How To Add Music to WhatsApp Status: A Step-by-Step Guide


By Gloria Robertson | Jun 26, 2024 02:20 pm

How to add music to WhatsApp status has become an increasingly popular search query among more users looking to make their updates memorable. Imagine sharing one with an appropriate soundtrack reflecting your mood or event - Add music to WhatsApp status can transform ordinary updates into captivating stories that engage contacts like never before!

From adding favorite song snippets or instrumental tracks that set a specific atmosphere - add music WhatsApp status can elevate WhatsApp status updates significantly and make them genuinely remarkable experiences for you and others who follow.

In this article, we'll walk through simple steps to use music to add something memorable to your WhatsApp status updates.

how to add music to whtasapp status

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status Without Third-party App Using the Phone Speaker

Are you wondering how to add music on WhatsApp status without third-party apps? A practical method is to use just your phone's speaker—simple yet efficient!

How To Steps

  • Play Music: For each music track that interests you, start it playing through your phone's speaker.

  • Launch WhatsApp: Launch WhatsApp and navigate to its "Status" tab.

  • Record Your Status: Press the camera icon to record your status while music plays in the background.

  • Share: To review and share your status.

How to Add Music on WhatsApp Status Using Video Editors

Are you searching for how to put music on WhatsApp status? Video editors offer an effective solution. Below, we discuss four popular video editors: InShot, Clipchamp, iMovie, and Clideo.


InShot is an intuitive video editing application that can be the best answer to the query can you add music to WhatsApp status. With features such as cutting, merging, and music addition for videos, InShot simplifies adding musical scores!


How to Steps

  • Download InShot: Download the InShot app from Apple iTunes or Google Play store and install it onto your mobile phone or device.

  • Launch a New Project: In InShot, tap "Video" to initiate a new video project.

  • Choose Media: Select photos or videos you would like to feature in your status updates.

  • Add Music: To add music, press the 'Music' button and choose from your library or InShot's selection of tracks.

  • Edit and Save: Once editing is complete, adjust volume levels, cut music tracks as necessary and save your video file.

  • Post to WhatsApp: Once in WhatsApp, navigate to its Status section and upload your edited video as your status update.


Clipchamp is an impressive online video editor that makes adding music to your WhatsApp status updates simple and accessible if you are one of those searching for how to add music to WhatsApp status picture on iPhone. It features an intuitive user interface and multiple editing tools.


How to Steps

  • Visit Clipchamp: Navigate to the website of Clipchamp and sign in/up for membership or log on.

  • Start a New Project: To initiate a new video creation project, click 'Create Video'.

  • Upload Media: Upload any photos or videos you want to use in the media gallery.

  • Add Music: To add music, go to 'Music & SFX', choose one from Clipchamp's library or upload your own.

  • Edit and Export: To complete editing your video, trim music tracks as necessary and make necessary modifications before exporting.

  • Upload to WhatsApp: Once completed, download your edited video onto your phone and upload it as part of your WhatsApp status update.


iMovie for iPhone users is a powerful video editing app that makes adding music in WhatsApp status effortless.


How to Steps

  • Launch iMovie on Your iPhone: Launch the iMovie app and create videos using Apple's proprietary video editing platform, iMovie.

  • Create a New Project: Tap "Create Project" select "Movie" and follow the instructions.

  • Select Media: Select photos or videos you would like to feature as status updates on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram for use as status updates.

  • Add Music: To add audio tracks from your library or iMovie's soundtracks, just press on the '+' button and then 'Audio' and choose a track from either your library of music.

  • Edit and Save: Once complete, adjust the music length and volume and edit the video as required before tapping "Done" and saving your video.

  • Upload to WhatsApp: Launch WhatsApp, navigate to its Status section, and upload your video as your status update.


Clideo is an online video editing tool that enables you to effortlessly add background music to WhatsApp status and other text effects to your WhatsApp status without hassle or difficulty.


How to Steps

  • Visit Clideo: To add music and videos together on Clideo, visit their website and select 'Add Music to Video'.

  • Upload Media: Upload any photos or videos you want to use in the application process.

  • Add Music: Click 'Add Audio' to upload music tracks directly from your computer or choose from Clideo's library.

  • Edit and Export: Adjust music volumes as necessary and modify video editing before clicking "Export".

  • Download and Upload to WhatsApp: Once the video has been edited, download it onto your phone and upload it as a status update on WhatsApp.

Various options exist for add music to photo WhatsApp status updates, ensuring engaging and personalized updates are created effortlessly. From phone apps like InShot and iMovie to online tools such as Clipchamp and Clideo, each solution offers something different that will work perfectly for you and help enhance statuses effortlessly. Can I add music to my WhatsApp status? Absolutely—follow these steps and effortlessly strengthen them all.

Best Alternative to WhatsApp Status Downloader: MoniMaster for WhatsApp

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What Can You Do with MoniMaster for WhatsApp

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Keep Track of Updates: MoniMaster lets you keep up-to-date on important status updates from contacts without them knowing, guaranteeing you don't miss any important notifications or changes that might otherwise go overlooked.

Track Locations: The app has real-time location tracking capabilities that simplify keeping tabs on loved ones or monitoring employee safety.

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View Multimedia Files: WhatsApp gives you full access to shared photos, videos, and voice notes within its community, giving you a complete snapshot of activity on WhatsApp.

Add Music to WhatsApp Status: While MoniMaster primarily targets monitoring, its data management features can indirectly assist with adding music to WhatsApp status updates by helping organize multimedia files efficiently and streamlining this process.

How to Use MoniMaster to See Someone's WhatsApp Status

Step 1. Install MoniMaster: Visit the MoniMaster website and install its application onto any target devices you would like to monitor.

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Step 2. Create an Account: Launch the MoniMaster app and set up your MoniMaster account by providing your email and creating a password.

Step 3. Set Up the App: Follow the onscreen instructions to grant appropriate permissions, such as access to contacts, media files, or location services.

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Step 4. Begin Monitoring: Once setup is complete, MoniMaster makes it simple and accessible for you to begin monitoring WhatsApp activities from its dashboard. Log into your MoniMaster account from any device to view tracked data and start monitoring WhatsApp activity!

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Step 5. View and Save Statuses: Navigating to your dashboard's "WhatsApp" section allows you to easily view status updates from contacts you follow and save them accordingly.

MoniMaster for WhatsApp provides an intelligent alternative to standard status downloaders, with features designed to maximize your WhatsApp experience and ensure safety or ensure no status update ever goes missing. Designed specifically with WhatsApp in mind, MoniMaster's reliable yet effective solutions deliver maximum WhatsApp engagement!


Enhancing your WhatsApp status with music can be easily achieved through different methods, including playing music via your phone's speaker or using video editing tools like InShot, Clipchamp, iMovie, and Clideo. For a comprehensive solution that also allows you to manage and view WhatsApp activities seamlessly, try MoniMaster for WhatsApp. If you're wondering, can I add music in WhatsApp status? Absolutely! MoniMaster for WhatsApp can help streamline your experience.

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