[5 Methods] How to Listen to WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Sender Knowing


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Can we listen to WhatsApp voice messages without the sender knowing?

Yes, we can listen to WhatsApp voice messages without the sender knowing. Many of us might be aware, regardless of whether you incapacitate listening to Receipts messages on WhatsApp.

Standing by listening to the voice message will send a playing receipt, otherwise called a blue tick, which illuminates the source that you have heard the voice message. If you pay attention to a voice message and don't have any desire to answer right away, you can utilize an outsider instrument or attempt a portion of its local strategies.

How to Listen to WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Sender Knowing?

Whenever you open a WhatsApp Text or Voice Message, WhatsApp naturally creates two blue ticks next to the message, informing the shipper that their Audio Message has been heard. This Read Receipt arrangement in WhatsApp is helpful, as it permits the shippers to realize that their messages are being perused or heard. You can also read WhatsApp messages without opening.

Nonetheless, in specific cases, you might have substantial purposes behind needing to pay attention to WhatsApp Audio without the source knowing whether you have paid attention to their Voice Message.


There are five methods below, and the most effective way is the Method 5 Use Third-party Tools to Listen to the Voice Message on WhatsApp, which is easy to use. Keep reading and try it.

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Method 1. Turn off Read Receipt



Maybe the most dependable method for paying attention to WhatsApp voice notes without advising the sender is to handicap WhatsApp voice notes on your gadget before opening the WhatsApp Voice Message.


Step 1. Open WhatsApp, tap on the three speck menu symbol, and select Settings in the drop-down menu.

Step 2. From the Settings screen, go to Account > Privacy > look down and uncheck the Read Receipts box.

turn off read receipt

Step 3. In the wake of crippling Read Receipts, you can open the WhatsApp Audio or Voice Message and pay attention to it.

Step 4. Since, Read Receipts are now impaired in your WhatsApp Account, the source will not have the option to see whether you have paid attention to their Voice Message.

listen to voice messages whatsapp

Step 5. The major disservice of this strategy is that you will not have the option to get Read Receipts from others insofar as Read Receipts are impaired in your WhatsApp Account.

Method 2. Turn on Airplane Mode



You can listen to the voice message on WhatsApp without the sender knowing by using Airplane Mode. If you would instead not go through the difficulty of switching off your read receipts only for a couple of voice messages, we have another, more accessible way. Furthermore, you would not need to follow any means for this one; turn on the flight mode on your cell phone. When you disengage your gadget from any organization, any activity you take isn't enrolled on the web, including standing by listening to this voice message.


Step 1. In this way, when you get the warning of a voice message, hang tight briefly and afterward turn on quite a mode.

turn on airplane mode

Step 2. Then, open WhatsApp and play the voice message. When you're finished, close WhatsApp and clear it from the new tabs.

Step 3. Presently, switch off the quiet mode, and you're all set.

Step 4. The source won't ever realize that the voice message has proactively been played.

Step 5. In any case, one condition for this stunt to work: you should enact auto-download for you.

Step 6. Either way, you will not have the option to download the voice note or pay attention to it without a functioning web association.

Method 3. Send the Voice Message to Another Chat



While the flight mode stunt is very convenient, it can get debilitating assuming you get too many voice messages on WhatsApp that you like to pay attention to. Do you need a less complicated way out? Since we have one! This technique will expect you to advance this voice message to another chat (or yourself). Follow these means to comprehend how it functions better:


  • Open WhatsApp on your cell phone. On the Chats tab, look at your visit list until you find the one with the voice message.

  • send whatsapp messages to another messages

  • On the other hand, you can likewise type in the source's name in the hunt bar on the highest point of the screen.

  • Once their discussion is opened on your screen, long-push on the voice message you need to pay attention to.

  • You'll see a few symbols showing up at the highest point of the screen in two or three seconds.

  • Two are white bolts, one confronting left and the other confronting right. The right one is utilized for sending messages; tap on it.

  • As soon as you make it happen, you'll be taken to one more tab, where you'll be approached to choose the contact for sending this message.

  • Once you select a contact for sending your message and hit forward, the tasks are finished.

  • transfer whatsapp messages

  • Presently, you can stand by listening to the voice message however many times as you need without the source finding out.

Method 4. Listen to the WhatsApp Voice Note on File Manager



The other strategy is to pay attention to WhatsApp sounds from the nearby reinforcement. WhatsApp will download and store our sound records in the document chief before playing. So if you pay attention to WhatsApp sound documents from the support, you will not enact WhatsApp read receipt notice.


