Kik Sexting: How to Make Sure Your Child is Safe on Kik?


By Jeremy Barnett | Nov 27, 2023 02:41 pm

Kik is an instant messaging application commonly used by teenagers. The main reason behind its popularity is anonymity.  The app can be registered with fake information and does not verify your credentials. Therefore, kik sexting is more famous as compared to other dating/messaging apps.

After reading this article you will have enough info about sexing on kik. And you will be able to refrain your kids from such apps.

What is Kik Sexting?

We already discussed that Kik is an instant messaging platform. No one knows your name, or phone number except the username you have created. Children and especially teens use it for sex chats. That is why it is also referred to as kik sexting.

kids using kik app

So if you don't want to disclose your identity, Kik is the best option. However, there are many risks associated with Kik Sexting.

  • A kid using Kik can be exposed to pedophiles and child predators. They can leak their photos and harass them.

  • It is a source of cyberbullying.

  • Child sexing on Kik can let them browse more inappropriate content. As a result, it affects his mind and he/she can react or behave strangely.

We are also sharing why teens are more interested in kik sext and how to protect them.

Why Kids Choose Sexing on Kik?

If we look's check out some features.

Live Face-to-Face Video Chatting

One of the best features that make Kik stand out from other messaging apps is the live Face to Face video calling feature. Two people, who don't know each other can chat with each other. Besides this, the platform also offers a group chat option while ensuring your anonymity.

Video Messaging with Filters and Effects

Kik messaging app also offers you the facility of one-to-one as well as group video chat. While chatting a user can apply different filters and effects to write a message with the naked Snapchat before you send it. Is this an ideal app for all of your dirty talk or not?

kik sexting

In-Chat Browser for Content Sharing

The kik platform offers you the facility of an In-Chat Browser for Content Sharing, where a user can share their favorite kik pics, YouTube videos, artistic skills with risqué sketches, and much more content.

Freeware Instant Messaging

Kik is a completely free instant messaging platform. It allows you to connect with people around the world for free. Similarly, you can download your kik pics and videos for free.

How to Set Up Parental Controls and Monitor Child's Online Activities?

The app is being used for harassing children as well as for cyberbullying. According to a BBC 2018 report, the Kik app was featured in more than 1000 cases of child sex abuse.

To monitor the online activities and protect the online behavior of your kids it is recommended to set up a parental control application such MoniMaster  on your kid's phone. It will not only inform you about the kik sexting but other activities of your kids. Some other features are listed below.

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Location: The MoniMaster app shares real-time location with parents, which makes it possible for parents to know about their kid's location. Also, the location history lets parent where their kids often visit.

Access to Apps Installed: If your kid has installed a kik app or any other dating app on the phone. MoniMaster let you know about him. The app gives you complete access to all types of social messaging apps installed on target Android and iOS devices.

Chat history: No matter whether the target phone is Android or iOS. MoniMaster gives you a complete chat history of different instant messaging apps such as kik sexting history.

android monitoring

Media Storage: Get access to all types of stored kik pics and videos on target devices using MoniMaster. Just install this parental control app and you are ready to monitor your kid remotely.

Call logs: The MoniMaster app lets you track all types of calls i.e. dialed, received, and missed for target Android and iOS devices.

How to Use MoniMaster?

MoniMaster can be used in three simple and easy steps.

Step 1. Create Account

Connect the target device to your MoniMaster account. This may involve entering the device's information and ensuring proper synchronization between the software and the monitored device.

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Step 2. Configuration Setup:

To learn about sexing on Kik, the next step is to download the MoniMaster application & run the setup process. For tracking your kid's kik activities using MoniMaster you will need one-time physical access to his/her Android or iOS phone.

click setup android

Step 3. Verification & Monitoring Your kid's kik activities:

Verification is the last step. Once the verification process is completed, you will be redirected to the online dashboard. Now you can see your kid's kik activities such as sexing on kik or kik sext.

monimaster android demo

FAQs about Sexing on Kik


Is Kik a hook up app?

Kik is an instant messaging app. However, most teens use it to create intimacy and create romantic relations with other users. So we can also call it "Yes". Kik is a hookup app.


What does Kik stand for on dating sites ?

KIK is not an acronym and It doesn't mean anything in particular. However, on dating sites, it is a term used for. When someone wants to say that they want to connect you privately.


Does Kik show your phone number?

No. Kik does not show your phone Number. It only shows the user name. If someone has created his /her user name as like phone number. Then it will show it. Other people can only see your display name, username, and profile picture.


This article explains kik sexting in detail. We studied the different features of this messaging app. We also discussed why this app is popular among teens. Most people use this platform to create intimacy. We also discussed different risks associated with free kik sexting. If you suspect your kid sexing on kik, use MoniMaster  to keep an eye on them.

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