The Complete Guide to Finding Someone's YouTube IP Address


By Gloria Robertson | Apr 11, 2024 10:38 am

YouTube has long been a magnet for curiosity about trace IP address; whether as a content creator, online investigator, or simply curious user, understanding how to find YouTube IP address is invaluable knowledge, and here we explore all its complexities relating to trace YouTube IP address, debunking many myths associated with doing it as well as offering solutions and techniques.

This article aims to clarify these mysteries by delving further into trace YouTube IP, providing insights into the methods and tools involved.

Understanding IP Address

Before diving in and searching YouTube IP address, it's crucial to gain an understanding of their meaning within the digital environment.

IP addresses provide unique identifiers to devices connected to the internet and facilitate data packet transmission and communication between devices - something which benefits all those involved with these addresses.

An invaluable skill is knowing how to extract YouTube IP address, which is invaluable when troubleshooting network issues or researching online activity. However, when applying this knowledge ethically and responsibly, user privacy and security on the platform should be respected.

How to Find Someone's YouTube IP Address?

Method #1. Use MoniMaster to Find Someone's YouTube IP Address

MoniMaster is a monitoring tool with numerous features designed to assist users with tracking and observing various activities on phones. Although initially intended as parental control and monitoring software, its versatile nature also enables it to be used for other uses - including YouTube IP address monitoring. Let's explore how to find someone on YouTube to use MoniMaster to accomplish this task.

Key Features of MoniMaster

YouTube Activity Monitoring

MoniMaster allows you to monitor the YouTube activities of the target device, including YouTube IP, videos viewed, search history, and comments posted.

Trace IP Address

This tool's outstanding feature is its ability to trace IP address associated with YouTube interactions, making it an indispensable asset for anyone seeking to identify those responsible for certain accounts on this video streaming platform.


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Geolocation Tracking

MoniMaster provides real-time GPS tracking functionality that enables users to precisely pinpoint a device's physical position; making this feature invaluable when combined with IP address data.

Social Media Monitoring

Users of this application are also able to monitor social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to gain a comprehensive view of any actions people take online.

Stealth Mode

MoniMaster acts invisibly, gathering data without raising user awareness and protecting its confidentiality.

How to Use MoniMaster to Find Someone's IP Address on YouTube

Step 1. Install and Set Up MoniMaster

Begin by visiting the official MoniMaster website and registering for an account. Once registered, follow the instructions to install the MoniMaster app on the target device. The installation process is straightforward and requires minimal technical expertise.

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Step 2. Monitor YouTube Activity

After installation, log in to your MoniMaster account and access the dashboard. Navigate to the YouTube monitoring feature, where you can view the videos watched, search history, and comments posted by the device user. Look for the specific YouTube account you want to trace.

monimaster android youtube demo

Step 3. Trace the IP Address

Once you've identified the target YouTube account, use MoniMaster's IP tracking feature to trace the IP address associated with that account. The app will provide the relevant IP address information, allowing you to proceed with further investigations as needed.


Monimaster is a powerful tracking software. With the purchase of MoniMaster Pro you can monitor Android iOS and iCloud at the same time.

Why Choose MoniMaster over Other Apps

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: MoniMaster offers a wide range of monitoring features, making it an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to track various aspects of a device's usage, including YouTube activity and YouTube IP.

  • Reliability: MoniMaster has earned itself an esteemed reputation due to its reliability and precision. You can rely on its data because regular updates ensure accuracy.

  • Ease of Use: MoniMaster offers an intuitive user-experience, making it accessible for tech-savvy as well as nontech-savvy users alike. No need for cybersecurity expert status to use MoniMaster effectively!

  • Customer Support: MoniMaster offers excellent customer support, with a dedicated team ready to assist you if you encounter any issues while using the app.

Method #2. YouTube IP Address Finder by iStaunch

iStaunch provides a convenient and user-friendly online tool for tracing the IP address linked to a specific YouTube video or channel. To use this method:

Step 1. Visit the iStaunch Website Begin: By visiting the official iStaunch website, which provides various online tools, including a YouTube IP address finder.

Step 2. Enter the YouTube Video URL: Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video or channel you want to trace into the designated field on the iStaunch website.

Step 3. Click "Trace": Click the "Trace" or "Find IP" button to initiate the process of locating the IP address associated with the provided YouTube URL.

Step 4. Obtain the IP Address: After a brief moment, the tool will display the IP address linked to the YouTube video or channel in question. Make a note of this information for further analysis or investigation.

Step 5. Analyze and Use the IP Address: Once you have the IP address, you can use it for various purposes, such as tracking the approximate location of the user or reporting malicious activity if necessary.

Method #3. Grabify IP Logger for YouTube

Grabify is a versatile IP logging service that allows you to track IP addresses associated with various URLs, including those of YouTube videos. Here's how to use it:

Step 1. Visit Grabify Website: Go to the Grabify website, a widely used IP logging service that allows you to track IP addresses associated with specific URLs.

Step 2. Create a Tracking Link: On the Grabify website, create a tracking link by entering the URL of the YouTube video or channel you want to trace. The service will generate a unique tracking link for you.

Step 3. Share the Tracking Link: Share the generated tracking link with the user whose IP address you want to trace. You can use various methods, such as email, messaging apps, or social media, to share the link.

Step 4. Collect IP Address Data: Once the user clicks on the tracking link, Grabify will record their IP address. You can access this information by logging in to your Grabify account.

Step 5. Analyze the IP Address: With the collected IP address data, you can determine the user's approximate location and take appropriate actions if needed.

grabify product page

Method #4. Use a Short Link

Creating a shortened link for a YouTube video or channel is a simple method that can be used for IP tracking:

Step 1. Choose a URL Shortening Service: Select a URL shortening service like Bitly, TinyURL, or, which allows you to create shortened links.

Step 2. Shorten the YouTube URL: Copy the YouTube video or channel URL you want to track and paste it into the URL shortening service. The service will generate a shortened link.

Step 3. Share the Shortened Link: Share the shortened link with the user whose IP address you want to trace. When they click on the link, their IP address will be logged by the URL shortening service.

Step 4. Retrieve IP Address Data: Log in to your account on the URL shortening service to access the IP address data associated with the shortened link.

Step 5. Use the IP Address Information: Analyze the IP address information to determine the user's approximate location and take any necessary actions.

short link tool

Method #5. YouTube Channel IP Finder Through Email Address

This method relies on having access to the email address associated with the YouTube channel you want to investigate:

Step 1: Find the User's Email Address: If you have access to the email address of the YouTube channel owner or user, you can attempt to trace their IP address through it.

Step 2: Use IP Lookup Tools: There are various online IP lookup tools available. You can use one of these tools to perform an IP address lookup by entering the email address.

Step 3: Analyze the Results: The IP lookup tool will provide you with information about the IP address associated with the email address. Analyze this information for location details.


We explored five effective methods for finding someone's IP address on YouTube. While these methods can be useful for various purposes, it's essential to use them responsibly and within legal boundaries.

For a comprehensive and reliable solution for monitoring and tracking device activities, including YouTube, we recommend MoniMaster. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, MoniMaster stands out as a top choice for ensuring online safety and security.

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