This is how to pay attention to voice messages on WhatsApp from a record director.

  • Open your File Manager application.

  • Select Internal Storage.

  • listen to the whatsapp voice note on file manager

  • Tap on WhatsApp and afterward go to Media.

  • Here, you will track down WhatsApp Voice Notes.

  • There will be many sub-organizers, generally named with the making date. You need to find the present envelope and figure them out physically.

  • Now you can hear the WhatsApp sounds from all visits; however, without the relating contact name, you need to figure out which is the one you are searching for.

Method 5. Use Third-party Tools to listen to the Voice Message on WhatsApp

The last technique - our selected one - is an ideal workaround. An exceptionally proficient and high-level instrument can assist you with paying attention to a wide range of sound documents without the source knowing. Probably the best apparatus is MoniMaster WhatsApp Monitoring.

A total WhatsApp observing arrangement might not just assist you at any point with paying attention to good messages but also screen talks, view call logs, and significantly more. MoniMaster WhatsApp Monitoring application is an extraordinary and simple device you can use to screen everybody's visit and correspondence exercises on WhatsApp in practically no time!

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Record WhatsApp Calls:

Whenever you get any missed calls or gotten messages, it will show them to you on your PC, so it's beneficial for you to check who is calling or informing you when you are not close to your telephone.

Track social apps:

MoniMaster enables you to monitor all the social apps and give accurate information. The information will be on the dashboard on MoniMaster.

Browser history:

The powerful features of MoniMaster keep you updated about the browser history of your kid's phones. All detail is accessible through MoniMaster.

Track location:

The track location is straightforward with the use of MoniMaster. You can track your family members and all persons who did you want. MoniMaster allows you to check the history, and you can manage it according to your desire. You can track the cell phone location for free.

Calls Logs:

You can see all the call detail on your mobile phone through MoniMaster. It is straightforward to get the required data. You can monitor your desired phones in a few steps with the help of MoniMaster.

whatsapp monitoring

How to use:

It is effortless to use MoniMaster. Begin observing WhatsApp exercises with three basic steps.

Step 1. Create an Account:

Click on the "Sign Up" button to use a valid email address. If you need more advanced things, then you can buy premium services. Use accurate details for better services.

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Step 2. Setup Guide:

When the value plan and buy are finished, you'll naturally be taken to a site page named "My Products and Orders Management." Here, you can track down your request, click "Arrangement Guide" and complete the expected arrangement on the Android gadget referred to.

download monimaster whatsapp

Step 3. Setup and Start Monitoring:

After completing all the process then confirm it. Then you can go to the dashboard for monitoring. Here, you can start to screen and track the gathered WhatsApp information on your phone.

hack whatsapp without verification using Monitoring

Advantages of Chooseing MoniMaster WhatsApp Monitoring

There are multiple ways of knowing whom your children are talking with and what they are messaging. The most disguised and financially confident approach is to follow all the details possible through MoniMaster.

You can see videos, photos, and much more by using the MoniMaster app. MoniMaster gives access to the gallery section to see files.

You can take a screenshot of any device you want, available on the MoniMaster dashboard.

The contact information can be seen on the dashboard of MoniMaster. It makes MoniMaster unique from others.

FAQs about Voice Messages on WhatsApp

1. Does WhatsApp notify when you replay a voice message?

If your companion has tuned in/played your voice message, you'll see a somewhat blue mic symbol close to the sent message; otherwise, the mic symbol will be of a dark tone. Thus, along these lines, the discussion won't be uneven.

2. Can someone know how many times you viewed their WhatsApp status?

Indeed, Whatsapp informs you as to whether somebody has seen your story. The little eye symbol at the base uncovers insights regarding who has seen your WhatsApp status and when. Swipe up on the sign to check.

3. How do you know someone stalks you on WhatsApp?

You have stowed away your last seen choice. Switch off Read Receipts or blue ticks: As it is a gift to realize that your message is perused by the individual you have sent, the stalker likewise can recognize that you have perused their message and assist them with sending more than messages.


Countless limitations on WhatsApp make individuals imagine it is secure and impervious. Monimaster WhatsApp Monitoring is one of the most believed applications for people who need to stand by listening to WhatsApp voice notes without source knowledge. A clear strategy works covertly. Furthermore, Monimaster WhatsApp Monitoring gives many elements you may not know are conceivable.

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