How to Check Hidden Last Seen on WhatsApp


By Gloria Robertson | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

Assuming they've made their online status private, WhatsApp last seen will not be accessible to you in the application. However, you might have the option to introduce an application that can inform you of when a contact is dynamic.

By using some applications on the mobile, we check the last seen of WhatsApp. We have to follow some simple steps to get it, and then we can see someone last seen.

What does Last Seen Mean on WhatsApp

At the point when you send a WhatsApp message to somebody, and you don't get a quick answer, it's normal to think whether they got it or not. The marks of approval close to each message help. However, you can see when that individual has last signed onto WhatsApp to see or send messages.

last seen

If you haven't gotten the two blue marks, demonstrating the message has been perused, the last seen status will let you know if they are, in any event, actually taking a look at WhatsApp by any means right now. Likewise Last seen shows that when someone was available on WhatsApp. We can decide whether to send a message. It will help us and keep us updated on the messages.

The Best Tool to Check Last Seen of WhatsApp

Many applications are available on Google Play Store to take care of the more significant part of your concerns, and the same goes to check the check last seen of WhatsApp and the online status of somebody that is set to no one. So here are the two best applications to take care of your concern.

MoniMaster is a well-known application to check the last seen of Whatsapp and family finder' apparatus is intended for occupied guardians to make them handle they are a parent in a lot more straightforward manner. Regardless of where you are at present, how far you are from your youngster, and which gadgets your kid and you have - as long as MoniMaster is accessible, your kid is generally with you.

Features of MoniMaster

Location tracking:

You can find the specific location and the area history of children to ensure they stay safe. It is the very best option on MoniMaster for monitoring.


Read the keystrokes thoroughly on your children's gadgets to know what they are looking at and talking about on the web.

Regular Contacts:

Realize your children's regular contacts by checking their mobile and text message. It gives you the full report of your family member or child.

Catch Screenshots:

MoniMaster allows you to continuously check the children's mobile screen, and you get screenshots at any time.

Application Activities:

Applications activities are in your console. Check applications kids use much of the time to forestall web-based media enslavement ahead of time.

How to check the last seen of Whatsapp by Monimaster

You can check your last seen of WhatsApp by Monimaster. You can follow the straightforward strides to screen your child's Android telephone.

Step 1. Join and Purchase a Monimaster valid account..

Click the button "Sign Up" below to register for MoniMaster account. Utilize your email address to make a legitimate record and purchase the arrangement you want.

Sign Up FreeView Pricing

Step 2. Install the MoniMaster app on the target phone.

Then, the website will lead you to "My Product" page. Find the plan you just purchased and click "Setup Guide" option to learn how to download and install the app on the devices you want to monitor.

install Monitoring for whatsapp

Step 3. Start monitoring whatsapp message on your own phone.

Once you are done installing it on the target device, verify setup at the bottom of the "Setup Guide" page. This is where you are able to check all the data types you want to supervise on the Web App.

hack whatsapp without verification using Monitoring

Many applications are available, but MoniMaster is very good and gives you the best results. MoniMaster has many advantages, but some of them are below:

1. There's no compelling reason to log the record out, assuming there are various.

2. It won't send any notices to the objective gadget during checking. It starts working without knowing the user. All data is under control.

3. All information will be sent to your PC. It will take only some time and start working.

Check Hidden Last Seen on WhatsApp by Third-party Apps


WhatStat is an application for checking the last seen on Whatsapp. The application has many downloads and audits.

However, the surveys demonstrate that it doesn't work for everybody. The membership charge might dissuade you, yet there's a free preliminary that may be to the point of tracking down the thing you're searching for that. Various applications guarantee they can let you know when somebody keeps going on WhatsApp.


Rating: 4.3

Features: WhatStat is an incredible application for monitoring the last seen of Whatsapp. You can check your family member by using this application


  • You will directly get notifications when the number you track is online by WhatStat .

  • It is very easy to use.


  • Your data will be available on the other side.

  • No privacy and no guarantee of spam messages.


WhatLogin is one of the wholly included WhatsApp's last seen applications since it works on the web and is disconnected. When you begin utilizing this application, you'll get day by day, week after week, and month-to-month data through notices about the client you're following.


WhatLogin offers you a free preliminary bundle to partake in its remarkable highlights. It makes the application a decent option to another top of the line; however, excessive last seen applications like radar.

Rating: 4.3

Features: Any client can get to WhatLogin APK since it's allowed to download. As far as security, the application has been recognized on VirusTotal and found to have no infections.


  • It is safe and does not need any personal requirements to install it.

  • Anyone can use it.


  • No good performance at all.

  • It has only a few functions.


Open WhatsDog, tap on the considerable Start button. You have to choose a contact or enter a WhatsApp number. Pick the number you need to keep an eye on and hit proceed if you face an association blunder attempt once more.


Rating: 3.7

Features: You can see all the actions inside the application when each opportunity arrives on the web and when they have gone disconnected on WhatsApp. You can utilize the schedule to find them.


  • It is available for all users.

  • It is effortless and has many good features for users.


  • WhatsDong is not reliable.

  • Many spam groups can get your data.

Check Hidden Last Seen on WhatsApp by Online Tool

With the, you can find the Last Seen for Whatsapp application. You can quickly see when your kid lasted online time and how long they stayed dynamic. The principal reason for this application is to give total online checking and advise guardians regarding this.


Advantages of

  • In Last Seen for Whatsapp application, you can screen the activities of any number you need from any place on the planet free of charge without opening a record.

  • On account of this application planned in a highly straightforward and reasonable manner, you can undoubtedly follow a number you have added to the application and named.

  • The following online application, which leads toward the side of your gadget with its easy-to-understand interface, has numerous powerful highlights.

  • With this last-seen tracker for the WhatsApp application, families can handle and screen their kids'web-based media use. Along these lines, you can focus on safe web-based media use.


Checking somebody's most recently seen if it's covered up could have been beyond the realm of possibilities for you before perusing this article, and yet presently, you know how to get it done. There are various techniques to check stowed away. Keep going seen on WhatsApp, but MoniMaster is best. You can utilize any of them because of your decision. Assuming that you find this helpful guide, remember to impart it to your companions.

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