2 Ways to See Someone's Instagram Activity 2020

By Gary J. Fowler | Aug 07, 2020 06:52 pm

Launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom, Instagram has gained popularity quite fast, trampling competitors such as Twitter and Snapchat along its way by introducing new features.

Today, Instagram is the go-to app for those who love to communicate through visual means primarily on their smartphones. What makes it more special is that one can get some decent impression or learn about a person on Instagram by simply going through their feeds. So, if you have no clue how to see a specific person's activity on Instagram, then you’re in the right place. Continue reading to learn two ways to check someone’s Instagram activity.

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How to See a Friend's Instagram Activity?

Whether you’re stalking your dear friend on Instagram or just wondering what posts they like, there are some ways to help you see your friend’s Instagram activity. What Instagram activities of your friend you can see include their Instagram posts, followers, who they are following when they are online and much more. So, how can see your friend’s Instagram activity? Below are the specific ways you can turn to.

By the way, the following ways in this part are applied to the situation where you want to check your friends' Instagram activities, if you want to check someone who isn't your friend, you can just turn to part 2 to learn how to see someone's Instagram activity without being friends.

1. See a Friend’s Posts on Instagram

You can see your friend’s posts on Instagram in two ways. Go to the home page, scroll down through the news feed, and check if your friend’s post shows up. Else, you can visit your friend’s profile, and you’ll see their most recent and oldest posts. Besides, you can tap on a particular post to check when it was shared.

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Note: If the Instagram profile you like to check is Private, then you have to first request to follow and then wait for that person to accept your request.

2. See a Friend’s Followers or Who Your Friend’s Following on Instagram

Step 1. Go to the profile of a friend whose followers or who he or she is following you want to find out.

Step 2. Tap on the “Followers” to check a list of users who are following your friend.

Step 3. Tap on “Following” to check a list of users your friend is following.

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Note: And again, others must accept your friend request if the Instagram profile you like to check is Private.

3. See When a Friend is Online on Instagram

In order to check when your friend was last online, you must first have conversations with that person on Instagram Direct Message.

Step 1. Navigate to your Instagram Direct Messages. Here, you’ll see a list of all the users you have talked to on Instagram.

Step 2. Tap on the username to check the time that the user was last online.

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Note: You can only see a friend’s last seen if you have turned on the “Show Activity Status” option in your Instagram account settings.

4. See a Friend Most Interactions on Instagram

Actually, Instagram has already removed a specific feature known as “seeing someone's most recent interactions" in 2019. And the reason for that may have been that Instagram witnessed that this feature as quite intrusive of someone’s privacy as you could check out each and every interaction a friend did on Instagram. So, this feature has been disabled and cannot be used. Or else, you could have seen accounts they have started to follow, posts they have liked and comments they have made.

Would you like to check more Instagram activities of someone? Then, we have good news for you. Thanks to the advanced technology, there is a perfect way that is beyond your imagination and that comes very handy to see someone’s all Instagram activities even without being friends.

How to See Someone's Instagram Activity Without Being Friends?

If the Instagram account is open, you can see their Instagram activities as we have shown above. As mentioned before also, if the account is set as Private, you need to send a request and if they don’t accept your request, there is no way to see their Instagram activities.

But, is it really that there is no way? Well, there is a very effective way to see someone’s all Instagram, activities without being friends and all thanks go to a spy app. Using a powerful spy app, you can check out someone’s all Instagram activities and which include all messages (chats, videos, voice messages, emoji, etc.) and all notifications (who follows who, who likes whose photos, who comments who, etc.) and much more.

The Best Spy App - MoniMaster

Among all the spy apps out there, MoniMaster is one that can help you do the job in the most hassle-free manner. Known as the most powerful cell phone monitoring app, it comes very handy to check someone’s social app activities including Instagram.

How to See Someone's Activity on Instagram Using MoniMaster?

Below is the quick guide to help you learn how to use MoniMaster to check someone’s all Instagram activities like a Pro:

Step 1. Create an Account

Navigate to the MoniMaster official site and click on the “Sign up Free” to create an account. You need to enter valid email id to complete the registration. After then, purchase a plan to have access to all the features of this spy app.

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Step 2. Complete the Setup Process

When you’re redirected to the “My Products” page, find your purchased plan and then click on the “Setup Guide” to commence the process. Install the app on the target device, login to your account, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

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Step 3. Begin Monitoring

Make sure to tap on “Verify Setup” when you’re done with setting up the app on the target device. Then, navigate to your MoniMaster dashboard. Here go to “Social Apps”>” Instagram” to check the target person’s all Instagram activities and that’s it.

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Key Advantages of MoniMaster

That’s it. MoniMaster is a powerful Safari viewer because it can do much more than you can expect. So, let’s have a quick overview of its key advantages:

  • Monitor someone’s Instagram without being friends with them if their accounts are set as Private.

  • “Seeing someone's most recent interactions" is still workable by using MoniMaster even though Instagram has removed the feature.

  • All the data of someone’s Instagram messages can be tracked, which includes chats, videos, voice messages, emoji, and even the deleted information.

  • Automatically capture screenshots of Instagram interface when the target person is using Instagram, which ensures you monitor Instagram data as much as possible.

  • No need to access the target person’s Instagram account and password for monitoring, which means the whole monitoring process is secret and undetectable.

  • Monitor more than Instagram data, since MoniMaster is not just an Instagram monitoring spy app, it’s an all-round spy app to help you track someone’s phone, including calls, text messages, social apps, locations, media files and other features more than you think.

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So, can you see someone's activity on Instagram? With the powerful spy app like MoniMaster, you can definitely see someone’s all Instagram activities not just their followers or who they are following. On top of all, MoniMaster is more than just an Instagram tracker. With its assistance, you can monitor someone’s all the phone activities. Take advantage of its free demo and know yourself what else this spy app can do for you.