Recording and Downloading Your Voice Memo


By Kara Herrera | Mar 20, 2023 05:23 pm

Voice memos are a great way to capture and store audio recordings for future reference. With the help of a smartphone or computer, it’s easy to record and download a voice memo for later playback. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to record and download a voice memo, as well as how to store it in a secure location.

How to Record a Voice Memo on iPhone?

We can send voice messages on iPhone and also record Voice Memos on your phone. Here are the steps.


Use MoniMaster Pro for iOS to view all voice memos even deleted on iPhone.

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  • Remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, call logs, etc.

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  • Snatch your phone and find (or download) a basic voice recorder application. There are many choices.

  • A few models incorporate "Sound Recorder" from Sony or "Voice Recorder" from Green Apple Studio.

  • Open the application.

  • Click on "settings" on the base right. Take much care while choosing the quality.

  • Press the "back" button.

  • Press the red record button. Ensure you see levels on the information meter. Additionally, be sure you have sufficient excess chance to complete your message.

  • Hold the phone to your ear like a typical call and talk your message.

  • Press the stop button after completing the voice memo. It will provoke you to name the record. Name it "Current Love." Hit alright.

  • Choose the voice memos you want to listen. Check it before saving.

  • Then, at that point, press the offer button on the upper right.

  • Presently pick the email program you use and send the recording.

record a voice memo

Where Do Voice Memos save on iPhone?

Many people needed to learn where voice memos save on iPhones. Assuming Voice Memo is turned on in iCloud settings or iCloud inclinations, your recording is saved in iCloud. It shows up naturally on your iPhone and iPad, where you're endorsed with a similar Mac ID. See Stay up with the latest in Voice Notices on iPhone.

How to Download a Voice Memo on iPhone?

Follow the process to download a Voice Memo on iPhone.

1.  on the Voice Memo


  • Start with Voice Memo on your phone.

  • Set reminders on iPhone and Select the reminders you want to share by tapping the title.

  • When you tap it, the remainder will grow. Raise a ruckus around town image in the lower left-hand corner of the extended box.

  • Tap Offer at the highest point of the spring-up menu. There should be a square with a bolt facing up to one side.

  • After you do this, an alternate spring-up menu will show up.

  • You can utilize this menu to choose which technique you want to use to share the update.

download a voice memo

2. Use AirDrop to Download a Voice Memo


  • Ensure the individual you need to AirDrop the voice reminder to is close by and has their Mac iPhone, iPad, or Macintosh opened and discoverable.

  • If they are accessible, the name of their gadget should appear in the top bar of the menu on your iPhone.

  • Assuming they're in your contacts list, their contact name and photograph seem equal, yet not consistently. Tap their symbol. It would be ideal for it to say "Pausing" under.

  • A brief should then show up on that individual's gadget, inquiring as to whether they will acknowledge the AirDrop from your gadget.

  • Have them tap "Acknowledge," and the download ought to finish in no time flat.

  •  It will say "Sent" on your device when wrapped up.

use airdrop to download a voice memo

3. Use Email to Download a Voice Memo


  • In the centre bar of the screen, where all the applications are recorded, select the blue "Mail" symbol.

  • It ought to be the subsequent symbol.

  • It will make another email on your gadget with the voice reminder previously joined.

  • Fill in the email address to which you might want to send the reminder in the "To:" line.

  • A straightforward method for making the reminder accessible on different gadgets is to email it to you.

  • Fill in some other essential data in the body text or title if fundamental.

  • Hit "Send" in the upper left-hand corner.

use email to download a voice memo

How to View All Voice Memos Even deleted on iPhone?

MoniMaster Pro for iOS lets you view all the Voice Memos on your iPhone, even deleted ones. All the required details will be seen on the dashboard.

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MoniMaster is an observing application with edge-cutting highlights for a consistent spying experience. It is the proper apparatus to utilize if you pay attention to somebody's voice Memos from any place on the planet.


Track Location

Quit pondering where they are and where they've been. Start the MoniMaster and figure out the simple story. You can see the location of your demand on your screen. It makes the MoniMaster very unique from the other tools.

View texts and messages

If it's on their phone, it's yours to peruse. MoniMaster allows monitor text messages on iPhone and access to all calls. You can monitor all the Whatsapp detail on your screen.

Deal with their internet-based action

From sites you don't maintain that they should see to applications you don't believe they should utilize, MoniMaster makes it simple to obstruct everything.


View their confidential virtual entertainment visits

Peruse their discussions on their number one web-based entertainment applications, even ones you didn't know existed.

Avoid Online Risks

Indeed, even the most mindful guardians can't check each message flying on interpersonal organizations. While MoniMaster can finishes the work. The solid substance the executive highlights protects your children from cyberbullying, sexual entertainment, and online wrongdoings.

Monitor Children's Whereabouts

Individual security has forever been the guardians' most significant concern. They certainly need kids in justified and safe spots. Utilize the Live Area and Location History of MoniMaster to ensure that.

How to Use MoniMaster Pro for iOS?

Step 1. Make an account:

Click the "Buy Now" button to pursue a legitimate record using a bona fide email address. Buy a permit to get sufficiently close to all elements of this iOS observing application. Add your valid data to the site.

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Step 2. Follow the Arrangement Guide:

You can see the setup guide and fill in all the requirements. Peruse the directions cautiously to figure out how to download and introduce the application to set it up.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Begin Observing

After finishing the arrangement and establishment on the objective PC, tap the "Check Arrangement" button at the lower part of the "Arrangement Guide" page.

monimaster ios dashboard

How to Recover Deleted Voice Memos?

Assuming you erase some unacceptable document, don't overreact. Similarly, as you can recuperate erased photographs, you can recover as of late erased accounts. Follow the steps.

Also read: How to recover deleted messages on iPhone.


  • Navigate to the entire Voice Notices screen.

  • Tap As of late Erased.

  • Tap the recording you should reestablish.

  • Select Recuperate to reestablish your recording.

  • To recuperate different erased voice reminders, select Alter in the upper-right corner.

  • Tap each of the accounts you should reestablish, then, at that point, select Recuperate All from the lower left-hand corner.

recover deleted voice memos


In any case, MoniMaster Pro for iOS is a superior choice, assuming you need a total observing arrangement. You can observe all the phone activities on your screen. Furthermore, it works furtively, and the purpose can never distinguish, assuming MoniMaster is dealing with their phone. MoniMaster gives fundamental and high-level elements you can anticipate from a full-fledged lead spyware administration.

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