How to Get into Locked Notes on iPhone


By Kara Herrera | Mar 22, 2023 04:01 pm

Are you wondering how to get into Locked Notes on your iPhone? If you have important information stored in your Locked Notes app on your iPhone, it is essential to know how to access that information when you need it. In this article, we’ll look at how to lock or unlock a note on iPhone, and how to protect your information from prying eyes.

With the right knowledge, you can ensure that your information is safe and accessible when you need it.

How to Open Locked Notes on iPhone Without Password?

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How to Lock a Note on iPhone?

It is possible to share notes on iPhone and use a direct strategy, you can close the notes folder on your iPhone in the Notes application. Your telephone will request that you set the secret word once your bar from the community interestingly.

When you select the secret word, all the notes will be open utilizing a comparative secret phrase. If you need the foggiest idea of locking your iPhone notes, let us look at the means referenced beneath.


  • Begin the "Notes" application and then tap on one of the notes to open it.

  • Go to the right button and select it.

  • In the spring-up, tap "Lock," meant by a latch symbol. This symbol will be adjacent to the "Sweep" and "Pin" choices.

  • Enter a secret word. If you want to, you can type a hidden key clue as an update. If you're going to open notes utilizing Contact or Face Id, swipe the button to turn it on and Tap on "Done."

  • The lock has now been added to this note. Be that as it may, it's no secret phrase safeguarded right now.

  • To conceal this note, tap the new lock image at the most elevated mark of the screen. Your telephone will cover the substance with the message "The note is locked."

lock a note on iphone

How to Unlock a Note on iPhone?

There are two methods to unlock a Note on iPhone.

1. Unlock a Note on iPhone By Password

If you have put a lock on a note in the Note application and don't have to lock it anymore, you can undoubtedly eliminate the lock on your notes. These are the moves toward continuing to open Notes on iPhone.


  • Go to your iPhone and find your desired Note to eliminate the lock.

  • Snap on it, then, at that point, open the Note.

  • Then, at that point, click the Offer button on your iPhone's upper right corner.

  • Then select Eliminate lock. You have now effectively opened the Note.

unlock note

2. Unlock a Note on your iPhone Via Apple ID

Sometimes you want to open notes on your iPhone; however, at that point, you understand you have failed to remember the secret word. Not to stress, Apple has thought of an element called the Touch ID for iOS 9.3 or later variants that will assist you with opening your secret note phrase on your iPhone. You can also read: Spy on iPhone without apple ID and password.


  • Go to your iPhone and send off the Notes application.

  • Quest for the note you need to open, then click on it at that point.

  • You can tap on the View note at the focal point of the gadget's screen or snap on the Lock tab at the highest point of your gadget's screen.

unlock lock apple id

How to Change Password on Notes on iPhone

If you feel the Notes secret phrase isn't secure, then, at that point, you can transform it immediately from the iPhone settings.


  • Send off the Settings application.

  • Tap Notes.

  • Select Secret word and Change Secret key.

  • Enter the Old Secret word, then, at that point, the New Secret word.

  • Confirm the New Secret phrase.

  • Add a hint assuming you need to.

  • Ultimately, tap done.

change password on notes

FAQs about Lock A Note on iPhone


Why can't I lock my iPhone Notes?

First, update your iPhone Note. Turn on Notes in your iCloud Settings, or ensure that you use notes put away on your gadget. Notes account that sync from an outsider's help, such as Gmail or Yippee, will exclude a few Notes includes and can't be locked.


Is iPhone Notes locked securely?

Starting in iOS 16, you have two choices to lock your notes. You can lock notes with your iPhone password. Or, on the other hand, you can make a remarkable secret word just for Notes. The two choices keep your data secure with start-to-finish encryption for iCloud accounts.


How do I keep Notes private note?

You can secure the notes in your iPhone's Notes application with secret critical assurance to keep them hidden. You want to add a lock to the record utilizing the Notes application's Portion button to lock a message. When a note has a lock, you can conceal it behind a secret phrase, Contact ID, or Face ID, or unhide it and keep it promptly accessible.


We have expressed how to lock or Unlock Notes On your iPhone if you have locked your iPhone. We have also described how you can open somebody's iPhone without opening a password or face ID to look at the substance. If you want to screen somebody's iPhone from your PC with a password or face ID, we suggest you select MoniMaster Pro for iOS.

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