Monitor iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

MoniMaster is one of the best parental control applications to monitor almost all the important information you wish to know on your child's iOS devices.

Supports iOS 12 and the latest iPhone XS, XS Max, XR.

Why Parental Control is Important

As a natural process of learning, children are always attracted to the new things and this natural instinct is the main reason behind their attachment with the smart phones. Due to this attachment, they are exposed to several inappropriate online elements and digital threats that can damage their natural mental condition and harm brain development.

Parents should adopt a way to limit their children’s online accesses and digital activities in order to ensure positive impacts on their children’s learning and brain development. You need to implement a security system that can also be able to restrict the access of your child from the digital components that they are unable to handle.


MoniMaster Gives the Solution for Parental Control

To keep your children safe, a parental control tool is indispensable. MoniMaster is such a parental control program which allows you to track a wide range of information on your children's iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, including the frequently used apps such as contacts, messages, call history, photos, videos, WhatsApp, notes, voice memos, Kik, Viber, WeChat, etc. Even the deleted data and the frequently contacted list could also be accessed.

Track the Activities Remotely

  • img_gps

    Track the location remotely

    You can pinpoint the exact location and check the location history to know where your child has gone.

  • img_location_history

    Show top 5 frequent contacts

    You get to know whom your child is in constant contact with through calls and text messages by checking the frequently contacted list.

  • img_frequent_contacts

    Access deleted data on device

    It allows you to view not just the existing data, but also the deleted data on your child's iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

  • img_app_activities

    Export the data to computer

    Export the data (including the media files in original format) to your computer as the format of HTML or CSV.

Monitor 20 Types of Data on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

  • Photos


  • Videos


  • Messages/iMessages


  • Contacts


  • Notes


  • Call History

    Call History

  • Voice Memo

    Voice Memo

  • Calendar


  • Reminders


  • Safari Bookmarks


  • Safari History


  • WhatsApp


  • Kik


  • LINE


  • Viber


  • WeChat


  • QQ


  • APP


  • App Photos

    App Photos

  • App Videos

    App Videos

Services You Can Enjoy with MoniMaster

Scan iTunes Backups

Scan iTunes Backups

You need an iTunes backup of the target device on your computer.

Enter iCloud Credentials

Enter iCloud Credentials

Supports iOS devices with iCloud backup enabled.

How to Get Started


1. Download the free trial version


2. Purchase the license


3. Start to monitor the target iOS device

What Users Are Saying

I have been spending a long time looking for a tool to monitor my son's iPhone, as he spends every minute of the day on his iPhone. For me, MoniMaster is exactly the tool I need. It is realible and very easy to use! Will keep using this software.

-MoniMaster User


MoniMaster helped me save my 12-year-old son out of iPhone addiction. I scan his iTunes backup on my computer. Turns out he was using Instagram and Facebook way too much. So I forbade him to use iPhone for three months.

-MoniMaster User

I have hired more than 100 employee working in my office. There is no pratical way to monitor each employee every now and then. It is monimaster that let me feel reassured. With the monitoring service, I can always check what they are doing on their cell phones to them feel more focused on doing their job rather than chatting with others.

-MoniMaster User


MoniMaster is far beyond my expectations. It gives more than what it costs. It took time to install but eventually I saw the text messages and calls of my kid. It helps me polish my eyes and keep a clear head.

-MoniMaster User

Pricing Plans

1-Month License


$69.95 / Month

$0.96 / Day on average

3-Month License


$149.95 / Quarter

$0.64 / Day on average

1-Year License


$299.95 / Year

$0.26 / Day on average

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