MoniMaster Refund Policy

This Refund Policy shall govern MoniMaster products and services’ purchase by all customers.


General Terms:

1. When using any of the MoniMaster monitoring tools and you encounter any technical issue or glitch which cannot be addressed adequately or fixed by the MoniMaster Customer Support Center, you may be considered for a full refund in correlation with the MoniMaster Refund Policy depicted below.

2. However, the willingness of customers to accept, corporate with MoniMaster Support staff and adhere to the professional instructions offered can save both the firm and its client's considerable amount of time, energy and potentially reduce the amount of refund claims processed.

3. For any inquiry, engage our Customer Support Center by sending a mail to

Refund Conditions:

  • Should your refund claim’s reason be in line with the provisions of this Refund Policy outlined below and should it be subject to this Refund Policy, you may be considered for a full refund within 7 days from your product’s purchase date. In the event that the 7 days’ mark from the purchase date has elapsed, no customer shall be considered for a refund.
  • Whenever a MoniMaster user fails to re-install or re-link the MoniMaster Software on the target device due to an Operating System upgrade, they will not be considered eligible for any refund.
  • If a user's monitoring target device is deemed non-compatible, they shall not be considered eligible for any refund  because they fail to adhere to the MoniMaster Compatibility Policy.
  • Please note that for today, only the following operating systems are unsupported and compatible with the MoniMaster: Windows Mobile, Symbian Belle, Bada or BlackBerry 10.

Whenever the reason for a refund claim lies entirely beyond the control of MoniMaster, no refund would be given to such a user. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

Refund can only be given once. Should a user purchase another MoniMaster subscription at a later date, it will have its own refund request provision and will not be subject to the same refund request of the previous subscription.

Users Refund Claims Will Not be Considered:

  • Whenever target devices lose their critically needed internet connectivity to the MoniMaster server either due to a deliberate or erroneous factory reset, the absence of Internet access, or an update to the latest operating system.
  • Should a user fail to procure the required monitoring permission to a target phone, or does not own the target phone, or has forgotten the password needed to unlock it.
  • When the target phone has inadequate internet access (empty target phone account, temporary service disruption, roaming-related problem, etc.).
  • The internet service provider (carrier operator) is switched or changed by the user of the target phone, leading to the Internet connectivity loss and ultimately malfunctioning of the MoniMaster Software.
  • The target phone user reset his phone to its original factory settings.
  • The subscription user fails to adhere strictly to the setup guidelines depicted and explained on the MoniMaster website or given by our customer support team or rejects professional technical assistance.
  • A user did not receive the data that had been saved on a target phone prior to the installation of MoniMaster.
  • Should the subscription user plan to deploy MoniMaster on more than one target devices although he or she only purchased one subscription plan.
  • Personal reasons arise such as (My purchase was a huge mistake, I don’t think I want the software anymore, Software was not used, etc.).
  • The MoniMaster software was damaged or disconnected by an anti-virus software on either gadget, the target device’s user or by other services.
  • The target device user’s iCloud details are inaccurate.
  • iCloud backup failed to be initiated by a user to the target device, although its backup remains technically possible.
  • The target device lacks daily and consistent WI-FI connectivity.
  • The target iOS device has insufficient iCloud space for storing backups and its user is unable to increase the device’s space.

Refund Procedure:

Refund requests would only be addressed whenever they are sent to MoniMaster Support at The appropriate refund decision based on the given facts shall be finalized within seven business days.


  • While purchasing your preferred subscription plan(s), should there be a chargeback by a credit card company (or similar action by any payment provider we allow), you agree that we may withhold access to any and all MoniMaster accounts you own.
  • Also, those particular accounts’ reactivation would be processed at the MoniMaster team’s discretion and only after we receive evidence of payment of the unpaid purchase(s).
  • Credit card service charges will be highlighted on users’ credit card statement. Chargebacks incurred fees or other payment disputes caused by clients, their bank, or a Payment Provider, and all disputes requiring legal or accounting services shall be covered by you.