Step-by-Step Guide to Monitor Android Phones

What You Need before Monitoring Android Devices:

  • android phone 1. One-time physical access to the target Android phone is required to install the app.
  • monimaster account 2. A valid account that enables you to log into the monitoring panel on PC.
  • license 3. A user license that can activate all the features of Android monitoring.

Video Tutorial: How to Install MoniMaster for Android

how to install monimaster for android

Guide for Android Monitoring

1. Create a Valid Account

Click on "Sign Up"" button to sign up for a valid account using an authentic email address. Purchase a license to gain access to all features of this Android monitoring app. Then, you will be lead to "My Products" page for further process.

2. Follow the Setup Guide to Complete the Configuration

On "My Products" page, you can find the plan you purchased and then click on "Setup Guide". Read the instructions carefully to learn how to download and install the application to set it up.

Here are the main steps:

  • Download and install the app on the target device

  • Sign into your account and follow all the setup procedures

android setup

3. Verify Your Setup and Start Monitoring on the Dashboard

(1.) After completing the setup and installation on the target phone, don't forget to click on "Verify Setup" button at the bottom of guide page.

(2.) Then go to your dashboard to view the data of the target phone. If it's the first time to sync data from the phone to the dashboard, it will take some time to complete the data sync.

(3.) After that, you can click the panel on the left side of the dashboard to choose which data you want to check. To guarantee that you can always view the latest data of the target phone on the dashboard, make sure the target phone is always on or connected to stable WiFi.

monimaster android monitoring