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Technology Tricks For Parents: How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

If you want to find hidden apps on your child's hidden apps to keep them safe from online virtual world, read tips in this article here!

2018-12-14 14:24 Posted by Gary J. Fowler

How to Know If My WhatsApp is Monitored

Are you worrying that your WhatsApp is monitored?Here are the signs that your WhatsApp is being hacked and the ways people can hack your WhatsApp.

2018-12-13 19:11 Posted by Gary J. Fowler

How to Set Parental Controls on Windows 10

It is your responsibility to protect your child online on computer. Now you should probably sit down to learn how to set parental control on windows 10 in this article.

2018-12-13 16:00 Posted by Gary J. Fowler

8 Best Secure Ad Blocker Apps for iPhone You May Need Today!

With a variety of ad blocker apps available on the market, which one do you think is the best? Read this post to make a comparison and choose the best one for yourself.

2018-12-12 13:58 Posted by Gary J. Fowler

Best SMS Blocker for iPhone and Android Parents Should Be Knowing

Too many dangerous messages appeared on your child's cell phone? Hеrе аrе some оf the best SMS blocker аррs раrеntѕ can uѕе to block unwanted SMS and calls.

2018-12-12 09:34 Posted by Gary J. Fowler

How to Prevent Someone from Spying On My Cell Phone

Are you worrying that someone is spying on your cell phone? Get the ways to stop someone from spying on your Android and iPhone in this article.

2018-12-10 19:08 Posted by Gary J. Fowler

Kidslox Parental Control App: Is it Worth to Try or a Waste of Time and Money?

This extensive Kidslox review makes a comprehensive introduction of Kidslox Parental Control software, including the features, pros, cons, and its altenatives.

2018-12-07 17:54 Posted by Gary J. Fowler

Best Parenting Tips to Protect Children from Dangers of the Internet

This article teaches every parent how to keep the dangers of social media and the internet away from kids to better ensure the internet safety for teens.

2018-12-07 14:37 Posted by Zack Morris

8 Elесtrоniс Fаmilу Orgаnizеr Aррs That Every Parent Should Know

A practical family organizer app is required for parents to plan fаmilу's daily activities. This article gives a detailed introduction of 7 popular family organizer apps.

2018-12-07 11:52 Posted by Gary J. Fowler

5 Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best free parental control apps for android devices. And this article also lists the top features of each app for your reference.

2018-12-07 09:13 Posted by Gary J. Fowler