How to See Deleted Search History on TikTok? Ultimate Guide


By Jeremy Barnett | Jun 06, 2024 09:57 am

Many people want to know about TikTok Search History. TikTok is the most famous brief video real-time platform, and it is particularly well-known among youngsters. It is the ideal platform for getting engaged and locked in.

There are times when you should see your TikTok search history to find what you looked at a specific time. Assuming your child is utilizing TikTok, you should look at the search history and watch history to guarantee that he has not been seeing improper recordings.

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How to View TikTok Search History?

You can view TikTok's history. You can view all your history through simple steps in the setting. Tap on the pursuit bar at the highest point of the screen. When you tap on the pursuit bar, your new hunt history will show up beneath it.

If you see no hunt history, it could have been cleared, or you could have to utilize the pursuit highlight all the more frequently to populate it. If you want to find a video you recently watched on TikTok, you can view TikTok search history in the settings.


  • Go to the right-corner option.

  • Tap Menu in the upper-right corner.

  • Go to Settings and Privacy button.

  • Select the Activity center choice

  • Tap Watch history. You'll see every one of the recordings you've watched in the past 180 days in sequential request.

  • Tap a video to watch it once more.

view tiktok search history

How to See Deleted Search History on TikTok?

1. Use the Best TikTok Viewer - MoniMaster Pro for Android

It wouldn't be inappropriate to say that children know how to erase search history on TikTok, which makes it challenging for guardians to understand what they've looked for.

In this way, to watch out for your youngster's movement on TikTok and keep thinking about whether they looked for or watched unseemly recordings, the MoniMaster Pro is the best decision.

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Key Features:

Check Browsing History: You can follow the objective telephone's internet browser history to see whether he is getting to TikTok from his browser with MoniMaster Pro. You can also examine the visited sites and search history.

Check all messages and Call Logs: MoniMaster Pro permits you to peruse the instant messages on the objective individual's telephone. You can also examine the call logs from your Dashboard to determine approaching and active call subtleties.

Remote Control: You can capture screen captures of the objective telephone screen from your Dashboard. Essentially, you can get remote access to the aim telephone to photograph the environmental elements through MoniMaster Pro.

Track Location: MoniMaster Pro for Android permits you to follow the objective individual's current location and the area history of the objective telephone. You might set Geofence for alarms when the objective individual enters or leaves the virtual wall.

Screen YouTube History: Like TikTok, you can check the objective individual's YouTube search and watch history straightforwardly from your Dashboard.


How to use MoniMaster Pro for Android:

Here are the methods for sending the application and screening the objective individual's TikTok search and watch history.

Step 1. Use your email address to create a record for MoniMaster Pro for Android. It would help if you bought a reasonable arrangement to continue.

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Step 2. Get the objective individual's Android telephone, follow the onscreen guidance to download it, and introduce it, permitting all the required consents.

complete setup ios

Step 3. On your gadget, visit the authority site of MoniMaster Pro. Sign into your record, and afterwards, you can go to Dashboard and Video Applications, then TikTok to find the objective individual's TikTok Watch History and Search History individually.

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2. Request TikTok data

If you know how to delete TikTok search history yet need to get to the erased history, this is the clearest choice. Remember that TikTok won't surrender the information with such ease, and that implies you've to present your defence. As indicated by TikTok's help out, clients have the choice to request a duplicate of their information.

For Android Users:

The means on the most proficient method to check TikTok search history for Android clients is fundamentally the same as for iOS clients. There are a couple of contrasts in advances and look at every one of the means underneath.


  • Open the TikTok application on your Android phone. Then move to the right button.

  • Tap on the three-run symbol in the upper right corner.

  • From the menu, tap on Settings and Privacy Choice. From there on, tap on Privacy Choice.

  • On the following screen, tap on Personalization and Data Choice. From that point, tap on Download your information choice.

  • Under the Download TikTok Information screen, tap on the Request data button. I trust that the information mentioned above will be accessible for download.

  • Under Download, you will see the Download button to download the mentioned information document.

