5 Best Parental Control Apps for Android


By Jeremy Barnett | Aug 25, 2022 10:08 am

Nowadays, young people can access the Internet anywhere, and pretty much every data is accessible. There are a few locales that kids can handily contact; however, it could be improper.

Today, we will introduce 5 Android Parental Control Apps for parents to protect kids.

Why are Parental Control Applications For Android Significant?

The best parental control applications for Android can better comprehend how your kids invest their energy online while utilizing their tablets and cell phones. Large numbers likewise offer Windows and Mac programming for your kid's PC to provide you with an all-the-more widely inclusive perspective on their screen time.

Category Parental Control Apps
Best for Younger Children MoniMaster
Best for Older Kids Norton Family
Best for Overall Monitoring MoniMaster
Best for Location Tracking Find My Kids
Best for Managing Screen Time Qustodio
Best Budget MoniMaster

Top 5 Parental Control Apps for Android

1. MoniMaster Pro for Android

MoniMaster Pro for Android is a fantastic application that empowers the guardians to control and confine their kid's utilization of some other applications on mobile phones and screen different exercises. It upholds Android gadgets.

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By utilizing MoniMaster's great parental control application, you can keep your child from getting to improper substances on the Internet and keep them from undesirable collaboration.

Price: Billed at $29.95/month

Key Features:

Keep Your Child Safe Online

MoniMaster guarantees your youngster's advanced action is adjusted without risk like sexual stalkers, digital harassment, etc. MoniMaster lets guardians watch out for youngsters' gadgets by obstructing unseemly substances.

Apps Monitoring

MoniMaster can hinder applications, give reports, and assist guardians with getting youngsters online action whenever.

Track of Real-Time Location

Guardians can utilize MoniMaster to set Geo-fence and track cell phone location to know whether they are protected when they need to investigate the world.

Capture Screenshots

Guarantee the security of children's screen time by taking screen captures of things and equilibrium their web-based exercises through a solitary dashboard.

Frequent Contacts

Realize your children's continuous contacts by checking their telephone loggers and instant messages.

android monitoring

How to Put Parental Controls on Android?

Step 1. Purchase Your Favorite Plan:

Buy the plan you like and fill in the relevant information. Use valid information to avoid any problems.

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Step 2. Verify setup

Register a MoniMaster account and complete the vital data filling and settings. Complete the setup with the addition of accurate data.

click setup android

Step 3. Complete the setup Start Monitoring

To get the best results put your information on your required setup. Associate and deal with all gadgets from the MoniMaster dashboard.

monimaster android dashboard

2. Net Nanny

Net Nanny permits you to screen your family's computerized propensities while shielding your children from hurtful substances. You can lay out limits on screen time and keep your children from getting into unseemly implications.

You'll get factual data on the ventures your children are leading.

You'll get constant alarms on obscene, self-destruction, weapons, or medication-related content.

Then, at that point, you can impede sites and applications you don't maintain that your kid should get to or specific layout times they're permitted to be on the web.

net nanny app

Know that a few commentators of this item found that it didn't hinder sufficient substance. Others found it inhibited an excessive number of destinations — including ones they attempted to add to their protected locales.

Price: Starts at $50 each year and goes up to $129 each year

Key Features:

  • First class web separating framework that breaks down sites

  • Can set explicit times for youngsters to utilize gadgets

  • Blocks content across web addresses and applications

  • Screens their physical and virtual area

What We Don't Like:

  • Just offers yearly membership

  • No checking of calls and texts

  • It is very costly

3. Norton Family

Like other quality parental control programs, Norton Family allows you to set screen time limits, track areas, block improper applications and sites, and view your kid's internet-based action.

The application likewise sends makes about endeavored visits aware of hindered locales, empowers admittance to YouTube recordings your kid has watched, and has a concentrated parent entrance where you can deal with the gadgets.

norton family premier app

Notwithstanding, Norton Family has severe strength areas for exceptionally channels, even on iOS, screens Hulu and YouTube, and has another element called School Time to keep kids centered during remote-learning class time.

Price:  $50 each year

Key Features:

  • Online web and gadget time oversight

  • Set up web-based search watchword alarms

  • Screen all interpersonal organization action

  • Safeguard all private data and GPS area following

What We Don't Like:

  • Can't be utilized on Mac PCs

  • No month-to-month membership, just yearly

  • Incapable of obstructing applications on PCs

  • Doesn't follow virtual entertainment destinations

4. Qustodio

You can impede games and applications you don't believe your kid should access and likewise layout time limits on every gadget. You can again find your kid's devices whenever. Your kid will also approach a signal for an emergency response that can quickly make you aware of your area.

qustodio app

Qustodio assists guardians with focusing on their children's wellbeing and security by restricting screen time and forestalling openness to unseemly substances. The application's highlights can prompt better dozing propensities and, in general mental prosperity.

Price:  From $55 to $138 each year

Key Features:

  • Simple to-understand dashboard

  • Can set screen time limits, block content, and audit calls/texts

  • Admittance to current and past areas

What We Don't Like:

  • A few elements just accessible for Android clients

  • Guardians can't audit in-application communications (think Snapchat)

5. Find My Kids

Find My Kids is a lighter touch on parental control applications. This one monitors your kid's area consistently. We like how straightforward this application is. You open it and can promptly know where each of your children is.

A few elements incorporate notices if your kid's phone is experiencing difficulty sending an area, and you can see what applications they use.

find my kids

Price: Free/$2.99 each month/$16.99 each year/$25.99 once

Key Features:

  • A GPS watch is consistently secure on their wrist, so your youngster will not lose it.

  • See the specific history of areas for the day with the goal that you know where they walk and what course they take to school.

  • The watch can be used to settle decisions like a typical cell phone. A GPS watch shows your kid's area and lets you pay attention to their environmental elements.

What We Don't Like:

  • This capability isn't accessible if a kid has iPhone

  • It is costly

FAQs about Parental Control For Android

Can I see what my child is doing on their phone?

Indeed, you can see the action of children. You can use it to search for possibly unsafe messages or unseemly substances or pictures. Moreover, this simple to introduce application additionally can show you any recordings or photographs your kid takes on their telephone for you to filter the substance when required.

Which free app is best for parental control?

There are many apps for parental control but MoniMaster has unique features and proves accurate data on your kid's phone. You are capable to see all the activities on your kid's phone through MoniMaster.

How can I monitor my child's text messages?

MoniMaster is the most solid and renowned observing instrument for guardians to follow their kid's instant messages from a distance. It likewise has sufficient ability to track different sorts of data. Highlights: Monitor the ongoing area of the objective.


These main five parental control applications assist the guardians in observing their children's actions, and through this, they with canning find a sense of contentment as may be obvious and keep a mind each move of their child. The best parental control application out of everything is MoniMaster which is an excellent application with numerous alluring elements inbuilt—enthusiastically suggested!

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