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By Jeremy Barnett | May 30, 2024 04:02 pm

Have you ever wondered if there's a reliable remote listening app that allows you to listen to phone surrounding live free? Imagine needing to ensure your child's safety or monitor a suspicious situation discreetly.

In this article, we’ll explore the 5 best remote listening apps that offer these capabilities for free. Stay tuned to discover how you can turn your smartphone into a powerful tool for real-time audio surveillance.

How to Listen to Phone Surrounding Live?

MoniMaster Pro, the best spy listening app for Android and iOS, gives parents remote access to more than 20 kinds of data (messages, contacts, call history, and so on) on their children's iOS/Android devices, allowing them to see everything on children's phone and keep them safe, which is the best android/iOS remote microphone spy app.

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Why MoniMaster is The Best Remote Listening App Free?

Listen to the phone surroundings live

This remote listening app capability enables you to hear what’s happening around the target device in real-time, providing an effective way to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones.

Keep track of all communications, both incoming and outgoing calls:

Each communication from MoniMaster includes recipient names, phone numbers, and time information. You can see wifes text messages and the most frequently texted contacts of the target device user. No other phone monitoring program can supply you with as much information as this one.

See the call records in real-time:

With MoniMaster, you can not only access the target device's live call records, including contact names, numbers, call types, durations, and dates but also utilize the advanced feature of listening to phone surroundings live, all free of charge. Additionally, MoniMaster provides access to the target device's contact list for comprehensive monitoring.

android monitoring

Obtain the GPS:

Using GPS, MoniMaster will assist you in determining the real-time position of the target device. You may also use geofencing technology to define a specific region for the target device. It delivers the most accurate location history and real-time location.

Examine your browsing history:

MoniMaster displays the target Android device's complete Internet browsing history even in private browsing mode. It will show you the last time you visited a website, the URL, and the title of the page and enable you to search through your online browsing history.

Get to the media files:

You may view the media files at any time, including images and movies, and take screenshots of the target device's screen. In comparison to MoniMaster's rivals, it is a cost-effective solution.

How to listen to phone surrounding live free by MoniMaster?

Step 1. Make a legal Account

Sign up for an account using a valid email address. Acquire a license to get to all features of this Android checking application. Then, at that point, it will be directed to the My Products page for the remaining process and put your accurate information on the page.

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Step 2. Follow the Setup Guide

On the My Products page, you can select the agreement you purchased and later click on Setup Guide. Follow the setup to complete the process. Fill in the required information for further configuration to check the monitoring.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Android Spy Listen to Surroundings Free on The Dashboard

After finishing the setup and setting up on the objective phone, remember to tap on the Check Setup button at the lower part of the aide page. After all the setup, go to your dashboard to hear conversations from far away.

android dashboard


MoniMaster is a powerful tracking software. With the purchase of MoniMaster Pro you can monitor Android, iOS and iCloud at the same time.

Other 4 Best Android Spy Listen to Surroundings Free


You're probably already aware that iKeymonitor is a powerful remote listening app free. However, you have no notion which features are available or worthwhile. One interesting fact is that iKeymonitor was initially designed for watching keystrokes alone, but it has now expanded to incorporate various additional features, also a great remote listening app Android.

ikeymonitor product page

Key Features

  • Positioning through GPS:
    We have one common feature in our app used in all applications of this sort. Track a phone location without software refers to the app's usage of the smartphone's GPS module to determine the precise location at any given time.

  • Monitor your keystrokes:
    The iKeymonitor's original functionality is keystroke loggers. The program will track and record all of a user's keystrokes.

  • A digital barrier:
    A digital fence is a GPS-based technology. You'll create a barrier or an area where your youngster must remain.


It requires rooting or jailbreaking the device to activate some features.


TTSPY may be used to keep track of important things in our lives, such as our children or commercial interests. You can monitor your location, calls, texts, and applications. You can use this app to listen to conversations from a distance app free.

ttspy product page

Key Features

  • Tracking Text Messages:
    Users may also follow the target's texts and SMS using the TTSPY tracking tool. The target's inbox and outbox messages are visible to users. Using this capability, users may examine outgoing and incoming messages, retrieve deleted messages, browse MMS media files, and view associated timestamps.

  • Geofence Warning:
    Users may also use the TTSPY app to build a virtual Geofence to track the target's movements. When these Geofences are violated, users will be warned. Users may create virtual zones on the map and get notifications when the target travels outside of them.

  • Messages on Facebook may be tracked:
    TTSPY may be used as a Facebook Messenger spy program to monitor the target's Facebook Messenger activities secretly. Users may utilize this function to keep track of their target's Facebook Messenger actions.


The app is not user friendly for someone who is not an expert user.


BlurSPY is a popular parental control tool for Android smartphones and tablets that helps parents and employers to keep track of text messages, phone calls, current GPS location, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. You can also hear conversations from far away app android free.

blurspy product page

Key Features

  • Social Media Monitoring:
    BlurSPY allows you to monitor popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

  • Tracker for Phone Calls:
    Users may use this functionality to remotely monitor all calls made and check someone's call history online by the target device. This function allows parents to monitor who their children communicate with on their mobile devices.

  • Web Browsing Monitoring:
    You can monitor the web browsing history of the target device, including visited websites and search history.


Limited to web and Windows platforms, not compatible with mobile devices like Android and iOS.


Cocospy is a versatile and reliable spy listening app for Android that allows you to discreetly track and monitor various activities on a target device. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Cocospy provides a comprehensive solution for parental control, employee monitoring, and ensuring the safety of loved ones.

cocospy product page

Key Features

  • Call and SMS Monitoring:
    Cocospy enables you to view call logs, including incoming and outgoing calls, along with timestamps and contact information. You can also access SMS messages, including deleted ones, helping you stay informed about communication activities.

  • GPS Location Tracking:
    Cocospy allows you to track the real-time location of the target device using GPS technology. You can view the device's location history, set geofences, and receive alerts when the device enters or leaves designated areas, ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones or monitoring employees' whereabouts.

  • Social Media and App Monitoring:
    Cocospy provides access to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. You can view messages, multimedia content, and other activities on these platforms, gaining valuable insights into facebook messenger call, online interactions and ensuring appropriate usage.

FAQs about Android Live Listening to Surroundings

Is it possible for someone to hear me over my phone?

Yes, the truth is true. Someone can listen in on your phone calls if they have the right equipment and understand how to use them, which isn't as difficult as you may assume.

Is there a way to listen through someone's phone?

Yes, it is. Here are the steps to Spy on an Android Microphone

1. On both the target phone and your device, download and install the WiFi Ear app. Yes, you'll need physical access to the smartphone on which you'd like to keep an eye on the microphone.

2. Now, on both phones, open the app. Select Use as Microphone on the target device.

Is there an app that allows you to hear talks?

The Google Sound Amplifier app boosts volume for people who have trouble hearing. All you need is a set of wired or Bluetooth earbuds, and you can use the app to alter the frequencies to highlight foreground sounds and reduce background noise.


In conclusion, understanding how to listen to another phone for free using a remote listening app for Android can provide essential insights for safety and security purposes. These apps, including MoniMaster Pro and others, offer efficient solutions for real-time ambient listening.

By selecting the right app that fits your needs, you can ensure that you stay informed about your surroundings without any cost. Explore these top remote listening apps to make an informed decision on the best tool to enhance your monitoring capabilities.

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