4 Easy Ways to View Private Instagram Online in 2020

By Gary J. Fowler | Mar 20, 2020 03:09 pm

Instagram is the most popular platform to share photos and videos with a massive audience. However, IG also offers a choice of setting your account to private if you want to hide your profiles from public view and only allow your followers to view the posts. In this way, people feel safe and post more.

Lately, there's one hot topic on is it possible to view private Instagram online? Sure, we will tell you 4 easy ways which you may adopt to accomplish your task. Let's not lose any time and learn how to see a private Instagram account 2020.

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Way 1: Use a Legit App to View Private Instagram Online

If you search "how to view private Instagram profile" online, there are lots of online sites everywhere claiming they can perform this act without any cost. But most of them will lead you to do a surway or human verification, then end up losing your time and getting nothing in exchange.

We've tested a number of services and found the only effective way is by a legit 3rd party app. And our final pick is MoniMaster, which is used and vetted by millions of users around the globe.


What you can view: Private/ Public Instagram photos, videos, messages, profile, user's interactions and automatically screenshots.

Monimaster is the ideal method that you can use if you want to gain complete access to a private Instagram account remotely. The traits granted by this app are unique among different apps available in the market. This app works 100% discreetly, never putting you at risk of discovery. Besides, you can have the program up and running in a matter of 5 minutes. Let's see what it can do for you:

  • You can  view Instagram private posts, even the deleted ones.

  • You can monitor all chat history, including messages received, sent and deleted.

  • You can view the posts of their follows just as you own their accounts without logging them out.

  • You can take real time screenshots when the target is using Instagram.

  • You can get their Instagram notification or interactions with others such as comments, likes.

  • If offers a full feature set and you can monitor other social media apps like WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat.

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How to view Instagram private profile with 3 steps via Monimaster?

Step 1: Create a MoniMaster account

Click the Sign Up button below to create an account with a valid email. Then purchase a license to access premium features.

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Step 2: Download the app assistant and login with your account.

Visit with the browser of target phone and download the app. Then sign into your account and finish the setup. The app's icon will hide from the home screen after the setup.

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Step 3: Go to MoniMaster online panel and start monitoring.

Finally, you can leave the target device along and view all the data in your dashboard. By clicking the "Instagram" option in the left, you can see private instagram photos online.

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You can also click Demo to try its features for free. If you want to check Instagram chats and screenshots, just click "Instagram"; If you want to view Instagram photos, you can go to "Photos".

Way 2: Send a Follow Request


What you can view: Private Instagram photos, videos, profile, user's interactions.

If you desire to view someone's private Instagram online, the easiest manner is to request to follow that person. Typically, notwithstanding someone with a covered profile will approve people they recognize, so if this is a person you're familiar with, you shouldn't experience any issues receiving your request accepted. Once they've authorized you, you will be able to see their pics, videos, and Instagram testimonies instantly. This is by far the ideal way to view private Instagram accounts online.

If they don't know you and have a strict policy of not approving requests from stranger. In this case, you can send them a direct message expressing why you are interested to follow them on IG and let them know who you are. Be honest as much as possible so that they won't feel compelled to accept your follow request.

instagram follow request

Way 3: Search Username on Google


What you can view: Maybe private Instagram photos, videos, profile and other social media account profile.

Log in to your Instagram account and find the people you're looking for. You'll still be capable of seeing their usernames even if they have set to hide from the public.

Now, visit Google search (or any of your chosen search engine) and paste the name of your target into the search box. High chances remain your goal might have left some trails on the virtual space earlier than they switched on their privacy protection on the platform. If they've their pictures and statistics elsewhere, as an unprotected Facebook account, then you might be capable of getting their information easily.

Paste that username into Google or whichever seeks the engine you choose to use. You also can take a photo that you understand is theirs and placed it into a reverse picture seek to see if they have employed it on a different, maybe now not as included, social media site.


If you want to do your search greater specific you may use quotations inside the search query. You can add in places to narrow the sphere even broader. Whilst this is a good way to view private Instagram accounts online it still doesn't solve the issue as Monimaster does in our case.

Way 4: Use an Online Website Without Download


What you can view: The number of the posts, followers, but nothing about the exact content.

You can use websites like Privateinstaviewer to view private Instagram online. Unfortunately, after testing some of the consequences from this site, we honestly do not endorse the usage of these web sites. They draw from shady backgrounds at best, commonly obscuring the name of the enterprise at the back of the site.

If you guys don't believe what I've already told you, you can try the following websites which are the most popular. After entering the username in the text box provided by the sites and clicked on the button to "view private photos and videos", then you willl be redirected to do a quiz or human verification. That’s how you end up getting your time wasted, and on the other side, the website owner of this application will be earning good money.


In Closing

Therefore, these are some feasible hints which are without a doubt enormously beneficial for accessing the private Instagram account of any user. As our test shows, MoniMaster is the best solution on how to view Instagram private profile. We wish you may take the full benefit of it and will revert lower back to us using sharing your studies and feedbacks with us within the comments section available below. We will genuinely upload them on this list if we discover them appropriate for the users.

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