How to Monitor Android Phones with MoniMaster

Learn how to monitor Android devices with MoniMaster step by step.

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What You Need before Monitoring Android Devices:

1.An Android phone that you have physical access to.
2.A MoniMaster account that enables you to log into the monitoring panel on PC.
3.MoniMaster Assistant that should be installed on the target phone.
4.A user license that can activate all the features of MoniMaster.

Guide for Android Monitoring (in General)

Guide for Android Monitoring (in detail)

1. Creat a MoniMaster Account

Click on Sign Up button to sign up for a MoniMaster account using an authentic email address. Then purchase a license to gain access to all features of MoniMaster for Android.

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2. Complete the Setup and Install MoniMaster Assistant

Before installing MoniMaster Assistant on the target phone, complete the following setups: go to Settings >> Security (or Fingerprint & Security or Lockscreen & Security) >> Unknown sources, and toggle it on if the option is off. And you tap on OK (or ALLOW) on the pop-up window that follows. This setup will ensure that the MoniMaster Assistant can be installed on the phone successfully.

Skip this setup procedure if your Android phone does not have Google Play Installed.

Go to Settings >> Google Services (or Google) >> Security >> Google Play Protect, and turn the "Scan device for security threats" option off if it's on.

Go to Settings >> Sound & Notification >> Apps >> Google Play Store, and set the "Block" option on if it's off.

After completing the setup, open the browser of the target phone, go to and download and install the MoniMaster Assistant app. Please be noted the download link has to be opened on the target phone to make sure you can install it directly. If you do not want your kids to know you are tracking them, remeber to delete the APK file after the installation is completed.

Tap on the MoniMaster icon on the home screen of the phone to launch the app, and sign in with the account you just created. Then grant the data access to the app. Please allow all requests to make sure MoniMaster Assistant can access the data of the phone successfully. After allowing all requests, tap on Start Monitoring, and you will see the MoniMaster icon on home screen has been hided.

3. Start monitoring

After completing the setup and installation on the target phone, go to your dashboard to view the data of the target phone. If it's the first time to sync data from the phone to the dashboard, it will take some time to complete the data sync. After that, you can click the panel on the left side of the dashboard to choose which data you want to check. To gurantee that you can always view the latest data of the target phone on the dashboard, make sure the target phone is always on or connected to stable WiFi.