How to Find Someone's Birthday On WhatsApp? [6 Ways]


By Gloria Robertson | Apr 23, 2024 05:49 pm

When you create an account on WhatsApp, WhatsApp does not ask for your birthday. Neither there is any official feature that lets you know about someone's Birthday in your contact list. So the question is how to know someone's birthday without asking on WhatsApp? keep reading this article to know how do you find out someone's birthday.

find someone birthday on whatsapp

How to Find Out Someone's Birthday on WhatsApp?

The following five approaches let you  how do you find out someone's birthday. You can try any of these methods and can send WhatsApp birthday wishes to him/ her. let's start with the first method.

1. Check WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp status is the best source to share your feelings, emotions, and activities with your contact. Every day we see birthday party pictures of our contacts on their WhatsApp status. So how to find someone's birthday on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Status.

  • Launch WhatsApp and tap on Status Updates.

  • Here you will see a list of status updates of your WhatsApp friends.

  • Scroll down and check if any of your friend have posted their Birthday Pictures.

  • Sometime people update gift images and Say Thank you to Mr A for the Birthday gift.

  • If you see it, Wish him/ her in the WhatsApp chat.

whatsapp birthday status

2. Ask Mutual Friends

In some cases either the target person doesn't post birthday status or have changed the privacy of their status. So in this case you can take the help of your mutual friend. If you share a mutual friend with the target person, Ask him/her about the target person's Birthday. You can also explain the situation , How to give a big surprise on the birthday.

Similarly, you can also ask colleagues, Classmates, Roommates or even ask from the HR department. Because every one to make someone's birthday special. And we are sure that this method will work.

3. Ask Them Directly

If you have a close relationship with someone, You can also ask him/ her directly. The willing person will not hesitate to tell their Birthdate. Just message him /her and ask for the birthday.

Normally we know the birthdates of our family members, so there is no issue while making their birthday special. However, if you have recently made a new friend. Then here is a trick for you.

When you meet the person for the first time i.e. on a first date. Politely ask for the birthdate and note it in your calendar or diary. Once the Birthday is near, Plan a big surprise for him/her.Believe me it will bring such a beautiful twist in your love life.

whatsapp birthday

4. Check Personal Profile

Some people mention birthdays on their WhatsApp About section. It is a hint used by people to get birthday surprises. How to find out someone's birthday on WhatsApp profile.

  • Launch WhatsApp and scroll down the contact list.

  • Go to the target person's profile and tap on it.

  • Check the About Section.

  • Check if he/she has posted any notes regarding their birthday.

This is a less common way to know someone's birthday, Therefore we recommend performing a parallel search. i.e. scroll on other profiles such as Instagram TikTok etc. You can get more info there.

5. Find the WhatsApp Chat History

How can I find out someone's birthday on WhatsApp if no info is available on Status? If you recently wished birthday to someone. And now you don't remember. It is also an embarrassing situation. We brought you another method. i.e. by searching WhatsApp chat.

  • Open the WhatsApp Chatbof the target person.

  • Search Birthday in The search field.

  • if you recently wished her a birthday, you will see the date.

  • Get birth date info and surprise her with a beautiful gift.

whatsapp chat history

6. Find Them on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best sources to get info about someone's Birthday. If the said person is added to you on Facebook, You have got an extra point. Because you can easily search for him or her on Facebook and get info about the birthdate.

  • Besides this Facebook has another worth mentioning feature.

  • Facebook sends you names of  friends having birthdays on the present day.

  • When you open it, you can also check, Who's Birthday is coming next.

If someone asks you, how to know someone's birthday without asking? Facebook is one of the best ways to know.

How to Know Someone's Birthday Without Asking?

If the above-mentioned methods to find Simone's Birthday don't fit your requirements. we have brought you another approach. It helps how you find out someone's birthday within seconds. i.e. By using MoniMaster. MoniMaster is a monitoring application that let you get info on someone's birthday using different tracking methods. You can use the following features of the MoniMaster for WhatsApp app for birthday tracking.

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Check WhatsApp Activities: MoniMaster monitors all types of WhatsApp activities of any target device. It helps you track WhatsApp birthday wishes in chats. If you want to know about someone's birthday on WhatsApp without asking. We recommend MoniMaster once.

Check WhatsApp Regular Messages: MoniMaster also monitors regular messages on any target device. So if someone sends birthday wishes on target devices using regular messages. Still, MoniMaster enables you to track it.

Access Calendar Events:  Most people use a calendar to plan their birthday party. If you don't know about your loved one's birth date. Try Monimaster to access the calendar events on the target device. And you will know all about birthday plans.

Remote Backup:  MoniMaster allows users to remotely back up WhatsApp data from their devices, providing an additional layer of security and ensuring important conversations are safeguarded.

Monitor Location: Where your loved one is planning to celebrate your birthday? If you want to know about the location, Install MoniMaster and know all about the WhatsApp location history. And you can surprise him/her without knowing and know how to look for someone in WhatsApp.


How to Use MoniMaster for WhatsApp?

How can I find out someone's birthday using MoniMaster? It requires three simple steps.

Step 1. The first step is to sign up on the MoniMaster website.

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Step 2. 2nd step is to download & Install the MoniMaster Application. how do find out someone's birthday on WhatsApp using MoniMaster? It requires one-time physical access to the phone. Sign in & Follow instructions to monitor birthday activities.

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Step 3. After verification, you can use any of the above features to find and know about someone's birthday.

monimaster whatsapp

Bonus: The 10 Best WhatsApp Birthday Wishes

If you are looking for the best WhatsApp birthday wishes, We have brought you the best Collection for you. Here are the best Birthday wishes for you.

May this special day be filled with lots of happiness, and sweet memories. Happy Birthday.

Accept Birthday wishes from the core of my heart.

Hope you enjoyed another amazing year of your life. Accept sincere Birthday wishes.

Wishing you the best and nicest birthday ever!

May this special day be full of all joy and happiness. Happy Birthday!

Accept a lot of love, hugs, and good wishes on your birthday.

On this Special day, I pray that all your dreams come true this year.

May this special day be filled with smiles and sweet moments.

Happy Birthday to the best person in the world.

Many Many Happy returns of the day, Happy Birthday!

FAQs about Find Someone's Birthday on WhatsApp


1. Does WhatsApp have a birthday feature?

WhatsApp doesn't offer a birthday feature. However, different techniques let you how to find someone's birthday on whatsapp. It includes checking WhatsApp status, Asking from a third person, or using Facebook.


2. How do I get a birthday GIF on WhatsApp?

To get a birthday GIF on WhatsApp first launch the WhatsApp. Now open single or group chat and use the search option to get your desired birthday GIF on WhatsApp. Tap on it and send it to the related person.


3. How do you find someone's birthday on Instagram?

To find someone's birthday on Instagram first open the Instagram App and open the Profile of the target person. You must be friends with the person you are searching for. Under the profile picture check whether the birth date is displayed or not.


In this article, we briefly discussed how to know someone's birthday without asking. WhatsApp does not have such a feature. Therefore we added other ways how do you find out someone's birthday. Using MoniMaster for WhatsApp is one of the best and easiest ways to know about someone's birth date.

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