How Can You Tell If Someone Read Your Text?


By Jeremy Barnett | Mar 21, 2024 01:50 pm

On an iPhone, read receipts are the best way to know if somebody read a message you sent from Messages, the default messaging application for iOS. Assuming that you and your beneficiary both utilize the Apple iMessage administration and enacted read receipts, you'll see the word Read under your last message to the beneficiary, alongside the time.

Here we'll tell you how to see if someone read your text on Android or iOS.

How to Tell If Someone Read Your Text on Android

Turn on Reading Receipts on Android

A blue circle with a check implies that your message has been sent. A filled-in blue circle with a statement means that your message has been conveyed. A short form of your companion or contact's photograph will spring up underneath the news when they've understood it.

Requirement: The sender must have the same app to read text messages.


Step 1. On your gadget, open Messages.

Step 2. Tap More Settings.

Step 3. Tap Chat highlights.

tap chat highlight

Step 4. Tap Send read receipts.

How to See If Someone Read Your Text iPhone

We can see if someone read our text on iPhone through several methods, and some of them are the following:

Turn on Reading Receipts on iPhone

It is effortless to turn on reading receipts on iPhone. It is the best way to know if somebody read a message you sent from messages.

Requirement: Check receipts work just when both you and your beneficiary empower iMessage from the Messages settings. Peruse receipts don't work assuming you use SMS informing or, on the other hand, on the off chance that your beneficiary doesn't utilize an iOS gadget.


Step 1. Open Settings.

Step 2. Tap Messages (the green symbol with a white message bubble).

turn on reading receipts on iphone

Step 3. Turn on Send Read Receipts.

send read receipts

Step 4. Others are told when you read their messages. Assuming your beneficiary is additionally empowered to read receipts, you'll see Read underneath your message alongside the time it was perused.

How to Change Read Receipts for a Single Contact?

We can enable or disable read receipts in the setting app on the option Message, then send a read receipt. We also can enable or disable it individually.


Step 1. Open Messages and tap the message discussion with the contact.

read receipts for a single contact

Step 2. Tap the contact card at the highest point of the debate.

Step 3. Switch Send Read Receipts either on or off.

read receipts for a single contact

Step 4. Tap Done.

Presently you know how to Read Receipts work and how to empower them. However long individuals you message has this element empowered, you'll have the option to check whether and when they've perused your message.

How to Know If a Text Has Been Read on WhatsApp

WhatsApp's essential mark of approval framework makes it simple to tell when a message has been sent, got, and read. You can also read WhatsApp messages without opening. To see a WhatsApp message understood status, you'll have to start a discussion from the Chats tab.

Turn on Reading Receipts on WhatsApp

Dissimilar to its parent organization Facebook, you can quit reading receipts on WhatsApp. How do you know when somebody sees your message utilizing WhatsApp?

Requirement: Turn on or off the receipts option is a must.


Step 1. A solitary dark mark demonstrates an effectively sent message.


Step 2. A second dim mark of approval shows your message was conveyed to the beneficiary's phone.

Step 3. The two effects of support will become blue if the beneficiary has seen your message.

Step 4. To switch off this element, click Settings and tap Account. Pick the Privacy choice and debilitate Read Receipts.

Step 5. When you have your perused receipts empowered on all your applications, you will never need to puzzle over or stress over whether a beneficiary has seen your message.

See If Text was Read on Samsung

We can see if the text was read on Samsung through the following best methods.

Share Read Status on Samsung

Open the Messages application on your Samsung Galaxy phone. It's the light blue-green symbol with a white diagram of a visit bubble. IF you're utilizing a Samsung Galaxy Note10, S10, or later, and your versatile supplier upholds RCS, you can see when another Android client has perused your texts.

Requirement: To use this feature, you must have a Samsung phone.

Step 1. It's the three vertical dabs at the upper-right corner of your messaging application.

share read status on samsung

Step 2. Tap Settings on the menu. This shows your informing settings.

tap settings on the menu

Step 3. Tap Chat Settings. This is where you'll find your high-level messaging highlights, including the choice to empower read receipts.

Step 4. This is the choice that tells you when the message is opened by the beneficiary (as well as the other way around).

Step 5. If you have any desire to have the option to see when the other individual is composing (as well as the other way around), you can likewise flip on "Show composing markers."

