[6 Ways] How to Delete Downloads on MAC, iPhone or Android?


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Is it compulsory to delete downloads on MAC?

Yes, we need to delete the download on MAC. Every cell phone has restricted extra room, which can be impeded by pointless records and applications that we continue to download now and again. The phone becomes very slow due to many downloads and uses a more battery. In addition, at times, your phone may be hacked due to these downloads.

How to Delete Downloads on MAC?

In this article, there are different ways to delete downloads on MAC, iPhone, and Android. If you want to prevent your kids from inappropriated downloads, you can move to part 4 and try it.

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It is effortless to delete downloads from MAC. First, select all the download items and move them into the Trash.


Step 1. First, open Finder and search for downloads.

delete downloads on mac

Step 2. Go to the Downloads envelope.

Step 3. Select all documents in the Downloads organizer.

Step 4. Move chosen records into the Trash.

move chosen records into the trash

Besides downloading your program, your Mac likewise keeps records consequently downloaded by specific applications, like Skype, Telegram, and different couriers. Typically, every courier makes its envelope on your Mac and stores all documents sent in visits there. It very well may be elusive for all downloads on your Mac.

You can be allowed to change the area for downloads in every application. Beneath, you can see the rundown of well-known applications that naturally make organizers on your Mac. We will make sense of how to determine where to store the records downloaded utilizing these applications.

How to Delete Downloads on iPhone?

Fіrѕt step is to find your desired documents to erase. On iPhone, you won't get to see all of your downloads in one area.

You need to get to your selected paper to erase the application used to deal with them. When you have the record to see, you should swipe the document, and erase the choice will become noticeable. Press the erase choice, which will mean certain death for that document.

1. Remove Download from Podcasts

It is elementary to remove downloads from podcats, and here are the steps to remove them.


Step 1. Open your iPhone's "Webcasts" application and go to "My Podcasts".

remove download from podcasts

Step 2. Find the digital recording you need to erase and tap the "..." button adjacent to it.

Step 3. Choose "Eliminate Download" and tap "Eliminate Download" again to affirm.

Limitation: It is hard to do and requires particular time to perform.

2. Clear Download Files in Safari App

Most download records are from the web, and that is the very thing Safari offers on iPhone. You can find download records in the Safari application or iPhone Settings to clear downloads from Safari.


Step 1. Tap on the 'Bolt' symbol to see the download list, and tap the 'Erase' button of each download to eliminate.

clear download files in safari app

Step 2. Or on the other hand, you can tap on the 'Reasonable' button to erase all download documents.

erase all download documents

Limitation: It is time take and does not give the best results.

3. Delete Safari Downloads from iPhone Settings


Step 1. Open the "Settings" application on your iPhone and tap on "Safari".

delete safari downloads from iphone settings

Step 2. Select 'Downloads' and 'Eliminate Download List Items' and pick 'Following one day.

eliminate download list items

Step 3. Upon Successful Download' let the framework auto-erase the download records.

Limitation: Very hard to use the app and get the required data.

4. Clear Downloads in iPhone Settings

Although, erasing downloads individually would be a couple of letdowns. There is a simple way how to erase downloads on iPhone. Uninstalling and reinstalling is a quicker way. Through installation, all information and records in the applications keep safe, and files go to delete.


Step 1. Go to 'Settings' and then go to the 'General' and follow 'Capacity and iCloud Usage' 'Oversee Storage'.

clear downloads in iphone settings

Step 2. Click an application and pick 'Erase App'. Rehash the activity on other applications.

erase app

Step 3. Go to 'Application Store' to reinstall applications without any problem.

Limitation: A lot of time is compulsory and not simple for parents to use easily.

How to Delete Downloads on Android?

Open the Apps Tray. In many renditions of Android, it is a symbol with a grid of specks situated along the lower part of the screen. Tap the symbol to open the Apps Tray.


Step 1. Tap Downloads. It will be among the Apps shown, generally one after another in order.

delete downloads on android

Step 2. On specific variants of Android, there is no "Downloads" application. You may initially have to open a File Manager, for example, Files or My Files, and afterwards tap Downloads.

Step 3. Tap and hold a document you need to erase.

Step 4. Your gadget will be in "Select" mode; to choose extra records, tap them.

unistall app android

Step 5. Tap the "Erase" symbol. It very well might be a garbage bin symbol or "Erase" situated at the top or lower part of the screen.

Step 6. Tap DELETE. Doing so affirms that you must erase the downloaded records from your gadget.

Step 7. In specific variants of Android, the discourse box might request that you tap OK.

tap ok delete app

How to Protect Kids From Inappropriate Downloads?

You can protect your kids from inappropriate downloads by using MoniMaster Pro for Android.

MoniMaster is the world's most exceptional parental control application for you to watch out for your kids' Android phones to more readily direct their internet-based activities. MoniMaster keeps you restored about the area of your children or any relative. MoniMaster is well known for its solid highlights and is also famous for simple activities. MoniMaster indeed does well in observing social applications. We should investigate why it's a decent decision for you.

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Key Features:

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You can see the social apps on the phones of your loved ones and track the shared photographs of apps using the MoniMaster tool. For example, You can see deleted messages on Snapchat.

Catch Screenshots

We can progressively take screenshots of children's gadgets to avoid misbehaving. MoniMaster enables us to do this properly.


MoniMaster helps in the keystrokes on your children's gadgets to understand what they are looking at and searching on the internet.

View Phone Files

MoniMaster allows you to check photographs, recordings, program history, and introduced applications on the objective gadget.

android monitoring

Steps of using MoniMaster:

Step 1. Create a Valid Account:

Click the "Sign Up" button and add your substantial email address and data to the page. Then, there was a permit to utilize the best highlights of the MoniMaster. The next step is "My Products". Page.

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Step 2. Follow the Setup Guide

Add all the valid information on the product page and proceed to next, and click on "Arrangement Guide". Then adhere to the directions to utilize the application.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Begin Monitoring the Dashboard

After finishing the agreement on the phone, remember to tap on the "Check Setup" button at the lower part of the aide page. Then go to your dashboard to see the information of the objective telephone. Assuming that it's the initial time adjusting information from the telephone to the dashboard, it will require an investment to finish the information sync.

monimaster android dashboard

FAQs about Delete Downloads on Phone

1. How do I delete PDF files from my Android phone?

To find a PDF, look for the filename in Windows or macOS rapidly. Then explore the found envelope, right-click the PDF document, and pick Delete (Windows) or Move to Trash (macOS).

2. How do I delete downloads in Chrome?

To delete your download history in Chrome, first, open the "Downloads" tab by tapping the three specks menu button, then, at that point, select "Downloads." To eliminate an individual download from the Downloads list, click the "X" button in the upper-right corner of the passage.

3. How do I delete a download from my computer?

Go to the pursuit bar close to the Windows Start menu. Enter File Explorer. Select File Explorer in the list of items. Select the Downloads organizer on the left sheet. Press Ctrl plus A to choose every one of the documents or pick them exclusively. Right-click documents: Choose Delete. Select yes to affirm.


Presently you know where to track down the Downloads organizer and how to change the area for downloads for various applications. Since many records in the Downloads organizer may be unnecessary, we suggest you consistently tidy up this envelope. You can do this physically or with the assistance of MoniMaster, to save both your time and nerves.

You can filter and distinguish hurtful documents and applications and erase them immediately with a solitary tap. For that reason, we prescribe you introduce Monimaster Android Monitoring.

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