What Is Anime? How to Protect Kids When Watching It?


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Is anime a cartoon?


Most people ask this question. So the answer is, that anime is a specific type of cartoon that is based on Japanese animation. Anime was first time introduced in japan, it has limited animation & depicting movement styles. We are discussing what is anime further in detail.

What is Anime?

Anime is a type of cartoon inspired by Japanese animation technology. Due to its specific structure, it is easily recognized. Using technical animation tricks, it gives you a specific emotional feel. The common structure of anime consists of wild hair, large and big eyes, Long arms & limbs. We are sharing five different anime Series.


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Full metal Alchemist

This anime series is based on the manga series. This is the story of two brothers who got serious injuries to revive their deceased mother using alchemy.

full metal alchemist

Attack on Titan

This is one of the best and kid's all-time favorite anime series. The series story is based on a paradise island. Where the inhabitants are trying to protect themselves from the titans.

Samurai Champloo

This anime series is based on a chance encounter, where Fuu kssami rescues two swordsmen in a tea house. The Two swordsmen i.e. Mugen and Jin killed the son of a magistrate in a battle.

samurai champloo

Steins Gate

The next anime series that we would like to recommend for watching is Steins; Gate. It is among the top 10 anime series.


In this anime series story, Naruto Uzumaki wants to become a Ninja master. This is another worth-watching anime series.


Why Anime is So Popular?

Before we move further let's define anime. Anime is a japani word Ahh-Nee-May stands for animation.

  • Anime is popular among all ages of people specifically kids.
  • It gives you a complete storyline.
  • Besides this anime comes in different themes ranging from light-hearted to mature ones.
  • Anime is a source of entertainment and comfort for all ages of people.

Where Can We Watch Anime?

A lot of people face problems while searching for a perfect platform for anime watching. Today we have brought you a list of ways where you can watch anime.

Netflix: One of the best sources to find and watch Anime is Netflix. According to an official statement released by Netflix more than one Million user search for anime on Netflix. This ratio is increasing day by day. Anime is also available for watching on Amazon and Hulu.

Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is a dedicated platform for watching anime.

TV Channels: Full-length Anime movies are released on different TV channels.

Social media: Anime can be found on different social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Tumbler, and Tiktok. You can also put parental controls on YouTube.

Other Internet Platforms: Besides the above mentions platforms anime is available on other platforms. Such as Torrent sites, fanfiction sites, etc.

Is Anime Safe?

Everything has positive and negative aspects. But when it comes to anime, although it's a source of entertainment for all ages of people. But we have to keep its effects on kids. As kids are more prone to these things.

what is anime

Not all anime is bad but most of them are harmful to kids. Because it consists of pornographic content.

Similarly, we know that kids always do things that they see. Some anime promotes violence and illicit material. Which cause a great impact on kids' health and behavior. So when it comes to safety, most of the anime is not safe for kids.

How to Keep Kids Safe Online?

1. Use Parental Control Apps.

If your kid has an addiction to watching anime, then it's time to keep an eye on your child. A lot of safety concerns are related to anime watching. So how to keep your kids safe during online activities? Here is the best app to ensure your kid's online safety.

MoniMaster for iOS is a parental control app that let you keep an eye on your kids while watching anime online. Some common features are listed below.

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Monitor Online activities:

 Monimaster lets parents track the online activities of their kids. The parent can check the browsing history, and download history of the target device. If they find anything objectionable, they can guide them.

Apps Tracking:

MoniMaster monitors all types of applications installed on kids' devices. It includes all types of social media apps including YouTube and Facebook.

Video files:

 If your kid has any type of audio or video file saved in an iPhone device. MoniMaster gives you access to these files.


Text Messages Monitoring:

 Get access to all types of text messages using MoniMaster. Whether it is normal text messages or messages sent via social media apps such as WhatsApp, Line, or messenger.

Call Logs:

 Monimaster gives access to all types of call logs. On the target device parent can check dialed, received, and Missed call logs.

How to Use MoniMaster for iOS to protect kids?

To ensure the online safety of your kids using MoniMaster for iOS just follow the steps mentioned below. Please note that the steps are the same for android and iOS phones.

Step 1. Purchase Your Favorite Plan:

Click the "Buy Now" button to pursue a legitimate record utilizing a valid email address. Buy a permit to get close to all elements of this Android observing application.

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Step 2. Install the App:

The next step is to Download & Install the MoniMaster for iOS app on your computer. For this step just go through My Product Page and see the Setup guide to avoid any inconvenience.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Monitor the Phone:

Once the setup is complete, the next step is to verify the setup process.  In the Setup guide page, click on Verify Set Up and start monitoring your kids.

monimaster ios dashboard

2. Limit Screen Usage of Phone.

Another way to keep your kids safe during online activity is to check the screen time of Phone and limit it. If you don't know how to limit the screen. We are here to help you.

  • Go to the Settings Option of Your iPhone.
  • Now click on the screen time.
  • Tap and turn on Down Time.
  • You can also add screen time for different apps.
  • Click on App limits and Add limits.
  • You can select add different categories of screen time to different apps.

3. Talk to Your Child about Online Safety

Another way to protect your kids online is to brief them on Online safety.  Teach your kids what is appropriate and in appropriated behavior on the internet. Brief them on not to share any info with unknown people on the internet. Talking and guiding your kids on online safety is the best option.

FAQs about Anime

What is the No 1 anime in the world?

Based on different websites and user reviews we have come up with a decision to categorize the world No 1 anime. And it is a Full Metal alchemist. It is the story of two brothers who lost their mother due to an incurable disease.

Is anime ok for 12-year-olds?

Not all anime is bad. And there is a wide range of anime that are designed for kids. However, most anime uses loose language, violence, and pornographic material. So we recommend avoiding watching anime for 12 years, old kids.

What is the most watched anime?

There is a wide range of anime series. But Full metal alchemist is one of the most-watched anime series. More than 80 million volumes are sold worldwide. And hence it is the most watched anime on different sources such as YouTube, Netflix, etc.


Children love anime series more than anything else. If your kid has also an anime addiction, then we have brought this article for you. This is a complete guide to what is anime. After reading this after you will be able to know about anime meaning. Protect your kids online with MoniMaster for iOS.

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