Best 5 Android Apps to Record Phone Calls Secretly

By Gary J. Fowler | Mar 06, 2020 02:12 pm

Are you bothered by the time that your spouse spends a lot of time chatting on the phone? It can by suspicious as cheating is so common nowadays. Or perhaps you are worried about who your children are talking to and they won't open up to you. If you are one of them, and want to find an Android app to record calls secretly, then I will introduce you 5 best call recording apps to make your life stress free. I will even tell you how to hide the secret recording app on Android phone. Check it out!

Part 1: The Quick Overview of the Best 5 Hidden Call Recorder for Android

Learning about the workable hidden call recorder for Android wasn't easy. I have tested many of them, and here is the overall star ratings of these 5 apps, and MoniMaster is editor's choice. Then I will give each app a detailed description, pros and cons to make sure that you don't waste your time.

MoniMaster Flexispy TheOneSpy Xnspy iKeyMonitor
Ratings 5 4.8 4.7 4.6 4.5

1. MoniMaster

Price: $ 8.32/month for a yearly plan.

MoniMaster is my favourite Android app to record phone calls secretly in the list and no other app can compete to it. To begin with, MoniMaster is available for any Android devices, even running latest Android 10. It will automatically start recording during outgoing and incoming calls in real-time. The golden part is that the user never finds out you are monitoring them. This is because this app works in stealth mode and the app icon vanishes from home screen once installed. Further, it only takes less than 3 minutes to install within a few clicks and it drains no battery at all. After that, their phones behave exactly like it would normally. MoniMaster has so many features that spy on a lot of things on the target phone.


  • You can remotely listen in or download outgoing and incoming call conversation in a web-based panel.

  • The call recordings won't be stored in the target phone, so there is no chance for the user to find out.

  • You can get high-quality and encrypted audio recordings with contact names, phone numbers, duration, time and date.

  • You can search any call history by the keywords of name.

  • It can track your target's activities on SMS and instant messaging apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, LINE and more.

  • This app does not need rooting and has an inuitive user interface.


  • It doesn't offer a free trial version.

  • One license can only monitor one device at a time.

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monimaster record calls

2. Flexispy

Price: $349 for a yearly plan.

Flexispy is another hidden voice recorder app that gives the closet competition to MoniMaster. This app also works in stealth mode. It is able to choose the different kinds of calls you want to record (e.g. numbers in address book, not in address book, numbers you specify yourself etc.) You can be connected into the call as if you were a third party. But keep in mind that for this function to work, the target device needs to be capable of three-way calling.


  • You can record only the calls you're interested in.

  • It can record VoIP calls like Skype, WhatsApp.

  • You can simply download the recordings from your online account to your PC and listen to it offline.

  • It has live demo available.

  • It also works in a stealthy mode.


  • It is very expensive compared to other apps.

  • Rooting is required.

flexispy dashboard

3. TheOneSpy

Price: $150 for a yearly plan.

TheOneSpy is an Android secret recording app aimed at recording live calls no matter what calls are incoming or outgoing. You will come to know to whom calls have been made alongside the contact information. Furthermore, it runs in the background without being detected by the target user. You can easily listen to the calls anytime.


  • Get complete information of the caller and receiver.

  • You can remotely block incoming calls on target mobile phone.

  • Spy on call history and save the recordings to the web portal.

  • Just like previous apps, it is stealthy.


  • Data is not 100% secure because rooting is needed.

  • The installation is complicated for novice user.

  • It doesn't have any refund policy.

theonespy dashboard

4. Xnspy

Price: $149.99 for a yearly plan.

Xnspy is a hidden voice recorder app for Android and iOS devices. It can be used to automatically record all the phone calls made and received. You don't need to manually send a command to record phone call. Then you can listen to the recordings in your online account as many times as you want. It's invisible too and it can track so many data types to help you monitor each activitiy of the phone.


  • There is no limit on the duration of the recording, you can even record hours-long calls.

  • Time and date stamps of the recorded calls are available.

  • It has user friendly online dashboard.

  • You can choose different editions for different needs.


  • Call recording is not available for latest Android 10.

  • It needs rooting to have access to its advanced featurs.

  • No free trials available.

xnspy call record


Price: $349.92 for a yearly plan.

iKeyMonitor is a secret call recorder app available on the market. It records incoming and outgoing calls made on Android devices remotely in a discreet mode. More details like date and time stamp of each call will display on your online panel. It functions in a sililar manner to other hidden voice recorder apps. Install the app on the target phone and you are good to spy on it.


  • It will allow you to use the free trial version first.

  • It doesn't require you to root the target device.

  • It can monitor multiple devices at a time.


  • Sometimes there is no sound in the voice recordings.

  • Doesn't have good customer service & support.

  • The price is not affordable.

ikeymonitor dashboard

Part 2: MoniMaster - The Best Android App to Record Phone Calls Secretly

If I were really being honest with you, the winner for the best hidden call recorder for Android should go to MoniMaster. It's guaranteed 100% undetectable and it allows you to remotely listen in each outgoing and incoming call conversation from your dashboard. The best part is that there is no tech knowledge needed to use it. I don't think you will find anything better than MoniMaster anywhere.The word does not say anymore, just follow 3 simple steps and get your phone call recordings secretly within 5 minutes.

Step 1:  Sign up for an account and get a subscription plan for the target Android phone.

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Step 2: Then go get target Android phone and visit to install the app on it. After that sign into your account and enable the necessary permissions according to the on-screen wizard.

sign into monimaster

Step 3:  Once the setup is complete, the app icon will vanish from home screen and rename in the settings. You will be taken to the MoniMaster dashboard. Give the system a few minutes to sync the data for the first time. Then, you can click "Record Calls" to check all the recordings there.

monimaster android dashboard

Closing Word

Now that you have learned about the best secret recording app on the internet - MoniMaster, we are sure you have made your pick already. Once you are ready, why not try it out today? It is better late than never.