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MoniMaster is the world's most advanced parental control app for you to keep an eye on your children's Android phones to better guide their online activities.

MoniMaster now supports Android 9.0 Pie!

How We Help Parents Ensure a Child-Safety Digital Environment


Protect Your Children from Cyber Threats

MoniMaster’s smart monitoring features keep your children away from inappropriate contents, cyber bullying, screen addiction and cyber predators as well as other serious online issues.


Limit Access Time to Restrain Screen Addiction

MoniMaster lets you give your child a healthy lifestyle by providing the features of viewing the app screen time. You can set the time on how long your child can spend with each app after checking your child’s screen time.


Keep them away from Depressive Contents

You can monitor all the online activities of your child with the help of MoniMaster, then filter out all the depressive contents that may harm the mental stability of them now. MoniMaster is a great interactive tool that makes you provide a healthy mental environment for your child.

View Almost Everything on Your Kids' Android Devices!

If your teenage boys or girls have an Android phone and you have no control of it, they may be seeing inappropriate content online or associate with someone dangerous. MoniMaster enables parents to monitor almost all the data on your kids' cell phones, including messages, keylogger, Wi-Fi logger, photos, videos, contacts, call history, notes, browser history, WhatsApp/Kik/LINE/Viber/WeChat chat history, screenshots, app activities and calendar. So that you can know whom they are in contact with to guide them and make sure they are safe online.


Know What Your Kids Are Up to with MoniMaster!

Except for monitoring app data, MoniMaster also helps parents track location and view frequent contacts on kids' Android phones.


Know the exact address and the location history of kids to make sure they stay safe.

Frequent Contacts

Know your kids' frequent contacts by checking their phone loggers and text messages.

App Activities

Check apps kids use frequently to prevent social media addiction in advance.


Read the keystrokes on your kids' devices to know what they are searching and saying online.

Capture Screenshots

Monitor kids' devices in real time by tracking their screenshots.

Wi-Fi Logger

Know whose home your kids have been by tracking the Wi-Fi logger of your kids' devices.

Monitoring Kid's Android Phone in Three Simple Steps!

MoniMaster is an user-friendly app that needs no prior technical or computer knowledge. You can follow the simple steps to monitor your kid’s Android phone.

Step 1: Sign Up

Use your email address to create a MoniMaster account.


Step 2: Prepare Devices

Complete the setup procedure, install the app and sign into the account.

Step 3: Start Monitoring

Go to the monitoring panel on your browser to start monitoring the target devices.



Trusted by Industry Leaders and Millions of Families

‘MoniMaster Parental Control and family locator’ tool is designed for busy parents to make them handle their parenthood in much easier way. Our MoniMaster app is now approved by industry leader , including alternativeTo, APPLEFANS, DIGIATO,, etc.

No matter where you are right now, how far you are from your child and which devices your child and you have – as long as MoniMaster is avalible, your child is always with you.

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Pricing Plans

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$29.95 billed for 1 month

$59.95 billed for 3 months

$99.95 billed for 1 year

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/ Month

$49.95 billed for 1 month

$99.95 billed for 3 months

$199.95 billed for 1 year

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