Step 6. End an instant message while associated with the web. Whenever your companion peruses your message, you'll see "Read" and a period stamp underneath it. Your companion will see something comparative when you've perused their message.

How Can I Tell If Someone Read My Text on Facebook

Check Status on Facebook

Peruse receipts are empowered as a matter of course in Facebook Messenger. Assuming that you wish to switch them off eventually, sorry, Charlie. You can't. A tricky workaround permits you to peruse messages without delivering a read receipt.

Requirement: User having a Facebook account is compulsory.

Step 1. Switch off your Wi-Fi and a cell association to read every message.

check status on facebook

Step 2. Open the application, then, at that point, turn on Airplane mode.

Step 3. When you wrap up perusing your notes, force quit the Messenger application.

How to View Messages without Knowing-MoniMaster Pro for Android

It is straightforward to view messages without knowing through MoniMaster, which is an Android and iPhone monitoring app that allows you to view statements of your kind and family members on your phone. Next we introduce Monimaster for Android in detail including its features and installation steps.

If your target one is an iOS user. You can click the "View Demo" button to know more features about iOS Monitoring.

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Features of MoniMaster Pro for Android:

This Android observing application empowers you to see practically every one of the information on your children's PDAs without establishing the objective gadget. The internet-based information seeing dashboard can guarantee you a 100 percent personal observation.

Screen Social Apps:

If you want to see the social app's data, use MoniMaster. Applications access will be in control, and you can see every chat with the help of MoniMaster. For example, read WhatsApp messages without opening.

View Phone Files:

You can view files with the help of MoniMaster. All the data is available on your phone screen.

Know who they are messaging:

You can screen every one of the web-based entertainment application exercises of your youngster with the assistance of Android telephone observing programming, including shared photographs, emoticons, and stickers. You are kept informed.

Make a move ahead of time:

Check all the photographs/recordings saved in the exhibition, and read all the messages on your kid's Android telephone. Then, make a move ahead of time, assuming that there are a few surprising messages.

How to View Messages Without Knowing by MoniMaster Pro for Android?

We have to follow simple steps to use MoniMaster.

Step 1. Make a Valid Account.

Click on the "Sign Up" button to pursue a legitimate record utilizing a credible email address. Next, buy a permit to get to all highlights of this Android observing application. Then, at that point, you will be directed to the My Products page for an additional cycle.

Sign Up FreeView Pricing

Step 2. Follow the Setup Guide to Complete the Configuration.

On the My Products page, you can observe the arrangement you bought, and afterward, click on "Arrangement Guide". Peruse the guidelines cautiously to figure out how to download and introduce the application to set it up.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Check Your Setup and Start Monitoring on the Dashboard.

After finishing the arrangement and establishment on the objective telephone, remember to tap on the Confirm Setup button at the lower part of the aide page. Then go to your dashboard to see the information of the objective telephone. If it's the initial time adjusting information from the phone to the dashboard, it will require an investment to finish the information sync.

hack whatsapp without verification using Monitoring

After that, you can tap the board on the passing side of the dashboard to pick which information you need to check. To ensure that you can constantly see the most recent report of the objective telephone on the dashboard, provide the accurate phone that is generally on or associated with stable WiFi.

FAQs about See If Text Was Read

1. How can you tell if someone has read your text without reading receipts?

The most straightforward method is to communicate something specific, hang tight for an answer, and see if you get a 'Seen' notice to check if one of your companions has switched perused receipts off.

2. Do texts say delivered if blocked?

In any case, the individual you've been obstructed by won't ever get that message. Note that you don't get a 'Conveyed' notice like you usually would, yet this isn't verification that you've been obstructed. They could not have any sign or a functioning web association when you sent the message.

3. What happens when you text a number that has blocked you?

Obstructed instant messages vanish at the point when somebody that you've blocked texts you; their readers go no place. They will not get any notice that they're obstructed, and their messages will, in any case, appear as though they've been sent. Be that as it may, you will not get any of them, and you can't answer.

4. Why are some of my text green and some blue?

Blue ones have been sent or gotten utilizing Apple's iMessage innovation, while green ones are "conventional" instant messages traded through Short Messaging Service or SMS.


Text messaging innovation has made some fantastic progress throughout recent many years. Message informing is the moment; it takes care of our need to send and get data rapidly. MoniMaster allows us to see who sees our text messages. You can also use MoniMaster as a monitoring app for your kind or anyone. It gives unique and best results.

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