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By Jeremy Barnett | Jun 22, 2023 11:47 am

Ever wondered who's been keeping an eye on your Instagram Stories? Or perhaps you've been curious about how to view someone else's Stories without leaving a trace? Well, you're not alone!

Instagram Story Viewer has become a hot topic among avid Instagram users. Whether you're seeking to satisfy your curiosity or hoping to leverage this feature for strategic purposes, our ultimate guide is here to unveil the mysteries and show you the ropes.

Part 1: Why Need an Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram Stories viewer  has gained immense popularity due to its unique capabilities, addressing the curiosity and strategic interests of Instagram users. Here's why you need an Instagram Story viewer and how it differs from the built-in Instagram app:

Enhanced Privacy: With an anonymous Instagram Story viewer, you can discreetly view someone's Stories without leaving any trace or appearing in their viewer list. This grants you a level of privacy and anonymity, allowing you to explore content without alerting the account owner.

Competitive Insights: Instagram Story viewers offer valuable insights into your competitors' Stories, enabling you to stay ahead of the game. By discreetly observing their content, engagement, and strategies, you can gain a competitive edge and fine-tune your own approach.

ins stories viewer

While the built-in Instagram app primarily focuses on sharing your own Stories and viewing content from those you follow, an Instagram Story viewer expands your capabilities by providing anonymous viewing, privacy, and a broader scope for strategic observation.

Part 2: 4 Best Instagram Stories Viewers

When it comes to Instagram Story viewers, there are several options available to fulfill your viewing needs. In this section, we'll explore some of the best Instagram Story viewers, starting with MoniMaster, a versatile parental control app that offers a range of advantages as an Instagram Stories viewer.

1. MoniMaster

MoniMaster stands out as an exceptional Instagram Story viewer, primarily known as a reliable parental control app. However, it also offers unique features that make it an excellent choice for discreetly browsing Instagram Stories. Here are the advantages of using MoniMaster as an Instagram Stories viewer:

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Anonymous Browsing:

 MoniMaster allows you to view Instagram Stories anonymously, ensuring that your presence remains undetected. You can explore the Stories of other users without leaving any trace or alerting them.

View Instagram Stories:

 With MoniMaster, you can effortlessly view Instagram Stories from any user's profile. This feature grants you access to their Instagram activity, even if you're not following them or if their account is set to private.

Read Instagram Chat:

 MoniMaster goes beyond just viewing Stories by allowing you to access Instagram chats as well. This feature provides a comprehensive insight into user interactions, conversations, and shared media.

android monitoring

Instagram Screenshot:

 MoniMaster provides the ability to capture screenshots of Instagram Stories discreetly. This feature allows you to save and review content privately for future reference.

Multi-Platform Support:

 MoniMaster isn't limited to Instagram; it supports other major social media platforms as well. This versatility allows you to manage multiple social media accounts within a single tool, streamlining your monitoring and browsing experience.

MoniMaster's unique combination of anonymous browsing, Instagram Story viewing, screenshot capabilities, chat access, and multi-platform support makes it an exceptional choice for those seeking an all-in-one Instagram Stories viewer with advanced features.

2. Insta Stalker:


  • Anonymous Viewing: Insta Stalker allows you to browse Instagram Stories anonymously, without leaving any traces or notifications when you screenshot a story for the account owner.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The user-friendly interface of Insta Stalker makes it simple to navigate and view Instagram Stories with ease.

  • No Account Needed: Insta Stalker does not require you to create an account, making it convenient for quick and discreet browsing.

insta stalker


  • Limited Features: Insta Stalker mainly focuses on anonymous Story viewing and lacks additional features such as chat access or screenshot capabilities.

  • Advertisements:The free version of Insta Stalker may contain advertisements, which can be distracting during the browsing experience.

2. StorySaver:


  • Download Stories: StorySaver is a Instagram story downloader which allows you to download Instagram Stories from other users to your device, enabling you to view them offline.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface of StorySaver makes it simple to navigate and save Stories with just a few taps.



  • Limited Anonymity: StorySaver does not provide anonymous viewing, meaning the account owner can see if you have viewed their Story.

  • No Screenshot Feature: StorySaver lacks the ability to capture screenshots of Instagram Stories for future reference.

  • Advertisements and In-App Purchases: The free version of StorySaver may include advertisements, and certain features may require in-app purchases.

3. StoriesIG:


  • Anonymous Viewing: StoriesIG enables you to view Instagram Stories anonymously, ensuring your presence remains undetected.

  • Download Instagram stories: You can download and share Instagram Stories directly from the app, allowing you to save and share interesting content with others.



  • Limited Features: StoriesIG primarily focuses on anonymous viewing and downloading, lacking additional features such as chat access or multi-platform support.

  • User Interface: The user interface of StoriesIG might not be as intuitive or visually appealing compared to other Instagram Stories viewers.

  • Compatibility: StoriesIG may not work optimally on all devices or platforms, limiting its accessibility.

While each Instagram Stories viewer mentioned above offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages, MoniMaster stands out as the best and most comprehensive option.

Part 3: Install and Use MoniMaster as an Instagram Stories Viewer

Here is how to view Instagram stories without them knowing using MoniMaster:

Step 1. Create an Account:

Visit the MoniMaster website and create a new account by providing the required details.

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Step 2. Follow the Setup Guide:

  • After creating an account, you'll be guided through the setup process.

  • Install the MoniMaster app on the target device that you want to monitor, ensuring you have proper consent and legal authorization.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to grant necessary permissions and configure the app settings.

click setup android

Step 3. Start Monitoring on The Dashboard:

  • Once the setup is complete, log in to your MoniMaster account on the website or app.

  • Access the dashboard and choose the "Social Apps" feature from the available options.

instagram monimaster new

From there, you will be able to discreetly view Instagram Stories of the target user without them knowing.

Part 4: How to Choose the Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

When choosing an anonymous Instagram Story viewer, consider the following aspects:

Anonymity Features: Ensure that the viewer provides robust anonymity features, allowing you to view Stories or view private Instagram without leaving any trace or alerting the account owner.

Additional Features: Look for extra features like chat access, screenshot capabilities, and multi-platform support, depending on your specific requirements.

User-Friendliness and Reliability: Opt for a viewer with a user-friendly interface, smooth performance, and reliable operation to enhance your browsing experience and ensure a seamless viewing process.

Part 5: FAQs about Instagram Stories Viewer


Q1: Can I watch someone's Instagram story without them knowing?

Yes, with MoniMaster's Instagram Stories Viewer feature, you can discreetly view someone's Instagram story without them knowing.


Q2: Can you see how many times someone viewed your Instagram story?

Yes, MoniMaster's Instagram Stories Viewer also reveal the number of times someone viewed your Instagram story.


Q3: How do you see who stalks your Instagram?

Instagram Stories Viewer does not provide the ability to see who specifically stalks your Instagram profile. It is designed for anonymous browsing, respecting privacy and maintaining discretion for both viewers and account owners.


In conclusion, MoniMaster emerges as the top recommendation for an Instagram Stories viewer. With its comprehensive features, including anonymous browsing, Instagram story viewing, screenshot capabilities, and multi-platform support, MoniMaster provides a reliable and user-friendly solution. Unlock the full potential of Instagram story viewing with MoniMaster.

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