Use iCloud to Spy on Spouse Without Them Knowing

By Gary J. Fowler | Oct 10, 2020 03:04 pm

Suspicious of your partner’s activities? Have your spouse’s engagements started coming off as shady? Are you worried about being cheated on? Have you been bothered by these questions lately? If so, you must want to resort to a perfect and undetectable way to prove your point, so tracking your spouse’s iPhone through iCloud is coming as the best option for you.

This article explains how to use iCloud to spy on spouse and monitor the iPhone of your loved ones. You can track their contact history, photos and videos, current location, reminders and notes, and even the data in the iCloud drive without them knowing in this way. Just keep on reading to explore more!

use icloud to spy on spouse

Using iCloud to Spy on Spouse Is 100% Possible

You can definitely spy on your spouse's iCloud account. iPhone uses iCloud to backup and store the information, which gives you an opportunity to reach someone’s iPhone remotely.

For example, if your spouse leaves an intimate contact name of his lover or has photos of his girlfriends, you can view all of these information through iCloud monitoring. Even if he deleted those evidences of infidelity in his iPhone, you can still track and export them to question your spouse about his affairs. Moreover, you can use iCloud to know where your spouse is at any time. In this way, you can catch them at the exact location and find if they are cheating on you.

Use MoniMaster iCloud Monitoring to Spy on Spouse

MoniMaster is the best tool to spy on your spouse, it’s a monitoring tracker using iCloud to spy on your spouse. With MoniMaster, you can check the iPhone of your spouse all the time, and find if they are cheating on you or not.

You do not need to jailbreak the target iPhone or even install the app on your spouse’s iPhone by using MoniMaster. Only by knowing your spouse’s iCloud account and password can you make everything ready for the secret iPhone monitoring behavior without them knowing. MoniMaster offers a reliable way to monitor the data on your spouse’s iPhone, including phone logs, contacts, photos, videos, location histories, notes, reminders, and iCloud drive. You can watch the free demo to have a basic understanding of how MoniMaster can do.

Steps to Use MoniMaster to Spy on Spouse's iCloud Account

You can follow the under given guide to monitor the iPhone of your spouse through MoniMaster.

Step 1. Sign up for an Account

Click “Sign up” to get started. You need to register a valid account by using an available email, and then website will automatically jump to the purchasing page. You can buy any plan for the iCloud product.

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Step 2. Enter Setup Guide and Verify iCloud Credentials

After finishing your purchase, you will go to “My Products and Orders Management”. You only need to follow to “Setup Guide” to verify iCloud credentials of your spouse’s iPhone.

If you get any trouble in this step, you can refer to Two-Factor Authentication in the next part.

verify icloud credentials.png

Step 3. Start to Use iCloud to Spy on Spouse

You are ready to monitor the iPhone of your spouse. You can go to the web control panel to check whatever you want.

icloud control panel

Advantages of MoniMaster iCloud monitoring:

  • It is quite easy to use, since there is no need to jailbreak or install an app.

  • It can monitor remotely and will never be noticed by the monitored person.

  • You can even check the deleted data on your spouse’s iPhone.

  • It’s more affordable than its competitors, which only costs 0.28$ a day.

MoniMaster offers a free demo to you, which helps you better know about the features of this iCloud Monitoring tool. Furthermore, the customer services are available for 24 hours every day; you can contact them in case of any problem.

2 Things You Should Check to Ensure Monitoring Successful

1. Get Your Spouse’s iCloud Account and Password

The first key to get started with using iCloud to spy on your spouse is to gain their iCloud account and password. Only if you get this two information can you move on to the next step. Since you must know your spouse well, it would not be a difficult issue.

get icloud account and password

2. Two-Factor Authentication

Apple has started the use of two-step authorizations for all the Apple ID and iCloud accounts. As the user enters the username and password, a text message containing the verification code is sent to the registered device.

So, if the two-factor authentication is enabled on the target iPhone, you will need to have physical access your spouse’s iPhone to get the verification code once you enter your spouse’s iCloud account and password.

You can also add your phone number as a trusted device on the target iPhone once you get your spouse’s iPhone. You can follow the given steps:

1. Take the target iPhone, and go to the settings

2. Then go to Your Name> Password and Security

3. Then go to Your Name> Tap the Edit button, and add the trusted device

Once you have successfully added your number as the trusted device, you will not need to get verification code on the target phone anymore.


Using iCloud to spy on spouse is an easy task if you use MoniMaster. It gives you a way to monitor all the important iPhone activities without them knowing. Above all, MoniMaster does not require jailbreaking or installing a spy app, which will make your spy activity even more invisible. So, go ahead and sign up for MoniMaster. Once you acquire it, you will not regret it!

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