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  • It really worked!
  • Easy to use!
  • Monitor everything without knowing.
  • Check the files remotely.
  • Very incredible.
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  • By Frankie 2023-04-08

    MoniMaster is the best parental control App for Android! Other than all the usual parental App highlights, it has a few upgraded GPS highlights. I can follow my kid from a distance and hold his developments under tight restraints utilizing a Geofence.

  • By Toby 2023-04-08

    It is straightforward to use the App. I like the schedule highlight, which allows me to control my little girl's screen time. Likewise, I utilized the calls highlight and obstructed only a few numbers from my girl's contact.

  • By Oakley 2023-04-08

    I like the App on account of figuring out the interface primarily and straightforwardly. I am yet to investigate the distinctive form. It exceptionally drew to the GPS apparatus. I cherished the App!

  • By Clover 2023-04-08

    It is the best monitoring app. You can choose which Apps are in various classifications, and stopping a whole class with one button is perfect—the wide range of various Apps you need to do each in turn.

  • By Blythe 2023-04-08

    I have been looking for a parental control app for a long lastly chose this one after some examination. The MoniMaster didn't dishearten me with a solitary piece; it has every one of the highlights one can anticipate. I can follow my youngster's area and monitor his exercises.

  • By Blakely 2023-04-08

    I've explored parts to find the best App to screen my children, and MoniMaster has the ideal choices to the extent that I'm mindful! I've decided to dispose of iPhones from our home since there is little control regardless of what App you client, yet with Android phones and this App, you can screen a ton.

  • By Addison 2023-04-08

    I love this App. I like that I can involve various settings for various phones since I have two girls that need an alternate degree of observing. At the cost, you get a ton of data. I can see who they text, and it permits me to peruse the texts, as well.

  • By Avery 2023-04-08

    Up to this point, I like it. I can see her messages and use them on the web. I need to hold on until she is on wifi before it downloads since she doesn't have information on her arrangement.

  • By Aspen 2023-04-08

    I utilize this to monitor a recuperating friend. I like it. It is very amazing app for monitoring

  • By TIMOTHY 2023-04-04

    It's such a simple to-utilize App, most loved highlight is the screen time restrictions and having the option to lock or open it as needs be.

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