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Monitor Android/iOS Devices in 1 Click

  • MoniMaster Pro MoniMaster Pro

    One-stop monitoring for Android, iOS, and iCloud. The most advanced cell phone monitoring tool globally, providing comprehensive insights into Android and iPhone activities. Additionally, it offers remote access to iCloud.

    MoniMaster Pro
    Track call logs, text messages, social media activities, GPS location, and more for Android and iOS monitoring. It also offers real-time monitoring and remote control capabilities.
  • MoniMaster for WhatsApp MoniMaster for WhatsApp

    The comprehensive WhatsApp tracker and spy tool designed for monitoring WhatsApp activity discreetly on Android & iPhone.

    Gain insight into someone's WhatsApp activities, allowing you to monitor their messages, calls, media files, and more.
  • MoniMaster WhatsApp Status Seen MoniMaster WhatsApp Status Seen

    The ultimate tool for tracking WhatsApp online status. Real-time and covert monitoring allows easy insight into contacts' online activities without device access.

    MoniMaster WhatsApp Status Seen is a powerful WhatsApp online checker. Stay informed about contacts' online presence and receive notifications. This WhatsApp last seen tracker also detects offline status. Monitor multiple contacts simultaneously and discreetly.
  • PCSntry PCSntry

    Track and record various activities on Windows-based systems. It offers features such as monitoring web-based chats, emails, browsing history, and keyboard strokes on a targeted computer.

    It supports over 20 features, allowing accurate tracking and logging of keystrokes on the target Windows PC. Its robust features make it a powerful tool for discreetly monitoring computer activities.

Monitor Various Data on Phones and Computers

  • Text Messages

    Text Messages

    Read all the sent and received messages by the target user, even the deleted data.
  • Call logs

    Call logs

    Track all the incoming and outgoing calls with names, timestamps, and call duration of deleted calls.
  • GPS Location

    GPS Location

    View location tracking and historical location data of the target device. Set up the geofence to protect kids.
  • Social Media Apps

    Social Media Apps

    Support the monitoring of WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, LINE, Viber and more.
  • Listen to Environment

    Listen to Environment

    Gain access to the device's microphone and monitor the surrounding environment.
  • iCloud Drive

    iCloud Drive

    Gain access to all the content stored in the iCloud Drive of the targeted iOS devices.
  • Keylogger


    Record every keystroke activities inputs.
  • Web Activity

    Web Activity

    Monitoring online behavior through browser tracking.
  • Mail


    Track the mail online, such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.
  • Browsing History

    Browsing History

    View all the Safari searching histories and bookmarks to discover what the target person is browsing online.
  • View Media

    View Media

    View data of Reminders, Calendars and Notes. Check any type of multimedia files stored on the target phone, including photos, videos and voice memos.
  • Record Calls

    Record Calls

    Enables you to record WhatsApp calls and record WhatsApp voice messages remotely.
  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

    Capture screenshots, take photos, record phone screen and live screen.
  • Keyword Alert

    Keyword Alert

    Add a Caller ID or specific content to receive alerts and can view the details on the dashboard.
  • WhatsApp Status

    WhatsApp Status

    View multiple WhatsApp statuses anonymously, as well as deleted or expired ones like quotes, photos, videos, etc.

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Highly Trusted ICON
Highly Trusted ICON
Highly Trusted ICON
Highly Trusted ICON
Highly Trusted ICON
Highly Trusted ICON
Highly Trusted ICON
Highly Trusted ICON

“I use it to track my old dad. He's having alzheimer's aisease. In case he gets lost and don't know how to call the police or us, this software can always help us locate him. Best part is, it's much cheaper than some GPS tracking brands but it's equally useful. Anyway, strongly recommending this brand!”

“Thing is, I suspected my teenage daughter was in an immature relationship with some stupid boy but I was not sure about this. MoniMaster just helped me solve the mistery. Super indeed. Tried similar products, but this app beats others for sure.”

“I just wanna say:“WOWWW”! I can’t believe that I can really keep an eye on what my son was doing online with cell phone monitoring software. No more panic of my son's online activities.”

“I decided to purchase this app as I need to get the messages sent and received on my boyfriend's phone. He seems to spend most of the time texting his friends that I hardly know. Now with it, I can keep an eye on him without giving rise to unpleasant feelings.”

“I have to say that this tool is relatively a good choice among all of its competing applications. It offers awesome features and the customer service is also very great. But there is still room for improvement.”

“It helped me a lot for monitoring my 12-year-old son's iPhone. I can check his contacts, photos and videos easily, then I can always know what's happening on his phone..”

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