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  • By Joseph Elizabeth 2023-05-30

    As a manager, MoniMaster has been invaluable in improving employee productivity. It has given me a deeper understanding of my team's online behavior and allowed me to address any potential distractions. With increased awareness, our company has experienced enhanced focus and better overall performance.

  • By Alex 2023-05-30

    Best tool when it comes to tracing whatsap activities of kids.. Highly recommend!!!

  • By Miller 2023-05-29

    Excellent and highly recommend for tracking anything from android to iOS.

  • By Emily Mark 2023-05-29

    Using MoniMaster has allowed me to better understand my friends' interests and the topics they engage with online. It has sparked meaningful conversations and deepened our friendships. I appreciate the insights it provides and how it helps me stay connected in this digital age.

  • By Sarah John 2023-05-29

    MoniMaster has been a game-changer for me. It has helped me stay more connected with my family and understand their online interests. I feel more aware and involved in their lives, and it has strengthened our relationships. Highly recommended for parents who want to ensure their children's online safety.

  • By Mina 2023-05-26


  • By James 2023-05-20

    WhatsApp tracking feature has been a game-changer for me as a concerned parent. Being able to monitor my child's conversations and media shared on WhatsApp has given me valuable insights into their online interactions. It has helped me address potential issues and ensure their safety in the digital world. totally worth to buy it!

  • By Emily 2023-05-19

    For any concerned parent like me, I needed a reliable tool to keep track of my child online activities. The app's social media monitoring feature has helped me identify potential risks and initiate important conversations with my child. It's an essential tool for every parent in today's digital age. If I would like to give it a score then: Setting-up and configuration: 8/10 Interface: 9/10 Tracking and Monitoring: 10/10

  • By Samantha Rodriguez 2023-05-19

    I can't thank MoniMaster enough for providing me with the tools to protect my child's online safety. The app's comprehensive monitoring features, such as call logs and text message tracking, have allowed me to have open and honest conversations with my child about responsible device usage. MoniMaster has become an indispensable part of our familys digital well-being.

  • By Fatia 2023-05-18

    as a mother, juggling multiple responsibilities can be challenging. MoniMaster has become an essential ool in my parenting toolkit. It not only allows me to monitor my children's device usage but also gives me insights into their online interactions. With MoniMaster, I discovered that my son was engaging in inappropriate conversations with strangers and promptly addressed the issue

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