Ultimate Parental Monitoring Software

MoniMaster enables parents to monitor kid's iPhone/iPad or Android phone remotely to keep them safe online.

Support Android 4.0 - Android 11

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Want to Know Your Kids Better? Know Them Here!

Research from the children's charity found that nearly eight out of ten children aged from 11 to 17 are exposed to inappropriate content online. For the sake of children's safety, parents should no longer ignore the risk of potential dangers. MoniMaster allows parents to remotely access more than 20 types of data on children's iOS devices and Android phones to better guide their activities and keep them safe online.

Android iOS
  • android photos


  • android videos


  • android messages


  • android notes


  • android contacts


  • android call history

    Call History

  • android browser history

    Browser History

  • android calendar


  • android whatsapp


  • kik


  • line


  • viber


  • wechat


  • qq


  • keylogger


  • screenshots


  • wifi_logger

    Wi-Fi Logger

  • app_activities

    App Activities

We Make Parenthood Little Easier

Monitoring your kid's phone and knowing what they are doing online can protect them greatly. Here is even more information to help you understand the importance of parental monitoring and then you can recognize the significance of a reliable monitoring tool.

72% children worldwide use smartphones and 33% out of them are under the age of 8 years old.

69% of teenagers have already experienced cyber bullying (most of them had their own smart phones).

Report says that 23% of children are immensely addicted to several Smart phone-games irrespective of ages.

Satisfy All Your Cell Phone Monitoring Needs

MoniMaster provides all types of mobile phone monitoring solutions to compatible Android and iOS devices, and you don't have to root or jailbreak the target phone. All the monitored data can be exported to your local computer for further viewing.

Android Monitoring

The MoniMaster Android monitoring app can give you access to 30+ data types, such as all phone files (contacts, text messages, photos, videos, browser history and installed apps on the target device), social media files, accurate locations and you can even control the target phone remotely (including recording phone calls, controlling the camera and taking screenshots).

iPhone Monitoring

The iPhone monitoring tool can monitor over 20 file types, including all text messages, call histories, social app files, phone media files, Reminders, Calendars, Notes, Safari history and bookmarks.

iCloud Monitoring

Except for files from the iPhone, MoniMaster also offers a solution to monitor data on your loved one's iCloud. The data types include real-time locations, contacts, photos, videos, Calendars, Reminders, Notes and data in the iCloud drive.

Get Ready for the Upcoming Mobile WhatsApp and Computer Monitoring Tool

Notice: The WhatsApp monitoring for Android and Windows monitoring tool is coming soon! Leave your email and receive the early bird discount coupon after the products are launched!

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Monitoring Kid's Cell Phone? It's Never Been Easier!

We try our best to make monitoring much easier, and you can monitor someone's mobile phone with just 3 simple steps.

What Users Think About MoniMaster

You Have Every Reason to Trust on Us

  • Data Security

    Privacy & Data Security

    The data you are monitoring will never be hacked or stolen for any possible reasons.

  • Ulimited Apps


    This cell phone monitoring software will keep track of the child's online activities without being detected.

  • Data Privacy

    Real Time Data Syncing

    Sync updated data from the monitored Android/iOS device in real-time.

  • Trying for Free

    Competitive Price

    This monitoring app only costs $0.27-0.30 per day, which is more affordable than other parental control softwares.

  • Trying for Free

    Free Demo

    We provide a free demo for Android and iOS monitoring. Users can better evaluate the products before they purchase.

  • Fast Support

    Fast Customer Support

    24/5 Customer Service can help you resolve any problem you encounter with our products via email.

Don't Wait, Monitor Now!

Monitor Android Device

Start to monitor 30+ data types without Android phones and system versions limitation.

Monitor iOS Device

Monitor 20+ files on the target iPhone / iPad, and it's compatible with the latest iOS 14.

Monitor iCloud

Access all the files stored in the iCloud of the target iOS device, as well as iCloud Drive data.