Spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password

By Gary J. Fowler | Oct 27, 2020 11:30 am

There may be several reasons why you may feel the need to spy on an iPhone. Several people opt for spying on an iPhone with the help of iCloud. However, this method may seem easy at first; the prerequisites required for this method to work make it a little complicated.

When you try to spy on an iPhone this way, if two-step verification is activated in the target device, you will need to physically access the target device to get the six-digit verification code. The chances of getting caught increases drastically when you opt for this way of spying on an iPhone.

Are you wondering if you can spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password? Well, there certainly is a way to do this. Such a method will be described in detail in this article.

spy iphone without icloud

1. Is It Possible to Spy on iPhone without Apple ID or Password

Yes, there are some ways to spy iPhone without Aplle ID and password. Like hire a pro hacker or just download a iPhone spy app to finish the target.

But we all know that cost to hire a professional but trustworthy hacker may cost many from you and they cannot give you the updated data all the time. So, the recommend way is to install a third-party app to spy iPhone without detection. One named KidsGuard Pro for iOS can do this well, and this article will let you know about it.

2. The 100% Workable Way to Spy on iPhone without iCloud Password

The safest and the most reliable way to spy on iPhone without iCloud password would be to use KidsGuard Pro for iOS. This is an excellent app that has been specifically developed to monitor all the activities on an iPhone.


  • Monitor social networking apps like Viber, LINE, QQ, Kik, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Read all the incoming and outgoing messages and calls.

  • Get all the details of the calls like caller name, timestamp, call duration, etc.

  • Check the photos, videos, and voice notes.

  • Monitor the Safari bookmarks and history.

This is how you can use KidsGuard Pro for iOS to spy on an iPhone without iCloud password.

Step 1: You should use a valid email ID to create a KidsGuard Pro account and pick a suitable plan of your choice.

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Step 2: Follow the setup guide to install the app on the computer which the target device use it usually. After installation, the app will scan the backup data on this computer to analyze the iPhone data. (If there is no backup data, then you may need to connect the target iPhone to the computer once.)

download kidsguard pro

Step 3: Sign in to the online dashboard using your KidsGuard Pro account details and view all the activities on the target device.

kidsguard pro dashboard

With just three simple steps, you can spy on any iOS device using this app.

2.1. The Advantages of Using KidsGuard Pro for iOS Rather Than the iCloud

KidsGuard Pro for iOS offers several advantages, as listed below.

  1. All the deleted data from the iOS device can also be viewed and downloaded.

  2. You do not have to jailbreak the target device to monitor it using this app.

  3. The app stays hidden in the target device.

  4. You do not need iCloud login credentials.

  5. You do not need the six-digit verification code.

  6. Features auto backup and update.

  7. Compatible will all iOS models from iOS 9 to iOS 14

  8. Available at a reasonable price.

2.2. The Frequently Asked Questions of Spying on iPhone without iCloud

Here are a few frequently asked questions about KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

1. Does KidsGuard Pro support iPhone 12?

KidsGuard Pro is compatible with all iOS devices from iOS 9 to iOS 14 and all iPhone models, including iPhone 12.

2. Can I remotely check the data on an iOS device using KidsGuard Pro?

All the data on the target device can only be checked using the computer which has installed KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

3. Do I have to jailbreak the target device?

No, you do not have to jailbreak the target device to monitor it.

4. Do I have to access the target device physically?

Yes, you will need to physically access the target device just once to set up the app.

5. Is KidsGuard Pro safe to install and use for iOS monitoring?

This app is 100% safe to use as it is virus-free; it stores all the data locally and has minimum to no risk of data leakage online.

3. The Way of Using Phone Number to Spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password

Using the number, you can track the location of an iPhone. You don’t need to install any app or software for this method. There are several phone lookup services online that can be used for this purpose.

Using this method, you can track the geographical area of origination of the iPhone, the first and last name of the target device user, and the registered address.

use phone look up skill to spy iphone

The drawback of this method is that it is not 100% effective. This means that it is quite possible that you do not get some or none of the information with this method. Also, the location of the device and the other details retrieved by such a method is not always accurate.

This is why it is better to use an app like KidsGuard Pro for iOS for this purpose.


You may be looking to spy iPhone without iCloud due to several reasons. No matter what your reasons may be, know this that the best way to spy on an iPhone is by using KidsGuard Pro for iOS. With the help of this app, you need not have the Apple ID or password, and you also need not access the device to get the six-digit verification code.