Covenant Eyes Review: Is Covenant Eyes Effective?


By Kara Herrera | Apr 23, 2023 05:29 pm

Are you looking for an effective way to monitor someone online activity? Covenant Eyes is a popular choice for those seeking to protect themselves from the dangers of the internet.

In this Covenant Eyes review, we will discuss the features and benefits of this software, as well as its effectiveness in monitoring internet usage. And we will offer our opinion on whether Covenant Eyes is an effective tool for internet monitoring.

What is the Covenant Eyes App?

Covenant eyes app is a checking application that is exceptionally intended to keep children and grown-ups from watching grown-up films and seeing improper substances on the Web. It is also one of the best parental control apps.

  • Although the application functions admirably in observing and limiting undesirable sites, it needs to include that assist with shielding children and adolescents from different Web risks, like internet-based hunters.

  • The covenant eyes app has restricted usefulness and doesn't offer you the capacity to screen web-based entertainment applications, photographs, recordings, and instant messages.

  • Also, you need help finding your child by telephone, as well.

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How Do Covenant Eyes Work?

You should pursue the covenant eyes application before choosing a Responsibility Accomplice. The subsequent stage will introduce the Contract Eyes application on your essential gadgets. A few PCs can utilize Covenant Eyes without a moment's delay.

When you finish the underlying arrangement, you'll be provoked to choose a Responsibility, Accomplice. You can send a companion demand from inside your Contract Eyes account. Covenant Eyes login does not need any extra thing.


  • Give your accomplice's email address and sit tight for an acknowledgment reaction.

  • The subsequent stage is to conclude the way that delicate your report will be.

  • Levels can be set under Reports Settings, which can be accessed through your profile.

  • Adolescent, Grown-up Youngster, Grown-up, and Profoundly Mature are the four awareness classes.

  • As you climb the levels, you'll find that everyone addresses an alternate situation in the rankings of different sites.

  • In the event that you select the adolescent set, the report will detail your utilization of locales appraised teenager and higher.

The Pros and Cons of Covenant Eyes

Here are few Pros and cones of Covenant Eyes.


  • Extraordinary Screen Responsibility and shields the devices from unseemly substances and sites

  • Movement reports conveying the perusing aftereffects of the objective gadget.

  • It contains an assortment of handled Screen captures.

  • Astounding protection settings in putting away the client's individual information with absolute attention to detail, and it refreshes the data set consistently.

  • It has a limited YouTube mode to channel the grown-up happy from entering the device. And yo can try to put parental controls on YouTube.


  • The Covenant Eyes performs well on iOS gadgets when contrasted with Android. The presentation on Android telephones could be better.

  • The Screen Responsibility feature is inaccessible for Chrome books and Ignite Fire.

  • This application isn't appropriate for screening instant messages on the objective gadget.

  • There are no choices to restrict the screening season of children and teenagers.

Thus, on the off chance that you want a thorough checking arrangement, we suggest that you attempt MoniMaster .

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Covenant Eyes VS MoniMaster

MoniMaster Covenant Eyes
Price $29.99/M $16.99/M
Track location Yes No
Track location Yes No
Track social media Yes No
Capture screenshot Yes No
Real time data syncing Yes No
Monitor messages and calls Yes No

Why Parents Need MoniMaster to Protect Kids?

The computerized guardians need an ideal accomplice to help them check their darling's device exercises. You require a viable oversight method to keep an eye out for each move of your child on the web-based stage. In the advanced world, there is no comparable programming to the MoniMaster application.

Features of MoniMaster:

Screen capture

We have proactively expressed that MoniMaster Pro allows you to catch live screen captures of the objective telephone. Contract eyes application takes screen occasionally captures while KidsGuard MoniMaster Pro provides the capacity to the clients to make screen captures at any time and take moves as needs be.

Check calls

The MoniMaster permits the guardians to channel all approaching and active approaches to the youngster's phone. The guardians can impede outsiders' and tricksters' numbers to safeguard their children. You can also view their iPhone call history .


Activity Report

Most guardians need to know the daily contraption exercises of their children. It isn't easy to administer with manual intercession. You want a proficient technique to neglect the device use of your kids. The Movement Report from MoniMaster Pro settles your interest in this issue.

Monitor Social Media apps

You can check and get access to social media apps with the help of MoniMaster. You are allowed to see the activity of your kid's phone on social media apps. In this way, you can save your kids from bad activities.

Track Location

MoniMaster gives access to the right of your desired phone. You can trace anyone with the help of MoniMaster. It is a very amazing feature that makes MoniMaster very unique from the others.

How to use MoniMaster Pro to Track Kids' Phones?

Step 1. Make an account:

Click the "Join Now" button to pursue a legitimate record utilizing a credible email address. Put your valid email and detail to use the MoniMaster. Then proceed to the next page for further information.

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Step 2. Follow Setup:

You can find the arrangement you bought on the "My Product" page and click the "Arrangement Guide" button. Follow the instructions on the page and install the MoniMaster on the desired phone.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Begin Observing

After finishing the arrangement and establishment on the objective PC, tap the "Confirm Arrangement" button at the lower part of the "Arrangement Guide" page. Then, at that point, you will want to take a look at every one of the available information.

monimaster ios dashboard

FAQs about Covenant Eyes


1. Does Covenant Eyes see Netflix?

No, Convenient Eyes can't see Netflix. Contract Eyes is a checking and sifting program intended to monitor online exercises and channels.


2. Why did Google remove Covenant Eyes?

Google didn't permit the application on the Play Store since it tracked down an issue with the application. This could be anything connected with how the application utilizes authorizations or something associated with client security/protection concerns. The application designer is the most appropriate to help you regarding this.


3. Does Covenant Eyes monitor WhatsApp?

Because of its limited capacity, the Covenant Eyes application can't be utilized to monitor an objective's Utilization of web-based entertainment, pictures, recordings, or instant messages. Furthermore, it can't assist you with finding your kid through a cell phone.


Covenant Eyes are that the application is excellent for hindering pornography sites and listing items. Notwithstanding, it neglects to interfere or report assuming that the objective individual is looking at grown-up happy via virtual entertainment stages or disconnected. For that reason, you want a legitimate remote observing application to check all the telephone exercises from a distance. We suggest MoniMaster for complete remote observation.

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