How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages?


By Gloria Robertson | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

People belong to all ages are worried about their WhatsApp chat history and they search different methods on different search engines, how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone? If you are looking for the answer to this, you are at the right place.

Here we will guide you on how to resolve this issue. Before we proceed it is important to discuss several scenarios for Losing WhatsApp Data.

Several Scenarios for Losing WhatsApp Data

There are different ways through which you can lose your WhatsApp data. Therefore it is important to avoid these methods or at least back up your data before you use any of the mentioned methods listed below.

Uninstall WhatsApp Application:

Some time people uninstall WhatsApp Application or accidentally clear all chats. Which causes a big hurdle and problem for them later.

Device lost or breaking:

Sometimes a person loses his mobile phone or breaks due to some reason. Due to this he/she has no access to WhatsApp.

Change or Reset Device:

Sometimes we either change or reset the mobile phone and lost all the chats. All these factors can cause you to lose your WhatsApp messaging history.

So how to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp by Android or iPhone. We have brought you different approaches.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android?

Below are different ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

Way 1: Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages by MoniMaster Android Monitoring.

One of the best ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android phones is to install third-party monitoring or spy app. Like MoniMaster. MoniMaster is available for both Android and iPhone users. The app has some main features mentioned below.

WhatsA pp data is continuously synced data of the target device using the online dashboard. And even if the messages are deleted the message backup is stored in the online dashboard. Some other features of Monimaster are.

MoniMaster gives you access to the real-time GPS location of the target device. So you can trace your target device's live location.

It also gives you access to text messages, Phone calls, and call logs. Using Monimaster you can get access to all dialed, missed, and received a call with time and date.

It helps you to give access to the target device regarding all social media activities. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. For example, track secret conversations on Facebook.

Using MoniMaster you can track all types of browsing history, files, and media stored in the target device using MoniMaster.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages by MoniMaster Android Monitoring?

Reading WhatsApp messages using Monimaster is easy and simple. The whole Android monitoring process consists of three easy steps. Make sure, before reading WhatsApp messages you will need physical access to the target phone. Also, you will need to purchase a plan and activate the license. The three steps are mentioned below for tracking android phones using MoniMaster.

Step 1. Create an Account using your Email Address.

Click on the "Sign Up" button to pursue a legitimate record utilizing a bona fide email address. Purchase a Plan. You can select among different packages plans.

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Step 2. Download and Install the MoniMaster application on the Target Device

Go to the page My Products and you can observe the arrangement you bought and afterward click on Arrangement Guide, inspect the options and fill with correct information.

complete setup ios

Fundamental stages:

1. Download and introduce the application on the objective gadget.

2. Sign in to your record and follow all the arrangement systems.

Step 3. Authorize Your Setup and Begin Monitoring

Once you have followed steps 1 and step 2, you can track all types of activities and can view all types of WhatsApp and other messages on dashboard.

hack whatsapp without verification using Monitoring

Way 2: Employ Google Drive Back-up

The second method through which you can get back to your deleted WhatsApp messages is to use the Google Drive backup method. It is important that while installing WhatsApp you must enable to store chat messages to google drive.

check backup

You can set a time frame that will store messages back up after a specific interval. These back up are automatically uploaded in case you lost your chat history. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Install WhatsApp and Verify your Number.

Step 2. Now click on Restore and press Next.

Step 3. You will be given two options Restore from Google Drive and Restore from local backup. So, Restore from Google Drive.


Sometimes people do not allow WhatsApp to store back up at the google drive. So, when they lost their WhatsApp chat history. There is no way to restore it back.

Way 3: Use Local Back-up

As mentioned, there are two types of backups. One is the backup stored in google drive and the second is the backup stored in the local memory of your phone. You can find this backup only on android phones. You can use your local backup to restore deleted WhatsApp messages history.

restore backup

Step 1. Go to File Manager->WhatsApp folder-> Database folder. It consists of all backup messages stored in the local device storage.

Step 2. The folder consists of multiple backup files, you will need to rename the most recent backup.

Step 3. Now uninstall your WhatsApp and reinstall it. After installation backup your messages from a local backup that you have renamed. You are done. You can see your deleted WhatsApp messages now.


Sometimes local backups are either corrupt or are deleted due to some reason. And then it is not possible to get back the message history.

How to Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages in iPhone?

Just like android phones, we can also recover WhatsApp deleted messages on iPhone. However, the procedure is different. On iPhone, you can also recover messages in two different ways.

MoniMaster iOS Monitoring also can read WhatsApp messages:

  • Spy on social media apps like clone WhatsApp on different devices, Viber, WeChat and more.

  • Track cell phone location in real time and view location history.

  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls text message.

  • Remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, call logs, etc.

  • Receive detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reports of the online activity

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Way 1: Use iCloud Drive

Just Like google drive on android phones, iCloud is used to store data of iPhone or any other Apple device. To recover WhatsApp deleted messages in iPhone follow the steps mentioned below. Make sure when you recover messages from iCloud, it is mandatory that the messages backup is stored and synced to iCloud.

icloud drive

Step 1. Uninstall the existing WhatsApp application from your iPhone.

Step 2. Reinstall the WhatsApp and verify your number.

Step 3. After the installation restores your messages by tapping restore. You can use the backup stored in your iCloud to restore deleted WhatsApp messages.


Just like android, sometimes people do not allow WhatsApp to store back up at iCloud. So, when they lost their WhatsApp chat history. There is no way to restore it back.

Way 2: Use Syncios iOS Data Recovery

If you are using an iPhone, the good news is that you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages without any hard work. Syncios is a data recovery software for iPhone to recover any type of deleted data. It also recovers data from iTunes and iCloud. You can restore data by following the steps mentioned below.

syncios ios data recovery

Step 1. Download and install the Syncios iOS software to your laptop or PC. And pay the required fee.

Step 2. Now connect your iPhone with your PC, and launch Syncios data recovery software.

Step 3. Now scan for the WhatsApp messages by tapping the start button. The software will load all deleted data from the iPhone including deleted WhatsApp messages.

Step 4. The next step is to preview the deleted messages and restore them.


The recovery service is paid. You will have to buy a package plan to recover deleted data.

FAQs about Recovering WhatsApp Messages

Does WhatsApp keep messages?

Yes. WhatsApp lets you, to store your messages in the backup form. Whenever you need them. You can retrieve them back. However, it depends upon you to manage the settings. For which period the WhatsApp create the backup of your messages.

How can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup? (Using MoniMaster)

If you have an issue with backup or it is already deleted from local storage as well as google drive and iCloud. The MoniMaster Application track your WhatsApp message and syncs it with the online dashboard. So you can download your data from the Dashboard without backup.

Can we see deleted messages?

Yes. You can see the deleted messages of WhatsApp. The best option is to use third-party tracking or spying application like MoniMaster. All types of messages including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other cross-platform messaging applications are tracked via MoniMaster.


If your phone is broken or it is lost or you have deleted the WhatsApp chat history by mistake. There is no need to worry about it. In this article, we have shared different ways through which you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages for android as well as iPhone. The best and easy way to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages is to install the MoniMaster tracking application.

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