Step-by-Step Guide to Monitor Phones Without Knowing

  1. For Android
  2. For iOS
  3. For iCloud

What You Need before Monitoring Android Devices:

  • One-time One-time physical access to the target Android phone is required to install the app.
  • A valid A valid account that enables you to log into the monitoring panel on PC.
  • A user A user license that can activate all the features of Android monitoring.

Video Tutorial: How to Install MoniMaster Pro For Android

For Andorid

Video Tutorial: How to Install MoniMaster Pro for Android

monimaster for android guide
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1 Step 1. Create a Valid Account

Purchase a license to gain access to all features of this monitoring app. Then, you will be lead to "My Products" page for further process.

2 Step 2. Download the MoniMaster Pro app and Follow the Setup Guide

On "My Products" page, you can find the plan you purchased and then click on "Start Monitoring". Read the instructions carefully to learn how to download and install the application to set it up.

pro guide

Here are the simple steps you can follow:

2.1 Open with a browser on target device and download MoniMaster Android Monitoring app.

pro android step1

2.2 Tap the downloaded file from the browser downloading history or File Manager and initialize the app installation. After that, login to your account and enter the basic information of your target.

pro android step2

2.3 Disable Play Protect and Improve harmful app detection in Settings > Scan apps.

Then enable System Update Service in Settings > Installed services > Allow.

Next activate device administrator permission for System Update Service and allow all necessary app permissions in Settings > Apps > System Update Service > Permissions.

2.4 Please also remember to Ignore the Battery Optimization > Enable Background Running or Auto Startup > Lock the App from Task Manager to monitor the targeted phone without being detected.

3 Step 3. Verify Your Setup and Start Monitoring on the Dashboard

Once you have finished installing and configuring the app on the target phone, simply log into your MoniMaster account on our website. If everything has been set up correctly, you will be able to view the device name and relevant information. To check the phone's activities and data, just click on the Dashboard. Please keep in mind that if this is the first time syncing data from the phone to the dashboard, it may take a little while.

pro android demo

Why MoniMaster Pro Fails to Configure Android 13

To operate Android 13, you need to add some additional configuration, please take 2 minutes to complete the configuration and start monitoring.

1 Step 1. Setting -> Accessibility -> System Update Service (grey one) -> click on it -> popup prompt -> click OK.

android setting1

2 Step 2. Go to Setting -> apps -> System Update Service -> three dots in the top right corner.

android setting2

Following that, click on "Allow Restrict Settings" to access the "Verify it's you" section. Enter the lock screen password and click OK.

3 Step 3. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Downloaded apps, select the System Update Service pop-up window, and click on Allow.

android setting2