen' timestamp

Believe it or not, your WhatsApp can tell a  lot about you. Sharing or revealing your 'last seen status' with the world is an amazing feature by WhatsApp. But, hackers these days, can get an idea when you come online or offline and then use your account accordingly. Hence,  restrict them by disabling your last seen status.

To hide your 'last seen status' open WhatsApp and tap on the three vertical dots given at the top of the screen. Go to 'Account' option and tap 'Privacy'. Tap on 'Last seen' now and set it to 'Nobody' or if you have trusted contacts, you can set it to 'My Contacts'.


Do not use an unknown Wi-Fi

This is something that we highly recommend to you if you don't want hackers to gain access to your private WhatsApp data. You should never use an unknown Wi-Fi connection. This is the most convenient way for hackers to monitor WhatsApp.  Don’t use any random public Wi-Fi.  While the internet is an absolute necessity these days, it is always better to be safe than sorry.


Watch out for scams

The most important tip – stay clear of scammers and spammers. Please ensure that  WhatsApp doesn't contact any of its users via the app or e-mails for any purpose like subscription offers, safeguarding your account etc. until and unless the users themselves get in touch with the WhatsApp team. Therefore, if you get any such messages or e-mails, be aware that your account is at risk and take immediate action.


Leverage WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

WhatsApp now allows you to use the Two-Step Verification feature to secure your WhatsApp data. By adding the Two-Step verification measures to your WhatsApp account, you can prevent hackers from monitoring your WhatsApp activity or getting access to your private WhatsApp data.


Never ignore the possibility of hackers or external nuisances hacking or monitoring your WhatsApp account. In this article, we have offered you some tips and tricks to help you learn how to know if your WhatsApp is monitored and keep your device secured. We hope that your question has been answered here and you found this article helpful. Please share your thoughts with us. Thanks for reading!

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