FOMO Definition and Meaning: What Parents Need To Know


By Jeremy Barnett | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

FOMO, which is also known as Fear of Missing Out is a common acronym that we can find on the internet as of now. What does it actually mean? Continue to read and we will share more details about it with you here.

What is FOMO?

FOMO is a psychological dependence that people have, where they experience unhealthy internet usage and anxiety because of their disconnection from reality. In other words, they fear that they will not be able to keep up with their lives with others. For example, they worry about not being able to keep up with social interactions and social events.

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FOMO is one of the most uneasy feelings that you can get. The biggest trigger of FOMO is social media usage. That's because all of us tend to document our lives on Facebook and we try to compare our lives with what others post. This eventually leads us to FOMO, as we eventually try to compare our lives with them.

What does FOMO stand for?

What does FOMO mean? The abbreviation FOMO refers to Fear of Missing Out. In simple terms, you can consider it as the anxiety that people get when they worry about missing out opportunities that they have. For example, you will experience FOMO when you are not in a position to afford the newest iPhone, go to a concert, or do anything similar. When we see other people doing such things, we get the need to do it as well. At that very next moment, you will start experiencing FOMO.

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How to overcome FOMO?

Now you have a clear idea on what does FOMO stand for and the negative effects of it. While keeping that in mind, you will need to figure out how to overcome FOMO as well. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to overcome FOMO.

One of the most effective methods available to overcome FOMO is to control negative thoughts. Maintaining a journal and writing down your thoughts on it will be able to help you.

You will get a lot of toxic thoughts, especially when you browse social media. The best thing you can do in such situations is to replace them with rational thoughts.

Another great thing that you can do is to give a break to your phone. You can focus on another activity in the meantime.

You should make yourself available to the reality. Then you can face the reality and overcome challenges that would come on your way.

Mindfulness is a proven method to overcome FOMO. You may practice the art of mindfulness, and you can easily overcome negative thoughts.


Get a Tool to Better Understand Kids

Kids are one of the biggest victims to fear of missing out. It can create a major negative impact on their lives. This is why you need to understand your kids as a parent. If you can get hold of the mobile device of your child, you will be able to understand your kid in a better way. This is where you may take a look at MoniMaster Pro for Android.

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MoniMaster Pro for Android is a software that allows you to better understand your kids. That's because you can get comprehensive access to the mobile phone of your child with it. Here are some of the most outstanding features that you can get along with this software.

You can understand what your child is browsing on the internet.

One of the best ways to understand whether your child is struggling with FOMO is to check what he is browsing on the internet. You can track internet history secretly of the child for it.

You can check saved photos in the gallery.

If there are any saved photos in gallery with related to FOMO, you can clarify them easily with the monitoring app.

You can check the location of your child in real time.

It is possible to locate the whereabouts of your child clearly and make sure that he/she doesn't get into any problem.

You can see who your child is texting.

You can check and see who your child is texting. This will help you to understand the impacts of FOMO.

You can see who your child is calling.

Similar to checking up on texting, it is also possible to see who your child is calling as well.

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Steps to use MoniMaster Pro for Android

As you can see, MoniMaster Pro for Android is a great app that you can use to have a better idea on what your child is doing with his mobile phone. Here are the steps on how you can use this app on the Android device of your child.

Step 1. Make an account on Monimaster:

You need to have physical access to the Android device of your child to start using MoniMaster Pro for Android. In fact, you should install the app on your child's phone. Next, you will need to log into the monitoring panel of MoniMaster Pro for Android via your PC. After that, you can purchase a license, where you can activate all features that come along with Android monitoring.

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Step 2. Setup Guide:

Then go to the "My Product" page. Find the arrangement you recently bought and click the "Arrangement Guide" choice to figure out how to download and introduce the application on the gadgets you need to screen. After establishment, you want to log in with the authorized email to complete the arrangement.

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Step 3. Confirm setup and Start monitoring on the dashboard:

From the dashboard on your PC, you can have access to your child's phone. You have access to your child's phone through the dashboard on your PC.

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Advantages of choosing MoniMaster Pro for Android

As a parent, you can expect to receive multiple benefits by deciding to use MoniMaster Pro for Android. Here are some of the key benefits that would come on your way with this ultimate phone monitoring app.

You can remotely track and check what your child is doing on the internet and social media with MoniMaster Pro for Android. It allows you to monitor all the mainstream social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Telegram.

You can remotely track the location of your child. This helps you to understand the whereabouts of the child at any given time.

You can see all calls and text messages of your child remotely with the help of MoniMaster Pro for Android. It is even possible to record phone calls and listen to them.

FAQs about FOMO

Is FOMO an actual word?

Yes, FOMO is an actual world. It is an abbreviation that refers to Fear of Missing Out. It is the fear that someone would get when he/she feels that there is a great opportunity, which will be missed out if appropriate actions are not taken immediately.

What does FUD mean in text?

FUD refers to Fear of Uncertainty and Doubt. It comes to a person when he/she is not clear about a situation that is about to take place in the future. If there are doubtful situations on things that are about to happen, FUD would eventually take place.

What is an example of FOMO?

Let's assume that you are about to attend a concert. There is a limited number of seats and tickets available. The concert organizer would post on Facebook that only the last few tickets are up for sale. This would make you anxious and you will come across the need to proceed with purchasing the tickets you want as soon as possible. This scenario is a perfect example for FOMO.


FOMO refers to Fear of Missing Out. It is a natural phenomenon that most of us experience along with time. While keeping that in mind, it is important to take immediate action against FOMO. However, kids will not have a clear idea of what FOMO is all about, and they will experience the negative consequences of it. This is why you should be mindful on what your kids do and help them if they become victims of FOMO. Therefore, you can use MoniMaster Pro for Android to check their activities and protect them.

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