How to Spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password

By Gary J. Fowler | May 29, 2020 08:31 pm

You might want to spy on someone's phone for some reason. And there are many spying apps  promoted on internet, but there is little can truly spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password.  Because of the Apple's restriction, some apps need to jailbreak the target iPhone. But one thing we should know that Apple has added some rules for iPhone jailbreaking, that means there is little chance of a successful iPhone jailbreak. So, you need to find a really workable way to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password but have no need to jailbreak iPhone. Don't worry, this post will analyze the common ways to spy iPhone and recommend the only workable way for you.

spy on iphone without apple id

Part 1. Know the Common Ways to Spy an iPhone

You may have searched online that the common ways to spy iPhone may include 3 ways: spy through iTunes backup files, with iCloud account and spy with third-party apps installed on the targeted iPhone. But how does these 3 ways work and which method is the best way? Read on to explore!

For the sake of spying an iPhone may be a great thing, but it is not good for the privacy health of an iPhone. If you do not have enough technical skills and knowledge to spy an iPhone without Apple ID and password then, you may try different ways of spying mentioned below:

1. Spy iPhone by Extracting iTunes Backup Files

iTunes backup and iCloud backup are the most common 2 ways to store iPhone data. So, to spy iPhone with these 2 solutions are the most common ways. iTunes proved to be the best backup for the records of an iPhone. Many iPhone users are familiar with it. Spying an iPhone with iTunes backup files is possible. While you caught someone's iPhone plugged for iTunes backing up, then backup files should be attained and transferred to the other device. That means you can spy on someone's iPhone in such way.


There are some common benefits of spy an iPhone with iTunes backup files mentioned below:

  • Can get most of the data from target iPhone

  • No need to jailbreak the iPhone and have no risk of data leaking

  • No need to know the iCloud credentials

We will introduce how to spy on iPhone without Apple ID on part 2.

spy iphone without icloud

2. Spy with iCloud account

Spy iPhone with iCloud need to know its account and password. For the users have enabled the 2 factor authentication, then you need to get the 6 digital code every time. This greatly increased the spying difficulty and this is the biggest reason why users are trying to find a way to spy iPhone without iCloud account and password. Also, the iPhone iCloud spying way can only get very limited data from target device. Here we will list out the advantages and its disadvantages.


  • No need to jailbreak the iPhone

  • The frequency you can get the updated data may higher than iTunes way

  • All social media accounts and call logs are under your hand with its help


  • Limited storage offered so that you can only get the limited data

  • It's a bit hard to get target's iCloud account information

spy on iphone without icloud id

3. Spy with Third-party Apps Installed on the Targeted Phone

Besides the iTunes and iCloud way, you may also be recommended by some apps online, they reclaims that the apps can spy on iPhone without Apple ID. Don't be fooled. These apps need you to jailbreak the iPhone definitely! I think you must know the downside of iPhone jailbreaking, that means you will break the iPhone security and may get hacked easily! On the other hand, it's very difficult to jailbreak successfully like mentioned at the beginning of this post.

The recommended way to spy an iPhone without iCloud

From what has been discussed above, the best and safe way to spy iPhone is with the help of using iTunes backups. But if we physically access to the target computer to check the files every time, then this cannot be regarded as a better way. Here we are going to recommend a tool for you to spy on iPhone without iCloud password remotely.

Part 2. The Best Way to Spy an iPhone without Apple ID and Password

It is not an issue now to spy an iPhone if you have not an Apple ID and password.  Apple devices have premium security walls that are not easy to break. Here to find a non-jailbreak solution to spy an iPhone without Apple ID - MoniMaster. This is an comprehensive spying solution compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Data does MoniMaster support

There are more than 20 types of data monitored by MoniMaster. The list of such data given below:

  • Monitor social media files: Including WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ and Kik chat history, as well as exchanged media files, emojis and more.

  • Read messages: Read all the text messages sent or received by the target user, including those deleted ones.

  • Track calls: Track all incoming and outgoing calls including the names, timestamps and call duration.

  • Check media files: Check any type of multimedia files stored on the target iPhone, including photos, videos or voice memos.

  • View Text Files: View the content added in Reminders, Calendars, Notes on the monitored iPhone or iPad.

  • Safari History & Bookmarks: Check Safari history and bookmarks to learn what the target user has been visited and what he is interested in.

Advantages of MoniMaster

The incredible benefits of using MoniMaster for spying iPhone without Apple ID listed below:

  • The real safe and liable tool to spy iPhone without iCloud and Apple ID, without any traps

  • It's the only tool on the market that can track the most data

  • Auto backup the target iPhone to update the data as long as the device is connected to the computer with MoniMaster installed

  • Only one time physical access is enough.

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4 Steps to use MoniMaster to spy on iPhone

The steps of using MoniMaster to monitor iPhone are given below in a sequence:

  • Step 1: Create a valid account and then choose the iPhone/iPad option.

  • Step 2: Then buy a proper plan to enjoy the features. One-time physical access needed to download the software on computer (Considering the timeliness of data updates, we suggest that it is better to install the app onto a computer that is often used by the target person.)

  • download the monimaster ios monitoring product to your computer

  • Step 3: Then launch the program after installing successfully and log in to the account you created earlier to start. Please be noted, if there is a pop-up alert says "Install iTunes", then you need to exit the program and install the iTunes app to continue.

  • scan backup to get data

  • Step 4: Now the tool can auto detect and scan the backup data on the computer. After scanning, all the data will display to you.

  • view iphone data

Part 3. We Should be Aware of Some Fraud Scenarios

Smart phones take a great important role in people's community, so many users will search online to find some tools to spy their loved one's device to keep then safe or discover the truth. So, we must tell some internet scams to avoid being cheated.

Some online tools or websites said that they can spy on someone's iPhone without Apple ID and ensure 100% effectivenees. Acturally these tools may use your persinal data for illeagal usage and they cannot work indeed.

The second type is that some hackers said that they will hack into the target's iPhone without Apple ID. No way! They absolutely cannot break out the Apple's security protocal and get data in such a way.

And the last type is that some third - party apps claimes that they can realize the aim to spy on iPhone without Apple ID. Indeed, there are such kind of apps like we introduced on part 2 like MoniMaster. But, not all the apps can do that, and some of them need to jailbreak the target iPhone for continuos spying. So, in order to keep your data safe, please choose the right wway to spy on iPhone.


Spying is increasing every day as people are becoming more curious about each other. Mostly spouse in relation keep an active eye on each other to determine the activities one perform on his or her iPhone. Therefore, the demand for spying iPhone with and without Apple ID and password is growing. However, due to the difficulty of using Apple ID to monitor the iPhone and the small amount of data obtained, people are looking for a way to spy on iPhone without Apple ID. After reading this post, I believe that you have already know the besst way is using a tool like MoniMaster to backup and extract target iPhone's data automatically.

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