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Can we see and recover deleted history on Google?

Yes, we can recover the deleted history on Google. If you are a Google client and have lost your perusing history due to erasing it accidentally, it is possible to recover the erased account on Google 2022. Google provides you with the choice of survey your perusing history. You can track sites you have visited on what dates and permits you to get back to them with the help of MoniMaster.

How to See Deleted History on Google

MoniMaster Pro for Android is well known for its vital elements, and it is likewise famous for simple activities. MoniMaster is the most progressive parental control app that lets you better watches your children's phones to view their search history. The MoniMaster Android observing application ensures you see practically all Browser history.

view google search history

There are multiple ways of knowing whom your children are talking with and what they are searching on google. Thought about extensively, the most desirable and savvy approach is to view the search history through MoniMaster. All your kid's phone data is watchable on your phone screen. There is no need for extra details for using MoniMaster.

What Can MoniMaster Pro for Android Do

MoniMaster is prominent for its unique features. You can check your children's phone search history with the help of MoniMaster. MoniMaster also enables you to see all chats and files of your loved ones in just a few steps. Some of the best features are below:

Search History:

MoniMaster gives access to the search history. You can check and monitor the search history as you wish. Track the current position of your children and view search history completely. Set Geo-wall as protected zones (home. school, and so on), and get alarms once your child enters or leaves those zones.


Now all messages are in your control, and you can trace your kids' statements on your phone. Even you can see hidden messages also. You can filter every one of your kid's online recreation application exercises with MoniMaster observing programming assistance, including shared photographs, emoticons, and stickers. You are kept informed.


MoniMaster allows you to watch your family members and kids' contacts without expressing them. It did not show any notification to the phone.

Screen captures:

MoniMaster has a unique feature of screen capture. You can see the screen of your loved ones. Any of your loved ones are in your hands, and you can monitor this with the use of MoniMaster.

Call Logs:

Check every one of the calls histories and read all the erased instant messages on your kid's Android phone through MoniMaster. Make a move ahead of time, believing there are a few surprising messages. Every call logs are reachable with the help of MoniMaster. Call history will be on your screen.

How to View Google Deleted History by MoniMaster Pro for Android

It is straightforward to view the deleted history by using the MoniMaser. MoniMaster gives the right to use in the required section.

Step 1. Make a Valid Account

Go to the Signup option for making an account and enter a legal email address. Buy a license to get access to all MoniMaster features. Then go the My Products and fill in the details.

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Step 2. Follow the Setup

You can select the plans on the My Products page and then go to the setup option. Take a deep look at the instruction and fill in the necessary information on the page. After this, download the app and Sign in to your account for setup.

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Step 3. Confirm Your Setup

After putting in the correct information, add the required phone and verify the setup. Then visit the dashboard and monitor the phone as you wish.

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How to Recover Google Search History

1. Recover Deleted History from Google Account Activity:

Assuming that you are a Google Chrome client and have lost your perusing history due to erasing it unintentionally, it is feasible to recuperate similar utilizing the accompanying straightforward advances.

This strategy will work for those clients who have turned on Google sync. This component will have adjusted all the perusing history in Chrome. Recuperate the erased perusing account like this.


Step 1. Open a website page in Google Chrome. When you enter your Google Account, you will see the rundown of all that Google has recorded from your perusing movement.

Step 2. Look down to Chrome Bookmarks. You will see every one of the sections that your android phone has gotten to, like bookmarks and applications. Once more, resave those perusing history passages as bookmarks.

Step 3. Recuperating erased perusing history with Android information recuperation programming.

Step 4. If you don't have a Google account, it won't be imaginable to recuperate the perusing history information in the previously mentioned manner. In such a condition, you should utilize great Android information recuperation programming.

Step 5. To have the option to recuperate information through this technique, you should root your phone before beginning the interaction.

Step 6. Examine the android phone to find the perusing history lost. You can likewise channel the outcomes utilizing the suitable record types.

Presently see and recuperate the perusing history on the android phone. Turn on "Showed erased things" choices to rattle off just the erased record. Tap on the "Recuperate" button to get back the chosen perusing history passages back once more.

2. Recover Deleted History from a Backup:

Restore makes programmed reestablish focuses consequently at focuses it considers significant, notwithstanding manual reestablish focuses. There's an opportunity you can reestablish to a moment where you can see erased history on Google Chrome.


Step 1. Press Windows Key + S and look through framework reestablish. Click on Create a reestablish point.

Step 2. Click System Restore.

recover deleted history from a backup

Step 3. Click Next.

Step 4. Select a reestablish point that is dated before your Chrome history was lost or erased. Click Next.

Step 5. At long last, click Finish. Your PC will restart to apply these progressions.

Step 6. After you've reestablished to a past point, affirm that you can see erased history on Chrome.

3. Recover Deleted History from Previous Versions:

If you have erased the set of experiences from Google Chrome, recuperating it very well may be somewhat more interesting. It is because Chrome doesn't erase the History record. However, it discharges the substance of its information base. An information recuperation instrument can't recuperate this lost information.

Assuming you have File History set up on your Windows PC and have the Google organizer upheld, getting a more established adaptation of the Historical record is feasible.

Here are the means for doing as such:


Step 1. Open File Explorer and enter the accompanying way in the Address bar at the top:

Step 2. While there are a lot of records and organizers in here, we are keen on the History document.

Step 3. Right-click on the Historical record and open Properties.

recover deleted history from previous versions

Step 4. Click on the Previous Versions tab. At the point when File History has been set up, it shows more seasoned adaptations of the document. Click on the transformation you need to get back to and hit Restore.

Bonus: How to Delete Search History on Google

Whenever you begin composing a question in your internet browser's location bar, the program shows your past ventures as ideas. You may not need specific ideas to show up for protection reasons. In Google Chrome's work area and versatile variants, you can eliminate the past pursuits that show up as ideas.


Step 1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome application.

Step 2. At the upper right, tap More History.

Step 3. Assuming your location bar is at the base, swipe up on the location bar—tap History.

Step 4. Tap Clear perusing information.

Step 5. Close to Time range, select how much history you need to erase. To clear everything, tap All time.

Step 6. Check Perusing history. Uncheck some other information you would rather not erase.

Step 7. Tap Clear details.

FAQs about Recovering Deleted History on Google

1. Can delete browsing history be recovered?

In specialized terms, your erased perusing history can be recuperated by unapproved parties, even after you cleared them.

2. Does Google keep deleted history?

Indeed. Google saves erased history for a specific period, however not until the end of time. Google erases your pursuit history on the date you demand cancellation, yet it doesn't erase it immediately. Google saves your quest history on their servers for a brief period before they erase it.

3. How do I restore browsing history?

Explore the accompanying area. Then click on the User information organizer and select Restore Previous Version inside the Chrome envelope. It will lead to a new window. Select the User Data envelope you need to reestablish and tap on the Restore button.


Losing individual information like bookmarks and search history on Google Chrome can disappoint. Luckily, there are numerous techniques for getting this information back. Your pursuit history is upheld in various sources, yet MoniMaster is the ideal choice to see Google search history.

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