A Complete Guide on WhatsApp Sexting 2023


By Gloria Robertson | Mar 02, 2023 02:46 pm

WhatsApp sexting is also known as WhatsApp sexts. Now the main question is what are WhatsApp sexts and how it work? It's a new way of sexualizing oneself through messages on the internet. It can be anything from sending explicit photos or videos. As most of the time, this process is done on WhatsApp, that's why it is referred to as WhatsApp sexting.

Why do Teens Choose WhatsApp Sexting?

Here are some main reasons that will help you to know why teens choose Whatsapp texting.

To Fit in His Social Circle

Fitting into a group of friends and wanting to be one of them can make teens feel left out if they never talk about sex or sexuality in person with friends.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can make teens believe they should sext to be cool. They even sometimes exchange WhatsApp sexting numbers.

They Have Easy Access to Everything

They feel like no one knows that and get more comfortable every time they do it. They feel that they can do it anywhere and anytime.


If you want to protect kids on WhatsApp, you can move to Part 4. Here you can use MoniMaster for WhatsApp , which's a great and easy tool that can help you to monitor WhatsApp chats and activities within a few minutes.

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Is WhatsApp Safe For Sexting?

No, it's not especially for a child who is doing sexting on WhatsApp. It is not safe for them. Here are some main threats which can destroy your child's future.

An employer who is monitoring what your child posts on social media and monitor child text messages, but you never know what his intention is.

If the sexts are sent to someone other than his partner, then this can affect them and also their partner.

He might be a victim of revenge porn or blackmail for money or sexual favours by sending these videos without their consent.

Your child's name and reputation can be seriously affected if he sends obscene videos or images without consent.

Even if your child sends sext messages only to one person in private, other people could still get hold of your child's phone, without his knowledge and use it to hurt him or her.

teens whatsapp sexting

How Can We Check Our Kid's WhatsApp Messages?

Well, the simplest way is you ask for his phone(kidding). You can sign in to his account on your desktop or you can use online tools to check his WhatsApp messages. One of the best online tools is MoniMaster for WhatsApp, it's a great and easy tool that can help you to monitor WhatsApp chats and activities within a few minutes.

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Key Features of MoniMaster

Deleted Messages are Accessible:

You can read all the messages deleted by your child and can easily see what your kid is up to.

Track Location:

You can track his location and see where he is going and how far he is from the house. It will help you to keep your kids close to you and you will be aware of their locations.

Read Phone Logs:

You can see who calls your child and you can know at what time that person called and can have access to his number. Also record WhatsApp calls without knowing.

Search with Keywords:

If you don't want to disturb his privacy and still want to know if he is in good company or not keyword is the best option for you.

Data can be Synced:

All the data can easily be synced in your desktop app and the best thing is it will be synced in real-time.

How To Use MoniMaster:

It's quite easy to use. Now, follow the below steps in order to use it:

Step 1. Create an Account:

Click on the "Sign Up" button and enter your authentic email. If you need more advanced things, then you can buy premium services. Use accurate details for better services.

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Step 2. Install the App:

Install it in your desktop app or phone and download it to your target phone. When the value plan and buy are finished, you'll naturally be taken to a site page named "My Products and Orders Management." Here, you can track down your request, click "Arrangement Guide" and complete the expected arrangement on the Android gadget referred to.

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Step 3. Set Up and Start Monitoring:

After completing all the process then confirm it. Then you can go to the dashboard for monitoring. Open the app and click on "Dashboard". Then click on WhatsApp chat. Here, you can check kids's WhatsApp messgaes.

hack whatsapp without verification using Monitoring

There will be all the options you can choose whatever you want and can have easy access to all the WhatsApp data.

Advantages of Choosing WhatsApp MoniMaster Tool for WhatsApp Monitoring:

Complete History of Chat:

This application has a complete history of your chats and also supports monitoring of any number or group chats.

Stealth Mode:

Monitoring all your messages is done in complete stealth mode so that no one will know they're being monitored.

Detailed Report:

MoniMaster for WhatsApp also has a detailed contact report and media report, which makes it easy to read the information that has been gathered.

WhatsApp Sexting Code and Meanings

Nowadays child uses different codes so that adults can't understand what they are talking about. The code which seems typing mistake to us can be a sex code that they used to talk with each other. Here are some most used sexting codes and meanings.

LMIRL: It means let's meet in real life.

CU46: See you for sex.

CODE9: Parents are near.

KPC: Keep parents clueless.

99: Parents are gone.

WYCM: Will you call me.

IWSN: I want sex now.

ADR: Address

53X: Sex

There are many more codes like these. Just be aware. These codes and Whatsapp sexting can destroy the life of your dear and near ones.

whatsapp sexting code and meanings

FAQs About WhatsApp Sexting

Is sending pics on WhatsApp safe?

Mostly yes, but if you have to send private pictures then click on the end-to-end encryption option on WhatsApp it will make your picture secure from falling into wrong hands.

How can I send a secret chat on WhatsApp?

You have to click on the padlock icon which is on the top right corner. Type your message, the recipient has to agree to enter a Secret Conversation with you.

How do I know if someone is checking me on WhatsApp?

There's no way to find out if someone is checking you on WhatsApp. But you can see who has already viewed your status on WhatsApp by clicking on the eye icon on my status option.

Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

No WhatsApp doesn't work on two phones with the same number. Unless you have shared code with someone which was sent by WhatsApp.

Does online on WhatsApp mean they are talking to someone?

Well, most of the time but not every time. Sometimes they can be viewing statues or documents shared by someone.


We have shared what sexting is and how it works. How dangerous it can be for our kids so make sure to keep an eye on your kids and if you want a monitoring app then MoniMaster for WhatsApp is one of the best apps. It will help you to keep an eye on your kid without him knowing.

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