  • After downloading the record, you can access it from the My Files application.

  • It is compressed, so you should unfasten it and open the Video browsing History document to view the history you have watched.

download data tiktok

For iOS Users:

It is a means of looking at TikTok history on your iOS gadget.


  • Open the TikTok application on your phone. Go to your TikTok profile from the base right corner.

  • Tap on the three-run symbol in the upper right corner.

  • From the menu, tap on Privacy Choice.

  • Under the Protection screen, tap on Personalization and Data Choice.

  • Under the Personalization and Information screen, tap on Download your data choice.

  • On the following screen, tap on the Request data option.

  • Your request will be put under Forthcoming status. It requires around a day's investment for the solicitation to get handled.

  • When the information mentioned is ready to download, go to the Download information tab and tap on the Download button.

  • You will get diverted to your default program application, where you need to sign in to your TikTok account.

  • You will get a spring-up affirmation. Tap on the Download button. After downloading the record, unfasten the document.

  • Open the name marked "Video browsing History", and you will see your watched history TikTok.

download data tiktok iphone

3. Check the Watch History on the Activity Center

The main choice is to check the remarks and watch the set of experiences since it provides you with a thought of what sort of happiness your child has been watching. It works, in any event, when they erase the pursuit history on TikTok.

For individuals who don't have any idea, the inquiry history is partitioned into search, remark, and watch history. You need to follow the steps below to use this technique.


  • First, go to the "Settings and Security" option.

  • From Settings open Activity Center.

  • You can choose any choice from the accessible ones and peruse them.

  • You will also want to track down surveys and recordings that you have proactively watched, which shows that they looked for them.

watch history tiktok

How to View TikTok Search History on PC?

If you have a PC, you can download TikTok information effectively and check the TikTok search history on your PC. The steps toward seeing TikTok search history on PC are no different for Macintosh and Windows PCs.

This is because the means are performed on the internet browser, and consequently, they are free in your PC's working arrangement. Here are the most proficient methods to see search history on TikTok from your PC.


  • Open the internet browser on your PC.

  • Visit the site of TikTok and sign into your record.

  • In the wake of signing in, click on your Profile symbol situated in the upper right corner.

  • Under the Privacy, click on date and download your information choice.

  • Under the data tab, select TXT, which is situated beneath the Select Record Arrangement segment. From that point, click on the Solicitation Information button.

  • Go to the Download data tab to see the status of your solicitation. When it is handled, the status will change from Forthcoming to Download.

  • Unzip the downloaded document and snap on the View Perusing text file. You will see all the TikTok recordings you have watched with timestamps and video joins.

tiktok search history pc

FAQs about TikTok Search


1. Does TikTok keep deleted search history?

Indeed. While TikTok does not give clients an approach to recuperating their erased search chronicles, there are a few backhanded stunts to get to the erased search history. In any case, this doesn't imply that you can completely reestablish your hunt list.


2. What happens when your search history is deleted?

If you erase the Search history saved to your Google Record, you can't get it back. You can erase a particular action or your Inquiry history from a specific day, a custom date reached, or all time.


3. How long does TikTok search history last?

TikTok permits clients to erase both their pursuits and all of their ventures in bulk. To do it, open the TikTok application. Now, move to the upper right option.


4. How do I turn off TikTok search history?

TikTok stores watched recordings for 180 days, assuming you know where to search for them. On the off chance that you're searching for your TikTok watch history with expectations of finding an as-of-late seen video, it's likely not where you last saw it.


5. How do I switch off TikTok search history?

Go to your TikTok profile. Open the Protection Settings and manage your protection settings—open Watch History and Then Erase Watch History. Affirm your decision.


We have presented how to view TikTok Search History, and you can search for your TikTok search History through these methods.

MoniMaster Pro appears as a clear winner when considering all elements individually and is highly recommended. It not only functions as an excellent location tracker but also offers various features that can monitor your loved ones' phone activities and keep them safe from any risks. Now, you can start location tracking by following the three simple steps above.

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