How to See My Wife's Text Messages For Free? [5 Ways]


By Jeremy Barnett | Feb 20, 2023 04:42 pm

Did you notice your wife acting a bit suspicious in the recent past? Then you will come across the need to spy on your wife's phone. To help you on that, we will share the steps on how to see my wife's text messages for free.

Since we provide 5 ways to do it, you just need to take a look at these methods and pick the best one.

How to See Someone's Text Messages Online for Free?

1. Use MoniMaster to View Messages Without Knowing

Using MoniMaster for Android app is among the best ways to spy on the mobile phone of your wife. If you wonder how to see who my wife is texting for free, you may take a look at this app. This app is capable of running in stealth mode within your wife's phone.

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Then it will continue to provide all the information that you are looking forward to receiving. This free app to see who your spouse is texting offers numerous other features as well.

What MoniMaster Can Do:

Read messages

You can use the MoniMaster app to read all the messages sent and received on your wife's phone. This includes all message content, including the contact numbers, contact names, and time stamps. Even if the messages are deleted, MoniMaster provides you with access to them.

Track location

If you want to check the real-time location tracking of your wife accurately, MoniMaster is a great app to consider. It provides you with real-time access to essential data on where your wife is traveling.

View calls

Similar to checking messages, you may use the MoniMaster app to view calls of your wife as well. You can use the app to keep track of both incoming as well as outgoing calls.

android monitoring

Track social media

If your wife is using social media apps such as hack WhatsApp without QR code, and Facebook Messenger to chat with others, you may use MoniMaster to keep track of them as well. It provides real-time information from numerous social media apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Viber, WeChat, Line, and Kik.

Take screenshots

If you want to capture screenshots for evidence purposes, MoniMaster app can help you as well. Your wife will not notice you taking any screenshots.

Why choose MoniMaster?

It provides real-time information

MoniMaster is an app that provides real-time information to you. If you want to figure out who your wife is texting at this moment is, you may use MoniMaster.

Take screenshots of messages

You will not just be able to read the messages of your wife with MoniMaster. It will also help you in taking screenshots of messages.

View contacts

Since MoniMaster provides you with the ability to view contacts, you can see the names and numbers of individuals that your wife is texting with.

How to Use MoniMaster to See Who My Wife Is Texting for Free?

This free app to see who your spouse is texting comes with a user-friendly interface. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get work done out of it.

Step 1. Sign up for an account:

The first step on how to see someone's text messages online for free is to create an account on MoniMaster. Just go to the MoniMaster website and hit on the "Sign up" button to create an account with your email.

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Step 2. Install MoniMaster

Next, you will need to buy MoniMaster and go to the page named "Setup Guide". Under there, you can see all instructions on how to install MoniMaster app on another person's device.

click setup android

Step 3. Start monitoring

After setting it up, you can access the MoniMaster dashboard. This dashboard will provide all the information that you are looking for, including text messages.

monimaster android dashboard

2. Use iCloud Backup to See My Wife's Text Messages for Free

If your wife is using an iPhone and if you want to learn how to see who my wife is texting for free, you may use this method. Since messages are usually synced with iCloud, you can use iCloud to spy on spouse reliably.


  • Take your wife's phone and tap on the Apple ID icon. Turn on iMessage.

  • Now you can log into the iCloud account of your wife from the computer.

  • Hit on the Messages icon and you can see all messages.

icloud messages


  • It provides real-time updates.

  • All messages, numbers, and contact names are visible


Works only if the messages are synced with iCloud.

3. Ask Network Provider to Provide Messages

The phone carrier usually has access to messages. Hence, you may also follow this method as you wonder how to see someones text messages online for free.  


  • Get in touch with the network provider.

  • Provide your verification information as requested.

  • Request for text messages and view them.


  • You don't need to use any third-party apps.

  • It is free


  • It will take some time to get information.

  • Network providers store messages only for 90 days.

4. Use A Spy Camera

If your wife is reading messages from a specific location at your house, you may think about setting up a spy camera there. From video footage, you will be able to read the messages of your wife.


  • Install a hidden camera, aiming at the phone display.

  • Record when your wife is reading text messages.

  • Access the recorded video footage and see who your wife is texting with.


  • It provides accurate information.

  • You can use video as evidence.


It will take some time for you to set it up.

5. Get Your Wife's Phone Directly

If you are living together with your wife, it will be possible for you to get the phone directly and go through text messages in there. You may ask for the phone or take it when the wife is not around.


  • Figure out the password or pin to the phone beforehand.

  • Access the phone when your wife is not around.

  • Read the messages by opening the messages app.

wife phone


  • You can get accurate information.

  • There is no need to guess or assume anything.


  • Your wife will not happily give you the phone at all times.

  • You will have to figure out the password or pin to access the phone.


From this article, we shared 5 methods on how to see who my wife is texting for free. You can pick any of the methods we recommended and use it for spying purposes. However, we strongly recommend you use the first method out of these, which is MoniMaster for Android.

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It is a great example for a remote phone spying app. Your wife will never know that you were spying on her phone, reading all messages. On top of that, MoniMaster can help you with taking screenshot evidence and media content from gallery, which can help you to verify doubts.

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