Step-by-Step Guide for MoniMaster WhatsApp Status Seen

How to Know Someone's Whatsapp Online Status?

Part 1. How to Track WhatsApp Online Status in Real-time

1 Create an Account & Purchase a Monitoring Plan

Sign up with your email and password and select a suitable WhatsApp Status Seen monitoring plan, available in 1-Week, 1-Month, and 3-Month options.

After purchasing, navigate to the Member Center > My Products. Find the plan you purchased and click "Start Monitoring" to proceed. You'll be directed to the Dashboard page.

2 Add the Target Contact's Phone Number

There are two ways to add contacts:

Way 1: Scan the QR Code

① Tap the "Add Contact" icon in the left menu to display a QR code.

whatsapp status seen scan qr code

② Open your WhatsApp, tap the three-dot icon (or Settings on iOS) > Linked devices > LINK A DEVICE. Scan the QR code.

scan qr code whatsapp

③ Once linked, all your WhatsApp contacts will appear. Click "Add" next to each contact to start tracking their online status.

add whatsapp contact

Way 2: Input the Target Contact's Phone Number

① Click the "Add Contacts" icon and select "Add with phone number" under the QR code.

whatsapp status seen add phone number

② Input the contact's phone number and click "Start Monitoring" to track their WhatsApp activity.

start monitor whatsapp

3 Track Their WhatsApp Online Status

Your monitored contacts will be listed. You can monitor their online and offline times, as well as track their WhatsApp activity effortlessly.

whatsapp online history

Part 2. How to Get Notification When Someone is Online/Offline on WhatsApp

Enable the "Online Notification" button located in the upper-right corner to receive email notifications when the target is online or offline on WhatsApp. Stay informed instantly about their status changes.

get notofication when someone is online on whatsapp

Part 3. Track Someone's WhatsApp Online Activity in Detail

1. View WhatsApp Online History

Click the "Online History" option below the contact's profile to access their complete WhatsApp online history. Discover their daily online and offline times effortlessly.

whatsapp online history

2. Access WhatsApp Online Analysis

Select the "Online Analysis" option below the contact's profile to generate comprehensive reports on their daily and weekly WhatsApp online activity.

online analytics

3. Check WhatsApp Online Time

Choose the "Online Time" option below the contact's profile to view detailed records of their daily WhatsApp online and offline times, including durations.

tarck online time